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Example sentences for "flecks"

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fleas; fleche; fleck; flecked; flecking; fled; fledde; fledge; fledged; fledgeling
  1. Gray) flecks the marshes from June to August with its small golden flowers, which the merest novice knows must be kin to the buttercup.

  2. Candida) lacks the purplish flecks on stem and lower leaves responsible for the specific name of the type.

  3. The flanks were bluish gray with black in the costal grooves and creamy tan flecks along the ventral edge of the flank.

  4. The belly is grayish tan with white flecks on the lateral edges of the ventrals.

  5. In the red interspaces between the black rings, black flecks and spots, especially posteriorly, tend to form secondary black rings (Fig.

  6. There are no yellow or orange streaks or flecks on the head or limbs.

  7. The venter is dark grayish brown with cream-colored flecks anteriorly and creamy gray posteriorly where the dark color is restricted to the midventral region and the lateral edges of ventrals and first dorsal scale-row.

  8. Fairfax wanted to make the girl lift her eyes to him, he wanted to look into those grey eyes with the little black flecks along the iris.

  9. Her hair was auburn and the vivid tint of her costume was an unfortunate contrast; but her grey eyes with black flecks in them and long black lashes, her piquant nose and dimples, brought back the artistic mistake, as the French say.

  10. Some reddish spots upon his nose and flecks on the forehead, with the glass held in shaking hand, proclaims this the cause.

  11. Holding it to the lamp, he spotted a few random flecks of rust, and he found a cloth and burnished them away.

  12. He next pulled away the side of a fish and wolfed it, before realizing the red and green flecks on its surface were some incendiary garnish.

  13. He champed on his bit, tossed his head, sending flecks of foam flying from his mouth, and looked about as if to try the heart and reins of the young Austrian officer with his heroic, fiery eyes.

  14. Conceive my Madonna to be a hand's breadth high, of live ivory, and imagine some rosy flecks here and there on her.

  15. But I wanted, also, to be with you, Laura, to see your smile and the flecks of silver in your eyes and the way your nose turned upward ever so slightly when you laughed.

  16. You were lovely, your soft hair like strands of gold, and there were flecks of silver in your dark eyes.

  17. It is a broad stripe with wide, vine-like bands covered with rows of small flecks or flowers.

  18. In the intervals she rested, and watched the distant figures of the fishing party on the island; and gladdened herself with the beauty and the sweet air of the wood, and the flecks of sunshine and moving shadow on the ground beneath the trees.

  19. There were flecks of white cloud in the sky, flecks of white breakers on the sea, and it was all most dreary.

  20. So rose the day and widened into morning glow With rosy tints o’erstreaked, and faintly blurred With flecks of cloud.

  21. And stooping, Eblis downward rolled Before her webs of woven stuff, in fold Of purple sheen, enwrought with flecks of gold.

  22. Even under the electric light it shone softly, as though little flecks of light were in it.

  23. But he did not dare go in as yet; it was necessary first to control the little flecks of foam that despite his endeavor still wet his lips.

  24. Long shadows fell, penetrated with the dancing flecks of twilight.

  25. These flecks of froth may be found very commonly at the junction of the leaf with the stem.

  26. Many years ago, while preparing an elementary book on zooelogy, I had occasion to make a drawing of the little insect which is found on grass and other plants immersed in flecks of froth.

  27. The golden flecks danced in and out of his eyes.

  28. The sun seems to shine upon some and to leave others in shadow, while over all there move flecks of trembling light.

  29. From the places where the ships curtsy at their creaking tiers, to the splendid stretch where the sea-breeze blows shrill, chilly with flecks of foam, every yard is vivid with interest.

  30. A flare of machine-gun fire, hopping across the churning sea, caught the side of Odyssey II and sprayed flecks of wood around him.

  31. Dirt spattered as rounds of fire--or was it flecks of granite?

  32. The three in black who had been running toward the landing pad dropped onto the asphalt and opened fire, spattering flecks of granite around him as he took cover.

  33. The flecks of gold that glorify The forest floors to loving eye, Withdraw from me,--a splendor lingers On trees of God, in their crowns on high.

  34. However tiny the appearance of a gap, one had but to look at it for an instant to perceive infinitesimal flecks of colored fire there, also.

  35. These stars seemed to stir uneasily, to shift ever so slightly among themselves, like flecks of bright color drifting on a breeze.

  36. The flecks of what looked like gold were only iron pyrates.

  37. He did kick up some pebbles--water-rounded--and one of them had flecks of what looked like gold in it.

  38. The separate flecks of crimson light which comprised it were distant in space.

  39. I followed him without a word until we reached a spot that was sheltered from the sea, although we could still hear the waves surging and moaning, while flecks of foam often beat upon our faces.

  40. The big side-wheels beat more slowly and the whistle called again, but there was still only the ruffled blue water with white flecks on it and the rapidly rising pines.

  41. The sky was now a dismal, dingy gray, and the leaden-blue water was streaked with flecks and curls of foam.

  42. Here and there a maple leaf caught a ray of sunshine and burned like a crimson lamp, the fern was growing yellow, and the undergrowth was splashed and spattered with flecks of varying color.

  43. Oaks were brown, elms yellow; birches had shed their leaves; and already the forest stretched bluish and misty, set with flecks of scarlet maple and the darker patches of the pine.

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