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Example sentences for "disparaging"

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dispaire; disparage; disparaged; disparagement; disparages; disparagingly; disparate; disparities; disparity; dispart
  1. Defn: The quality or state of being pretty; -- used sometimes in a disparaging sense.

  2. Preciseness is sometimes applied to persons or their conduct in a disparaging sense, and precise is often used in the same way.

  3. The last part of my discourse was pathetic and rather disparaging to myself, for, as I enforced upon her the necessity of being faithful to her husband, I was necessarily led to entreat her pardon for having seduced her.

  4. He was of far too high and veracious a nature to be capable of the disparaging tricks of a poor jealousy.

  5. Without disparaging any, I affirm with confidence that no commander of that department has, in proportion to his means, done better than General Schofield.

  6. I have never entertained an unkind feeling or a disparaging thought toward you; and if I have said or done anything which has been construed into such unkindness or disparagement, it has been misconstrued.

  7. The weakness to which we allude was on the one side of it, the love of praise; and on the other side, the disparaging of herself and her doings.

  8. They were evidently jealous of each other, and passed their whole time (as some people do, whose fires are not grated) in mentally disparaging each other, and contemptuously watching their neighbours.

  9. Their dogs may always be observed at the same time, openly disparaging the men they keep, to one another, and settling where they shall respectively take their men when they begin to move again.

  10. The efforts of the Secretary to establish the healthfulness of our meats against the disparaging imputations that have been put upon them abroad have resulted in substantial progress.

  11. Bunfit of his younger brother, in a disparaging whisper.

  12. Not a word, however, had Lady Fawn said to Lucy disparaging her lover for his conduct.

  13. Enough were examined, however, to show reason for disparaging somewhat the work of the editors of the Official Records.

  14. It was directly leveled at himself and yet it seemed to sum up her previous disparaging remarks about Zora.

  15. Miss Jenkyns could not refrain from talking at Captain Brown; and, though he did not reply, he drummed with his fingers, which action she felt and resented as very disparaging to Dr Johnson.

  16. I am not disparaging Lady Frances Hope--or her social standing.

  17. Not that I am disparaging you," he added.

  18. But this disparaging insinuation is speedily made nought by Mr Toots saying aloud to Mr Feeder, B.

  19. She accepted all favours offered, but could not forbear disparaging criticism.

  20. She had been very angry when first she discovered how big a tress had been cut away; as she stood to-day, planning how best to conceal the ravage, she gave vent to several remarks disparaging to Dr.

  21. No matter what may be a youth's sentiment for girlhood, he never likes it to be witness of anything disparaging to his sturdy resolution and manly purpose.

  22. Not many years ago Thackeray was hissed in Edinburgh, because in one of his lectures he said something which was supposed to be disparaging to the moral character of Mary of Scotland.

  23. Clarendon represented Queen Victoria at the coronation ceremonies, and my friend happened in conversation with him to be expressing a highly disparaging opinion of the King of Prussia.

  24. Of course it has become, as such cliques always must become, somewhat of a Mutual Admiration Society; and it is certain that a place in that brotherhood secures a man against much disparaging criticism.

  25. Pretty vell, sir,' responded Sam, looking round him in a disparaging manner.

  26. But there was a second and disparaging self which alternated with this more confident and successful one.

  27. And of whom is it you speak in this disparaging manner?

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disparaging" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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