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Example sentences for "defamatory"

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  1. Some plants are partly parasitic; while most of their roots act in the ordinary way, others make suckers at their tips which grow fast to the roots of other plants and rob them of nourishment.

  2. Of this kind are the so-called creeping, running, or scaly roots, such as those by which the Mint (Fig.

  3. Defamatory words falsely spoken of a person, which, though not in themselves actionable, occasion the party special damage.

  4. Defamatory words falsely spoken of a party which prejudice such party in his or her profession or trade.

  5. Hence, it seems that a spiritual superior of this kind is unjust, if he fails to correct a subordinate who carries defamatory tales to his ears.

  6. By reason of the intention, the injury is either defamatory (as when derogatory things are said about another behind his back) or contumelious (as when derogatory things are insultingly said to him in his presence).

  7. Those who spread defamatory gossip are called scandal-mongers, and "scandal" often signifies opprobrium or disgrace, as when Shakespeare speaks of the wrangling of nobles as a scandal to the crown.

  8. Members of a society who are agreed to remind one another publicly of transgressions of their regulations, do not violate the order of fraternal correction given by Christ, if there is nothing defamatory in these reminders.

  9. About impediments of a defamatory kind he should not interrogate before others, leaving that matter if necessary to his doctrinal instruction or to the confessor.

  10. Indeed, the inferiors or equals of the defamer rarely sin gravely by their neglecting to oppose his defamatory remarks.

  11. This vice, as well as that of writing defamatory libels and letters, is very prevalent.

  12. The governor claims that he is annoyed by defamatory libels, and asks that the offenders be punished.

  13. Insulting--defamatory of some Christian profession or illustrious person.

  14. To injure by aspersion; to defame; to soil; also, to throw out in a defamatory manner.

  15. A false tale or report maliciously uttered, tending to injure the reputation of another; the malicious utterance of defamatory reports; the dissemination of malicious tales or suggestions to the injury of another.

  16. Censorious speech; defamatory language; language that casts contempt on men or their actions; blame; reprehension.

  17. Any defamatory writing; a lampoon; a satire.

  18. A defamatory forgery or falsehood published for purposes of political intrigue.

  19. By the French law, the accused must justify his defamatory words, and this was the opportunity sought.

  20. Zola, the great novelist, who hurled defamatory charges at the court, in the hope of being placed under arrest for libel, and thus be given opportunity to establish facts repressed by the military court.

  21. All verbal injury must comprise in it either some false position, or some unnecessary declaration of defamatory truth.

  22. If the title of Doctor be a defamatory truth, it is time to dissolve our colleges; for why should the publick give salaries to men whose approbation is reproach?

  23. Hansard[244:1] the Queen's Bench held that a publisher might be liable in damages to a person injured by defamatory matter contained in a report made to the House of Commons, although the printing was ordered by the House itself.

  24. If the language is such that others, knowing the circumstances, would reasonably think it defamatory of the person complaining of and injured by it, then it is actionable.

  25. A person has no cause of action against another for defamatory words spoken to him; they must have been heard by a third person.

  26. As the gist of the tort consists of the injury done to one's reputation, the defamatory statement must have been published.

  27. A corporation has no character like a natural person to defend, but a defamatory charge which directly affects its credit and injures its business reputation is an actionable one.

  28. The heads of the executive departments of government are absolutely privileged for defamatory statements made by them while acting within the limits of their authority.

  29. But what shall we say of the Pleasure which a Man takes in the reading of a Defamatory Libel?

  30. He had for years voiced the feelings of contempt and anger against the Prophet, and had been the chief vehicle for the launching of defamatory songs.

  31. But the Jews, with stubborn consciousness of their own essential autonomy, preferred the more terrible alternative, and so the defamatory songs continued.

  32. He circulated a defamatory libel on the chapter which laid a complaint before his superior, the Provincial; the latter commenced to investigate, when the tribunal inhibited him from all cognizance of the matter.

  33. This is an abstract of the defamatory reports spread about the world, either by word of mouth, or printed libels, against the missionaries of Paraguay.

  34. But we know, that the fellow's ears were twice bored and cropped in the pillory for his defamatory libels, and that his cheeks were seared with the letters S.

  35. Busy informers at one time found evidence, more than warranting the suspicion that Roussel's manuscripts had furnished the material of which scandalous placards defamatory of the Pope were framed.

  36. He soon returned and published a defamatory ode on the French generals.

  37. The language employed in the letter which was immediately spread throughout the country was insulting and defamatory to the highest degree.

  38. The Archbishop of Salzburg bitterly resents "the calumnious and defamatory charges against them.

  39. Bottari, who had been filling Rome with defamatory books against the Jesuits.

  40. The implied infatuation and credulity of a generation which could be roused to such barbarity by such insignificant causes is a most defamatory impeachment of the sagacity, manhood, and humaneness of our forefathers.

  41. We do not like to apply that defamatory phrase to all those girls and women who are set forth as the chief accusers.

  42. Those who first wrote newspapers were called by the Italians menanti; because, says Vossius, they intended commonly by these loose papers to spread about defamatory reflections, and were therefore prohibited in Italy by Gregory XIII.

  43. This lampooner had the honour of being hanged at Rome for his defamatory publications.

  44. A great war was to give new occasion and new opportunity for discrimination, defamatory propaganda was to be circulated on a scale undreamed of before, and the close of the war was to witness attempts for a new reign of terror in the South.

  45. At a later period Mr. Cartwright was convicted of a defamatory libel on Lord Kitchener, and condemned to a term of imprisonment.

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