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Example sentences for "defame"

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defalcation; defalcations; defalt; defamation; defamatory; defamed; defamer; defamers; defaming; default
  1. Nothing was seene in hir that could defame hir renoume.

  2. Where from henceforth shall be hys refuge, sith she which ought to bee the onely Bulwarke, and assured rampire of his distresse, doth pursue and defame him?

  3. Messalina with hir imperiall robe could not so wel couer hir faults, but that the Historians, do defame hir with the name and title of a common woman.

  4. If so, the principle of Sex must have existed before Matter; must have been inherent in Creation before Creation began to evolve.

  5. He was angry with and malicious towards the counsel who supported his wife; he was angry at and afraid of a wife who did nothing to injure him, and he made it a special object to defame and degrade her.

  6. Lord Byron had made it a life-long object to vilify and defame his wife.

  7. It is a serious thing to defame and belie a whole world; to speak of it as the abode of a poor, toiling, drudging, ignorant, contemptible race.

  8. A] Facers, and talkers to defame the world.

  9. But to defame your victory with foul language.

  10. What will it be but to defame the Evangel of our Lord among the wicked, offend all the good, trouble the weak-minded, so that in proportion as their Church has been greatly renowned, it will now be as much cried down?

  11. Because that on that account the Papists defame the Gospel, and they have begun to do so even at a time when they had not such a specious pretext for doing so.

  12. I believe the contrary, to this charge of our opponent, will be found to be the truth; and that it has been purposely brought forward to defame the reputation of the deceased.

  13. What cruelty to defame an innocent man--what cruelty, what cruelty!

  14. Though all the world were against her I would stand by her side, and strike down those who dared defame her.

  15. No cruelty must ever defame it, no malice, no gross bitterness!

  16. No cruelty must ever defame it, no malice, no gross bitterness.

  17. Surely it would be easier for my father's enemies to do away with me altogether than to have conceived and carried out such an elaborate scheme to rob me and defame my father's memory.

  18. Ramon, I feel that I am to be the victim of a conspiracy; that you are the only human being who stands in the way of my being absolutely in the power of those who would defraud me and defame father's name.

  19. Either a terrible mistake has been made or a deliberate conspiracy is on foot--the blackest sort of conspiracy, to defame the dead!

  20. They are unlawful sports which are used to the wrong of others: as players, that defame and reproach other men; and hunters and hawkers, that tread down poor men's corn and hedges.

  21. The reputation of tradesmen is too often put into the hands of their fellow-tradesmen, when ignorant people think to inform themselves of their circumstances, by going to those whose interest it is to defame and run them down.

  22. Religion teaches us not to slander and defame our neighbour, that is to say, not to raise or promote any slander or scandal upon his good name.

  23. To this fair company I am to say, You're welcome all to a well-meaning play; For such our author made it, with intent To defame none.

  24. If, at every opportunity, he would defame the character of another, could I rationally suppose that mine would be any safer in his hands?

  25. The brand of Cain doth defame a man and carries its curse with it.

  26. After this night, sir, I will no longer defame my lips by speaking to you.

  27. What security hath the most innocent or worthy person, for his fame, or liberty, or estate, or life, if false witnesses conspire to defame him or destroy him?

  28. Hereupon they will defame the nonconforming ministers last described, as men of no zeal, neither flesh nor fish; and perhaps as men that would save their skin, and shift themselves out of sufferings, and betray the truth.

  29. To see thee die for him, that did defame Thine honour thus, my kingdom, and thy name?

  30. The whole faculty has always been ready to oblige me, and the only one of them who endeavoured to defame me had it not in his power.

  31. The worst that my enemies can do to defame my character, they have done, and I fear them no more.

  32. God's good work of grace in me shall never be denied by me, let others defame it, and stigmatize it as insanity, as they will.

  33. To defame and vilify the dead is an act of the grossest injustice, and of this injustice your Reporter is guilty.

  34. No doubt hopes had been entertained that, on finding herself abandoned by her King, she would at last accuse and defame him.

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