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Example sentences for "defaulted"

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defamer; defamers; defaming; default; defaulte; defaulter; defaulters; defaulting; defaults; defaut
  1. The first man who defaulted brought to our office a deed for a farm in Pennsylvania and offered it to us for the four thousand dollars he owed.

  2. As previously explained we guaranteed all sales, and whenever a customer defaulted we at once sold double the quantity we had sold him, to some strong concern.

  3. If they succeeded in paying practically all the installments, but defaulted in one, the seller could take possession of the property, causing the purchaser to lose all he had paid.

  4. Equity permits the mortgagor to recover the mortgaged property by filing a petition in a court of equity, even after he has defaulted in paying the mortgage debt, by tendering the amount due, together with interest and expenses.

  5. We also launched major initiatives to reduce the backlog of defaulted student loans and otherwise to curb fraud, abuse, and waste in education programs.

  6. It will be helpful to ourselves and it will improve conditions among our debtors if funding and the settlement of defaulted interest may be negotiated.

  7. It defaulted on the interest payments of its bonds.

  8. Mrs. Huff has defaulted on her first month's interest and, according to the terms of her note, the collateral automatically passes to me.

  9. The stock of Mrs. Huff, which I now hold as collateral security, is practically mine already, as she has defaulted on her first month's interest and is preparing to leave the state.

  10. This book contains outline sketches of the histories of nearly all of the large systems, as well as very accurate details of the financial reorganizations of all of the defaulted properties.

  11. The land grant companies having completely defaulted in all their engagements, there remained for the governor to proceed as required by law to recover to the state the public lands conditionally made over to them.

  12. That body had no sooner adjourned than in May (1873) the companies defaulted on their interest.

  13. Three defaulted in their interest, two borrowed money to pay it, two went into receivers’ hands, and others attempted assessments on their stockholders.

  14. The purchaser defaulted on the remainder, and the government resumed possession at the outbreak of the Civil War.

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