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  1. I've learned that and I'm still learning.

  2. Or would he understand and side with her?

  3. In approving the sentence of the court, Washington stigmatized the prosecution as one originating in bad motives, which made Rush his enemy and defamer as long as he lived.

  4. Later, when once it had been bruited, it found its way into the writings of every defamer of the Borgias, and from several of these it is taken by Gregorovius to help him uphold that theory.

  5. He is not reliable, and he is a notorious defamer of the Papacy, sparing nothing that will serve his ends.

  6. You are a property thief, a receiver of stolen goods, a defamer of character.

  7. But, to speak the truth, is not this solicitude of our cynical defamer on our behalf, after all, a useless waste of emotion on his part?

  8. The defamer has some respect for his enemy, for he fears to face him and resorts to undermining, but the contumelious sinner despises his enemy and shows it by insulting him to his face.

  9. If this cure would be worse than the sickness by strengthening the belief of the listeners that the defamation was true, the defamer should be silent about his former statements.

  10. The person of the defamer increases the harm when his authority is greater.

  11. The listener who consents directly shares in the guilt of the defamer according to the words of St. Paul: "They who do such things (detractors, etc.

  12. If, in the case of calumny, the listeners are unwilling to accept the formal statement that the defamation was untrue, the defamer is obliged to nothing more.

  13. The gravity of the harm done by defamation is well expressed by St. Bernard when he says that defamation at one blow inflicts a mortal Wound on the person defamed, on the defamer himself, and on the listener.

  14. They differ in their purposes, for the defamer intends to hurt another in his reputation before the public, while the contumelious man intends to hurt another in his honor, either in his own eyes or in those of others.

  15. The defamer is like the thief who wishes to do harm but does not wish the victim to know the author of the harm.

  16. And, since justice to the person defamed requires retraction or other reparation, the defamer must recall his words before the persons to whom he addressed them.

  17. Not only the defamer sins, but also those who cooperate with him.

  18. Responsibility of Defamer for Spread of Defamation.

  19. Yet this defamer of Baptist womanhood has not yet been introduced to a rope by the male students, attacked from the rear by Baylor trustees, or told to leave town!

  20. In looking over the foregoing since it was put in type, I suspect that I have been a trifle too hard on some of those who met to ratify the action of the first mob and publicly brand me as a defamer of women.

  21. They proclaimed in stentor tones and pigeon-English that would have broken the heart of Lindley Murray, that I was a defamer of womanhood--while confessing that they didn't know whether I had ever mentioned a female.

  22. The defamer of Senorita Cisneros is but another Don Matthias de Silvae of Le Sage.

  23. But, thanks to the innocent credulity and indiscreetness of the friend to whom it was sent, the defamer was discovered and exposed.

  24. As an index of public sentiment in the community where the defamed and the defamer resided, I will state two facts.

  25. According to law, the knight shall combat in full armor and on horseback, the serf on foot and armed with a stick; and if the vassal is vanquished and survives, he shall be drowned as the defamer of a knight.

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