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Example sentences for "fled"

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fleche; fleck; flecked; flecking; flecks; fledde; fledge; fledged; fledgeling; fledgling
  1. Bialacoil nist what to sey; Ful fayn he wolde have fled awey, For fere han hid, nere that he 3855 Al sodeynly took him with me.

  2. Than Bialacoil is fled and mate, And I al sole, disconsolate, Was left aloon in peyne and thought; For shame, to deth I was nygh brought.

  3. Then the column broke ranks wildly and fled back into the shelter of the road from Lunéville.

  4. Then they poured in their deadly fire, and as the Germans broke and fled they permitted themselves a cheer.

  5. As Skag fled on past Dhanah, the whole story of Dhoop Ki Dhil was eating in his brain like fire.

  6. Always when his thoughts fled away like this, his steps seized the advantage and he would find himself in full stride like a man doing road-work for the ring.

  7. He had seen her there; he had loved her there; he had fled in fear from her beauty; he had fled in distraction away back to his own place.

  8. So it was that Skag fled from himself, when there was still a half hour before noon.

  9. Cumal was slain; Muirne fled to his sister, and gave birth to Demni, afterwards known as Fionn.

  10. But neither Lucan nor Mela refer to an existing state of things, and do not intend their readers to suppose that the Druids fled to woods and caverns.

  11. Saar was turned into a fawn by a Druid, and fled from Fionn's house.

  12. Thereupon the Fomorians fled to their own region.

  13. But although he fled from his wife, he painted her portrait; and we need no testimony to warrant the likeness.

  14. Warned by the faithful Indians of his danger, the Doctor fled to the mountains, and twenty Pah-Utahs and Uinta-Utahs escorted him to the South Pass, where he joined Colonel Johnston on the 23d of October.

  15. The gunboats took one swift look at this horrible sight and fled screaming.

  16. He arose, and she thereupon arose also and fled back a step.

  17. I clasped my hands to my temples, gave one piercing cry to heaven and fled from his presence.

  18. We reached Fort Antonio and I fled from the cable office to the hotel.

  19. The air roared, and the ground fled reelingly under their feet.

  20. The Spanish shrapnel fled on a line to their left, swirling and swishing in supernatural velocity.

  21. To them the battle was as yet merely a road through the woods crowded with troops, who lowered their heads anxiously as the bullets fled high.

  22. I fled to the deck, where other officers not on duty were smoking quiet cigars.

  23. VII When they reached the gap through which the expedition had passed, they fled out upon the road like scared wild-fowl tracking along a sea-beach.

  24. Perkins lunged down the hill, and fled to his boat, where in his exuberance he engaged in a preliminary altercation with some whisky.

  25. The inhabitants of Philadelphia had fled to the forests because of a Spanish bombardment and also Boston was besieged by the Apaches who had totally invested the town.

  26. She was niece of La Marquise de Boufflers, and, having fled to England at the breaking out of the French Revolution, resided here until her death, which took place at Richmond in January 1809.

  27. The grand-marshal, in horror at this sweeping style of reform, lost his speech, and fled from the royal presence.

  28. All hope had now fled from the breasts of the Oberhages, and departure was inevitable.

  29. Many, throwing down their arms, thronged around Sedgwick as if for protection, while the rest fled in confusion, plunging into the woods to avoid the troops who were now advancing in plain sight on all three roads.

  30. My men have fled together to me to be protected from arrest and prosecution, for what they have heretofore done, not because they intend further to attack the government.

  31. But there were other reasons why she had fled to the seclusion of her chamber.

  32. For five or ten minutes a brisk engagement was kept up, and then the rebels broke and fled in every direction.

  33. In desperation many fled over the border into New York and Connecticut, and joined bands of similar refugees which were camped there.

  34. Abner Rathbun and Meshech Little had fled across the border, and Abe Konkapot would have done so but for the fact that he could not leave his sweetheart Lu to be secured by his rival and brother, Jake.

  35. He fled towards the city and finally took refuge in the Windmill.

  36. When those years had fled a figure was to be seen in its courtyard to become better known to and better beloved by countless thousands than the rebel leader of the fifteenth century.

  37. As a matter of fact Mr. Boehm had fled for refuge to Nando's coffee-house, leaving the precious address under the seat of his coach.

  38. He fled the house as hastily as though he had just learnt it was infected with the plague.

  39. I saw the free Spain at the hour of her birth, when the hated Bourbon heard the voice of Spain's millions at the ballot and fled to the empty pleasures of a decaying society abroad.

  40. Eduardo Gamburdo, wanted for the murder of Anibal Tabio, has fled the country.

  41. Count Odin, the man she had fled from; Count Odin, whose very name she had tried to forget, he was her host then.

  42. A sense of personal danger had been awakened; she fled from discovery before discovery could do her mischief.

  43. He did not see--none of them saw--how the girl in the shadow by the stove started; nor did they mark how the last trace of color fled from her cheeks.

  44. With an involuntary motion of his hands to his ears, he nodded and fled with unseemly haste to a place less exposed, where he could in a seemly and decanal manner relieve his feelings.

  45. But so turbulent had his subjects been that finally, when an uprising threatened his life, he fled on a foreign warship.

  46. By nightfall, just as their compatriots had done along other parts of the canal, the Turks fled in the direction of Nakhl, Djebel, Habeite, and Katia.

  47. Workmen fled in all directions and the whole plant soon was wrapped in flames.

  48. Its wake was churned up like white curd, and great waves fled from beneath its feet.

  49. The doubts born of the night were ready to fly away as that great heron which rose in front of him fled with winnowing wings across the surface of the sea.

  50. But then the clouds fled across and I walk in the dark.

  51. But Mr. Wesley had, like Jonah, fled from his duty, and the next Monday was to be the Day of Judgment.

  52. It was as if the wings of a company of angels were winnowing the air, as they fled by, bringing with them the perfume of their Paradise for the refreshing of the people of the earth.

  53. They had fled through the open door, Nelly having been the one to judge of the exact moment for flight.

  54. It fled so fast that I had no time to fulfil my promise to ask you about your friends at Port-hawn," said he.

  55. Last night fled on wings while you were telling us the story of the backwoods.

  56. She fled in disorder, dragging along the tiny cub, who, too sleepy either to resist or to help himself, was whimpering shrilly.

  57. And turning his back he fled out of the building, followed by oaths which, if not loud, were certainly deep and very far- reaching.

  58. With a cry of consternation they fled down the street, leaving the ground in front of the fatal door strewn with bodies.

  59. One of the two men fell; the other threw down his musket, and fled up the road.

  60. The whole of the defenders fled towards the Mysore gate at the other end of the fort, and when the three bodies of troops met there, they found the gate blocked by the masses of fugitives.

  61. The bishop, St. Privat, fled into the Cavern of Memate or Mende, whither the Germans followed and killed him.

  62. The Waldenses and Albigenses fled into the Mountains to escape the violence of the Crusades against them.

  63. So it was that, to her father's dismay and joy in one, she had fled from school, leaving all her things behind her; and had reached home with only the clothes on her back and a few cents in her pocket.

  64. Presently some of the soldiers remounted and fled along the ridge toward Reno's position; but they were followed by our warriors, like hundreds of blackbirds after a hawk.

  65. With him Tamahay had a single-handed contest, and before a general alarm was given he had dispatched the foe and fled with his scalp.

  66. Meanwhile one set of the people fled while Joseph's own band entrenched themselves in a very favorable position from which they could not easily be dislodged.

  67. His opponents fled in every direction in superstitious terror, for they thought he had been transformed into the animal.

  68. They fled by the back door," he replied, smiling.

  69. There was a hurried exchange of shots; the Crows fled back to Crook's camp, pursued by the Sioux.

  70. He kept the pig and fled with it, still laughing; but his friend was soon compelled to run up the conveniently inclined trunk of a fallen tree, while our hero reached the shore of a lake near by, and plunged into the water.

  71. When all was over, and the terrified people had fled precipitately across the river, the soldiers appeared upon the brow of the long hill and fired their Hotchkiss guns into the deserted camp.

  72. First came the Cavaliers who fled hither after the decapitation of their royal master and the dispersion of his army, many of whom became permanent settlers in the town or colony, and ever afterwards influenced the character of the state.

  73. Gideon Fairfax, the father of Virginia, was one of the Cavaliers, before alluded to, who fled to Jamestown during the interregnum.

  74. Gregers drew a deep sigh, clasped his feeble hands, and his spirit fled to other worlds!

  75. The Danes were beaten back, the Saxon cavalry gave way, and fled in disorder; Steenbock followed up his good fortune, and sent troops to pursue them.

  76. He left us; but her reason had fled again, never more to return in this mortal life.

  77. The blood fled from Mrs. Turner's lips and her eyes bulged.

  78. The assistant professor turned in at the gate of his house next door, and as he vanished the scowl fled from Catherwood's brow and his face lighted.

  79. The little light of fright fled from her eyes and a mist gathered in its place as she murmured eagerly: "Oh, John, John, how glorious it was!

  80. Then, with a cry that rang through the house, she fled from the room, down the stairs and into the freezing out-of-doors.

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