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Example sentences for "besieged"

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besht; beside; besides; besids; besiege; besieger; besiegers; besieges; besiegeth; besieging
  1. Now than pose that in tyme of warre the towne beynge harde besieged / an alien dwellynge in the towne getteth hym to the walles amonge the soudiers / & doeth more good than any one man agayn.

  2. That it is to be the work of the Colonial troops is fair enough, since no one has a better right than they to help their besieged comrades.

  3. But the months seemed to have left no traces except on the buildings and on the cemetery; or perhaps their mark upon the besieged men was set beneath the surface scanned by a casual observer.

  4. We did not know it, but we were in a besieged town.

  5. For several days the camp of the Americans was besieged by the fierce and hardy children of the soil.

  6. At length, things became alarming to the besieged inmates of the palace, for they seemed to be entirely deserted by the respectable citizens and police.

  7. He then regularly besieged the place and its insurgent visitors for more than two months and a half.

  8. It is best settled by express agreement in concrete cases, and so with the revictualing of a besieged fortress.

  9. All can be besieged and bombarded, stormed and destroyed, if they are defended by the enemy, and in some cases even if they are only occupied.

  10. Now in the ninth year of Zedekiah, Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judæa and the cities thereof and in the tenth month of that year, and tenth day of the month, he and his host besieged Jerusalem, 2 Kings xxv.

  11. The Scriptures inform us, that when Sennacherib invaded Judæa and besieged Lachish and Libnah, which was in the 14th year of Hezekiah, Anno Nabonass.

  12. Duportail, a French officer of engineers, having arrived in town before the communication was closed with the country, declared, that the works of the besieged were not tenable, and might have been stormed ten days before.

  13. His firmness or good policy had the desired effect; Balfour's quarters were soon besieged by at least forty officers, many of whom were of higher rank than himself, and Major Hyrne succeeded to the extent of his wishes.

  14. The besiegers took post between the fort and the lake, to cut off the water; but the besieged sunk a well in the fort.

  15. She had seen her father besieged by so many suitors for her hand.

  16. Besieged by weeping and heart-broken families, he shut himself up securely, fearing, perhaps, that he might be moved by their entreaties.

  17. For each departure means not only the conveyance of a budget of news from the besieged city to the provinces, it means the return of the winged messengers with perhaps hopeful tidings that the provinces are marching to the rescue.

  18. The book wants another chapter," he went on, "a chapter treating of the food of besieged cities.

  19. He was of no earthly use in the besieged city, but he refused to go.

  20. I know nothing of the military import of a bombardment, but have been told that even the greatest strategists only count upon the moral effect it produces upon the besieged inhabitants.

  21. Beirout was then besieged and taken, and the fall of this important city was followed by the reduction of Gabala and Laodicea, and all the maritime towns between Tripoli and Jaffa.

  22. He hath also besieged and subjugated the castle of Caesarea of Palestine.

  23. He then besieged and took the city of Gabala, and then approached in warlike array the far-famed Laodicea.

  24. The boats and vessels were set on fire by the besieged and reduced to ashes, and after losing all their men, the Christians gave over the attempt.

  25. At one period the besieged had consumed nearly all their provisions, and were on the point of dying with famine, when Saladin hit upon the following stratagem, for the purpose of sending them a supply.

  26. From the feast of Saint Martin, up to that of the circumcision of the Lord, Saladin hath besieged Tyre incessantly, by night and by day, throwing into it immense stones from thirteen military engines.

  27. Saifeddin had besieged the strong town of Mirabel, and placed his military engines in position, when the terrified inhabitants sent a suppliant deputation to implore his clemency.

  28. He assembled an army of forty thousand horse and foot, crossed the desert and besieged the fortified city of Gaza, which belonged to the Knights Templars, and was considered to be the key of Palestine towards Egypt.

  29. General Gigedo made a speech to encourage his soldiers, assuring them that he had communicated with Tlatonac, and that relief would shortly come to the besieged town.

  30. Only five hundred men were within its walls, and he expected it would be shortly besieged and captured by Don Hypolito, unless aid arrived from the capital.

  31. The rattle of musketry, the booming of cannon, the cries of the wounded, the shouts of besieged and besiegers, all made an infernal din deafening to the ear.

  32. Between Centeotl and the position he had taken up, he placed a line of some thousand horse, with the object of preventing an attack by the besieged in his rear.

  33. The townspeople took the fact of being besieged in the most contented manner, and hardly interrupted their daily occupations.

  34. Girolamo had besieged and driven out the Colonnas from one of their castles in the neighbourhood of Rome.

  35. During all the intervening time the Americans had kept the British officers and their troops besieged in Boston, and they were beginning to be much ashamed of their confinement.

  36. As usual all gathered upon deck shortly after breakfast, and again the young people besieged the Captain with requests for something more about the doings of Revolutionary days.

  37. Then the Captain was besieged with entreaties that he would go on with his account of things of historical interest to be found in Annapolis.

  38. Hadn't Mrs. Smith said when he came in, "We know you are besieged with invitations?

  39. In the latter case the man took refuge in the church, where he was besieged by the trolls until morning.

  40. There he lay peacefully slumbering while the city was besieged by Nebuchadnezzar, and during the horrors of its capture and the whole of the seventy sad years that followed.

  41. James Murray was governor of Minorca, which was besieged by the Spaniards, and was offered a vast bribe by the Duc de Crillon, the commander of the besiegers, to give up Port St. Philip.

  42. I had been in a besieged and captured city; I had mixed with homeless and starving people; I had seen houses crumble and burn; and ghastly human figures with their insides oozing away and the eyes staring vacantly.

  43. Though not officially admitted to the besieged city, I went at once to my old stand, the Hotel St. Antoine, now converted into British Staff Headquarters.

  44. It was in 1430," says Bilius, "that they were contrived by the Lucquese, when they were besieged by the Florentines.

  45. He was seen at length, fired on by the Parliamentary soldiers, and sentenced to be hanged in sight of the besieged as a warning to others.

  46. Set watchers about it, as if at the gate of a besieged city; bind it together with iron when it loosens; stay it with timber when it declines.

  47. The Danish pirates came here and were besieged by Alfred, who slew all within its walls.

  48. It was besieged three times, taken and retaken, and saw amazing scenes of gallantry and bravery.

  49. Their house was captured by the enemy, and besieged by James Compton, Earl of Northampton, and the story of the fighting about the house abounds in interest, but cannot be related here.

  50. When intelligence of the investiture of Wheeling by the savages, reached Shepherd's fort, a party was immediately detached from it, to try and gain admission into the besieged fortress, and aid in its defence.

  51. And although the besieged were still successful in repelling every assault on the garrison, yet their stock of provisions was almost entirely exhausted; and there was no chance of obtaining a farther supply, but from the woods around them.

  52. The besieged were not in want of food or water.

  53. Hermon, and Damascus was besieged and the Hauran overrun by Assyrian armies.

  54. The walls of the citadel may be of earlier date, perhaps of Greek origin; for, according to Polybius, Antiochus the Great here besieged Ptolemy Philopater's forces in 218 B.

  55. The joining of the island to the mainland appears to have been first effected when Alexander the Great besieged the city and made a causeway to it from the shore, which causeway is now broadened by the constant drifting of the sands.

  56. This pest recalled Some of the forces to the city's aid From the besieged halls.

  57. She heard the report of cannon on the occasion, though nearly a hundred miles west of the besieged city.

  58. From two o'clock in the afternoon until twilight, the besieged kept up an almost incessant firing, Mrs. Shell loading the guns for her husband and older sons to discharge.

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