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Example sentences for "accents"

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accelerator; accelerators; accent; accented; accenting; accentual; accentuate; accentuated; accentuates; accentuating
  1. Then Bernsdorf, who has right on his side, said in accents of crushing anger, "So!

  2. The sensitiveness of Petrarch was admirable; never did pure love, growing mystical and mingling with divine love, find accents alike more profound and noble than came from this Platonist refined with Italian subtlety.

  3. In broken accents the bereaved father related how happily he had dwelt in a convent henyard, with the ten sons and fourteen daughters which his excellent consort had hatched and brought up in a single summer.

  4. He hastened to the side of his fallen master, who in faltering accents now bade him take the brand Excalibur, cast it far from him into the waters of the lake, and return to report what he should see.

  5. More he fain would have said, but his heart was full, and his accents Faltered and paused on his lips, as the feet of a child on a threshold, Hushed by the scene he beholds, and the awful presence of sorrow.

  6. Vainly he strove to whisper her name, for the accents unuttered Died on his lips, and their motion revealed what his tongue would have spoken.

  7. Loud from its rocky caverns, the deep-voiced neighboring ocean Speaks, and in accents disconsolate answers the wail of the forest.

  8. The voice was softened once more, its accents broken.

  9. The icy accents of Liane Delorme cut it: "Well, Leon: what is your objection?

  10. In attenuated accents Captain Monk, without opening his eyes or stirring under the caresses of that lovely hand, enquired: "What say, Phin?

  11. I have thought, Liane," he returned in accents as kind as the hands that held her.

  12. In the same manner, but in accents fraught with an emotion indecipherable but intense the reply came: "Don't talk!

  13. He heard Phinuit's voice utter in accents of malicious amusement: "Barring, of course, the possibility of connivance on the part of officers or crew.

  14. But the animation with which he answered the professional voice at the other end of the wire faded very quickly, the look of weariness returned, his accents voiced an indifference fairly desolating.

  15. The woman spoke in quiet accents and let her hand linger upon his with its insistent reminder of the warm, living presence whose rich colouring was disguised by the gloom that encompassed both.

  16. Fainter and fainter grew the accents of the fierce, fanatical preacher; his excitement forsook him as the danger became more and more imminent.

  17. Calm, that breathes around, Bids every fierce tumultuous passion cease; In still small accents whisp'ring from the ground A grateful earnest of eternal peace.

  18. Methinks I hear in accents low The sportive kind reply: Poor moralist!

  19. Soft as the dews from heaven descend, his gentle accents fell.

  20. The sin-offering alone furnishes the fitting type of the Lord Jesus as the One who poured forth those accents of intense agony; for in it alone do we find the circumstances which evoked such accents from the depths of His spotless soul.

  21. It is a clear exposition of the principles of accentuation, drawing accurately the distinction between accent and quantity, and between the accents of common talk and the musical accents that occur in poetry.

  22. She hung upon De Morla's accents with an air of the deepest interest, as he expressed, in imperfect language, the desires of his general.

  23. Moor, with a voice whose soft and harmonious accents contrasted strangely with his rude appearance.

  24. The monotonous accents of the priest were alone heard, conveying to the Mexicans, in the hymn that ushered a spirit into the presence of the deities, the knowledge of the death of their king.

  25. With the cutting away of the primitive support of fine outline design and the absence of those accents conveying a fine form stimulus to the mind, art has lost much of its emotional significance.

  26. See with what sympathy the contours have been searched for those accents expressive of all this.

  27. The greatest accents on the edges are rarely in the head, except it may be occasionally in the eyes.

  28. Can he, then, like the orator, find accents which make truth enter the soul, colors and forms that make it shine forth evident and manifest to the eyes of intelligence?

  29. There is but one man amongst us who speaks in every tone and in all languages, who has colors and accents for every subject, naive and sublime, vividly correct yet unaffectedly simple.

  30. And as he saw her coming in, The Moor his bonnet doffed, And bowed to do her honor, And spoke in accents soft.

  31. It is they who express the national sentiment of each tribe, and in case of war their accents uplift warriors, encourage the brave, and wither the cowardly.

  32. In the presence of this woman she raved of her innocence--in accents of terror and aversion, denounced your kinsman--and called on you to vindicate her name and your own.

  33. Mark's address is deeply touching; and it is odd that when attacked by Melot Tristan's accents are almost his.

  34. The accents all fall in the wrong place; and as he stumbles miserably along the crowd begins to titter.

  35. But the features of her cousin clouded with the thoughts that were excited by her remarks, and she replied, in a tone that bore some little of the accents of reproach: "Katherine!

  36. Hushed be the accents of sorrow and mourning, Zion in triumph begins her glad reign.

  37. O Jesus, Thou art pleading In accents meek and low, "I died for you, My children, And will ye treat Me so?

  38. A kind thought expressed in the familiar accents of "Ould Oireland" is welcome to the wayfarer in strange lands, even though it may often be "only blarney" after all.

  39. He spoke in the soft accents of the old South, and yet his speech was colored with just a trace of Spanish--a musical drawl seldom heard far from that portion of Texas bordering the Rio Bravo del Norte.

  40. I felt sure of it,' cried Albine, in accents of supreme despair.

  41. In stammering accents they would have revived the passion which had once throbbed and died there.

  42. She sprang up as though to hasten to that beloved voice whose caressing accents she knew so well, but all sound of it suddenly died away, shut off by the closing of the door.

  43. Big tears were streaming from his eyes, and it was in gentle heartbroken accents that he spoke: 'Why do you speak to me like that?

  44. A little after, O monarch, the son of Prishata in sweet accents asked the illustrious Rishi about the wedding of his daughter.

  45. Vaisampayana continued, 'Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, heard those accents of the Brahmana weeping in bitter grief.

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