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Example sentences for "deprecatory"

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deprecated; deprecates; deprecating; deprecatingly; deprecation; depreciate; depreciated; depreciates; depreciating; depreciation
  1. There was something so vaguely deprecatory in his voice that it brought from me the question--"why not?

  2. The intonation of his voice, his solemn almost deprecatory smile, set me off and I laughed till the tears ran down my face.

  3. Longford pressed the tips of his fingers together with a deprecatory gesture.

  4. Thus, heavily laden with the royal wrath, Heneage was on the point of leaving London for the Netherlands, on the very day upon which Davison arrived, charged with deprecatory missives from that country.

  5. He hesitated for a moment with a gesture which seemed deprecatory of his point of view.

  6. He paused, and laughed in a deprecatory fashion before he went on again.

  7. Wisbech told him, and added that there were many things he would like to talk about, whereupon Nasmyth smiled in a deprecatory manner.

  8. He rose with another half-deprecatory laugh, but his eyes snapped.

  9. One of the men stood up with a deprecatory gesture.

  10. The Belgian made a little deprecatory gesture with his two hands, and he laughed.

  11. But the elder man shrugged his shoulders and smiled a tired, deprecatory smile.

  12. She was touching his sleeve with timid, deprecatory caresses, and she was desperately frightened and anxious.

  13. He is very excited and very resolute--you can see that by the very deadliness of tranquillity which he seeks to put in his voice, by the gentleness of his tone, by the almost deprecatory smile.

  14. The little deprecatory gesture was graceful, and Hetty flashed an approving glance at him; but she also looked at Grant, as if to beseech his comprehension, when she went out.

  15. Hetty noticed the ring in her companion's voice, and Allonby made a little deprecatory gesture.

  16. Then with a little deprecatory gesture she touched the keys again.

  17. Some of the men looked confused, and the leader made a deprecatory gesture.

  18. She turned and looked curiously at her companion, in a fashion that almost suggested that she recognized the finely moulded figure, grave gray eyes, and gleaming hair, while Violet made a slight deprecatory gesture.

  19. He carried a strip of paper torn across the middle, and made a little deprecatory gesture as he passed it to Maccario.

  20. The tobacco merchant made a little deprecatory gesture, and Appleby felt his hands tremble as he watched the man move a step nearer the officer's chair.

  21. The man made a little deprecatory gesture as he said, "We were sent.

  22. Then more men grimed with dust and smoke poured into the veranda, and Maccario, who made a little deprecatory gesture, raised his sword.

  23. Mrs. Batholommey felt it necessary to explain, and murmured with deprecatory haste: "My Sunday-school children.

  24. Wherefore, in his old home and among his own, Peter Grimm stood unseen; that deprecatory half-smile on his square, ageless face.

  25. He was giving you a nice character, in a sort of sneaking deprecatory way, as if he was sorry for it.

  26. The miner had apparently got rid of it when they met him coming back, and smiled in a deprecatory fashion in answer to Ingleby's inquiring glance.

  27. I'll be all right in a minute or two," and Leger made a little deprecatory gesture.

  28. Miss Letitia's deprecatory accents made an attempt (and it could always be only an attempt) to stem the tide of Miss Eliza's severity.

  29. If you do not mind talking business," said Jerningham, with a deprecatory smile.

  30. I'll give you a thousand dollars--" The man stopped him with a deprecatory wave of the hand.

  31. In several places on the blotched sheets he makes a deprecatory note--“This is not written very clearly; my temperature is 105.

  32. He was almost deprecatory in his manner as he said in reply: “Well, you see I have really made a great study of sparrows.

  33. Ask me nothing more," said the justizrath, with a deprecatory gesture.

  34. He had large, near-sighted blue eyes in which lurked a wistful, deprecatory smile, a small chin running from wide cheek-bones to a point.

  35. In truth, thought Dickie, seeking even now with his deprecatory smile for likenesses and words, the city was full of beasts, silent and stealthy and fanged.

  36. Patoux shrugged his shoulders, and gave a wide deprecatory wave of both hands.

  37. The lay-brother made a gentle deprecatory gesture of his hands and retired, and Varillo was left to his own reflections.

  38. The monk gave a curious deprecatory gesture with his hands.

  39. Saved waiting, for one thing," Cliffe answered in a deprecatory tone.

  40. I used to go fishing when I was a boy," Cliffe replied with a deprecatory smile.

  41. Gomez spread out his hands with a deprecatory air.

  42. Father Agustin made a deprecatory gesture as his thin, long-nailed hand moved across the board, and Grahame smiled.

  43. A deprecatory shrug was the reply, and Captain Poynings, turning on his heel, walked to the shelter of the poop.

  44. And I knew even better than she, with her mother's self-deprecatory confidence on 'loyalty' in my ears!

  45. Tom, who was waiting for him, made a little deprecatory gesture.

  46. He turned to Muriel with a little deprecatory gesture.

  47. During one brief interlude he found breath for a deprecatory word or two with Austin.

  48. He used to nod many times to her and smile when she came in, and utter inarticulate deprecatory moans when she was going away.

  49. That is all," said the other Honoré, standing partly behind the first, as the eyes of his little menial turned upon him that deprecatory glance of inquiry so common to slave children.

  50. The entire veranda of ladies raised one long-drawn, deprecatory "Ah!

  51. I don't know how it was done," he said, with a deprecatory laugh.

  52. But--" with a deprecatory shake of the golden head.

  53. But the deprecatory smile on the other's face was beautiful to behold.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deprecatory" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    abusive; belittling; catty; censorious; condemnatory; contemptuous; contumelious; critical; damnatory; defamatory; deprecatory; derisive; derogative; derogatory; diffident; disparaging; foul; injurious; invective; libelous; pejorative; priggish; reproachful; ridiculing; scandalous; scoffing; scurrilous; slanderous; vilifying; vituperative