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Example sentences for "defaulter"

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defamers; defaming; default; defaulte; defaulted; defaulters; defaulting; defaults; defaut; defaute
  1. As I have before observed, when Mr Adams was President, a Mr B Walker was thrown into prison for being a defaulter to the extent of eighteen thousand dollars.

  2. I have myself sat down to a dinner party to which I had been invited, with a defaulter to government on each side of me.

  3. Among the ministers whom the livery charged with peculation was Lord Holland, to whom they had made special reference (although not actually mentioning his name) as "a public defaulter of unaccounted millions.

  4. They in the next place publicly named Lord Holland as the paymaster to whom they had referred in their petition as "a public defaulter of unaccounted millions," and insisted upon a parliamentary enquiry into his accounts.

  5. Should he be found such a defaulter as they alleged, it was the duty of the city's representatives in Parliament to move for his impeachment.

  6. Lady Marabout required some explanation of what a defaulter at a settling day might be, and, on receiving it, was compelled to confess that she never had heard anything of that kind imputed to Chandos Cheveley.

  7. Did you ever hear he broke his word, or failed to act like a gentleman, or was a defaulter at any settling day?

  8. Now a broker is obliged either to make good his principal's losses from his own pocket, or be declared a defaulter and expelled the Stock Exchange.

  9. If he was a defaulter the records of that country will show that fact.

  10. The second charge, that Paine was a defaulter in England and fled to America, is equally false.

  11. That he was a defaulter and fled from England to Amer- ica.

  12. That every defaulter in attendance, whose excuse shall not be allowed this day, be fined the sum of £40, and sent for in custody, and committed to the Tower till the fine be paid.

  13. Treasury, find out the defaulter and punish his crime.

  14. That he was a defaulter and fled from England to America.

  15. I will give $1,000 in gold to any man who will show, by the records of England, that he was a defaulter of a single, solitary cent.

  16. Indeed," said Lothair, rather confused, for he was himself a defaulter in collegiate attendance.

  17. If the outrage could ever be condoned, it might be in the instance of a young man very inexperienced, the victim of some unexpected condition of nervous feelings over which the defaulter has really no control.

  18. And something may of course be done to insure that the defaulter shall be severely dealt with--when he is caught.

  19. The responsive Bleeding Hearts would then gather round the Defaulter whom he had just abandoned, and the most extravagant rumours would circulate among them, to their great comfort, touching the amount of Mr Merdle's ready money.

  20. I haven't got it, Mr Pancks,' Defaulter would reply.

  21. Woe to the defaulter whose appeal lay to the tribunal where those severe eyes presided.

  22. Defaulter would proceed with a shake of the head.

  23. The Defaulter would make answer, 'Ah, Mr Pancks.

  24. If he was defaulter as Treasurer of State he could be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary, but if he was only defaulter as treasurer of the Agricultural College that would be a different affair.

  25. The result was that this grand jury brought in an indictment only against my client as defaulter as treasurer of the Agricultural College, and for unlawfully using and converting to his own use the funds of that institution.

  26. Senator Lane denounced him as a defaulter to the government in the house-building project.

  27. Goddard had been postmaster of Providence, and when he relinquished the office, he was a defaulter for a considerable amount.

  28. The postmaster at Montreal became a defaulter to the extent of L1706.

  29. The habit of personal attack was further illustrated in the charge, frequently made by Mr. Brown's enemies, that he had been a defaulter in Scotland.

  30. He said: "This is not the first time that the insinuation has been made that I was a defaulter in my native city.

  31. Such the facts on which I have been denounced as a public defaulter and refugee from my native land.

  32. They have got to know that their father met that awful death, and that he met it because he was a defaulter and was running away.

  33. He was impatient of the law's delays in seizing the property the defaulter had left behind him, and which was now clearly the property of his creditors.

  34. It's the phase that our civilization has contributed to the physiognomy of scandal, just as the exile of the defaulter is the phase we have contributed to the physiognomy of crime.

  35. The president of the Board, who had called Northwick a thief, and yet had got him a chance to make himself an honest man, was awake at the hour the defaulter absconded, after passing quite as sleepless a night.

  36. He had meant his imaginary defaulter to appeal rather to the compassion than the justice of the theatre, and he presented to the reader the almost fatal aspect of the offence.

  37. Then, spurred on by that perverse impulse which we Americans often have to make the worst of ourselves to an Englishman, he added, "The defaulter seems to be taking the place of the self-made man among us.

  38. My dear Caryl, there is no doubt whatever that Northwick is a defaulter to the company in a very large amount.

  39. I think I understand how that would be," said the defaulter coldly; and he began very cautiously to ask Pinney the precise effect of his letter as Pinney had gathered it from print and hearsay.

  40. The gentleman in whose mind these thoughts were passing was the president of the bank, who knew himself to be a defaulter to an enormous amount, and who was now anxiously reflecting upon the means to cover up his robberies.

  41. When detection became inevitable the defaulter generally fled, hoping to find in a foreign land safety from the stroke of justice and a shelter from the reproaches of his victims.

  42. Where the play is all straightforward and honorable, a defaulter when he shows himself ought to be well-nigh murdered.

  43. He had been proclaimed a defaulter after such a fashion that all his clubs had sent to him for some explanation; and as he had given none, and had not answered their letters, his name had been crossed out in the books of them all.

  44. But when a fellow turns round upon you as a defaulter at cards, there is no getting rid of him.

  45. Surely, for the time being, he had saved that gifted mother of his from the awful shock of knowing that her son was a defaulter and a thief.

  46. My son--was a defaulter and a thief--John Hampstead knew.

  47. Whether or not the defaulter paid later is not known; but we probably owe our knowledge of the repayment to the fact that all three did not pay together.

  48. In the Code of Ḥammurabi(515) it was punishable with death to harbor a defaulter from this “levy.

  49. But perhaps Erib-Sin was to arrest the defaulter on his return to Sippara.

  50. Probably, the greatest defaulter of modern times was a man named Dwyer, who kept a cigar shop in St Martin’s Lane.

  51. Your paltry insolvents are but small fry: a colossal defaulter is a man to be looked up to and envied, vide the annals of the Bankruptcy Court.

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