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Example sentences for "defaming"

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defamatory; defame; defamed; defamer; defamers; default; defaulte; defaulted; defaulter; defaulters
  1. Some abuse their parents, yea corrupt their own sisters; others make long libels and pasquils, defaming men of good life, and extol such as are lewd and vicious.

  2. Whoever you may be, I caution you against rashly defaming the author of this work, or cavilling in jest against him.

  3. What do men commonly please themselves in so much, as in carping and harshly censuring, in defaming and abusing their neighbours?

  4. Example: Titus goes about defaming Sempronius and his family, but appears very affable when he meets Sempronius; the latter knows all this, and hence is very cool with Titus, to show that the injuries are not held as light.

  5. There was at that time no interest in defaming Richard III.

  6. If he is hacking around from town to town in Mississippi he is doubtless working a fake of some kind-swindling the people while defaming them.

  7. If upon his death-bed he renounced the opinions he had published, the busi- 467 ness of defaming him should be done by Infidels, not by Christians.

  8. Christian ministers as a class, and Christian journals are expressly accused of falsifying history, of defaming "the mighty dead!

  9. You who have been everywhere vaunting your own Prowess, and defaming the Americans as poltroons!

  10. I do know that those of them who were once Protestants are not making a specialty of defaming the faith of their fathers.

  11. When he was mobbed in St. Louis for defaming Catholic nuns, the police formed a cordon around his infamous carcass and saved him from a well- merited trouncing at the hands of the slandered women's relatives.

  12. If there be such a witness, let K---- let those who are engaged in defaming me produce him.

  13. If the only way we can appreciate our own morality is by defaming the majority of humanity, how contemptible must our morality he?

  14. One of these minor incidents, showing this defaming method, is represented as follows in the newspaper headlines of New York and New England.

  15. Many lived to realize their error in defaming Lincoln and to appreciate their pitiful malignity in spreading the gossip and slander about him.

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