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Example sentences for "accentuating"

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accents; accentual; accentuate; accentuated; accentuates; accentuation; accepi; accepit; accept; accepta
  1. In accentuating the upward surge of lines it was a pioneer.

  2. We should not only more gradually give up the actions of the movements, accentuating the static and eccentric contraction, but we should also feel more sense of surrender at the end of each movement.

  3. Patiently practice the movement at first ten or twenty times, counting four with each step and accentuating the stretches, each day increasing a little, and after a week or two the results will be surprising.

  4. Then he said slowly, accentuating each word: "Keep yer shirt on.

  5. Often by accentuating her thinness, a woman can make an effect as type, which gives her distinction.

  6. Trimming can be used so as to increase effectiveness of a costume by accentuating its distinctive features, and it can be misused so as to pervert your period, whether that be the age of Cleopatra, or the Winter of 1917.

  7. They are also a peculiarly handsome people, and it seems more likely that, taking a pride in their good looks, they have, like so many other peoples, sought to enhance the beauty of their children by accentuating a racial peculiarity.

  8. The smooth braids of her hair are coiled about the head, accentuating its lovely outline.

  9. A heavy wimple falls low over her forehead, entirely concealing her hair, and with its severe simplicity accentuating the chaste beauty of her face.

  10. By this method, the deeper significance may be given to the events while at the same time accentuating a peculiar type of mind, or it may be a rare moment in the life of nearly every individual.

  11. He must subordinate, accordingly, by elimination, by the greatest simplicity in accessories, and by accentuating central ideas or points.

  12. Behind these two figures you again have its use accentuating by repetition the peaceful line of the hacks of the sheep.

  13. By our comparative freedom of action, we can exert an immense influence either in accentuating the struggle between the industrial nations or in promoting a concert of action, based upon a discovered community of interest.

  14. Evylyn had ceased accentuating her smile within a month after the Freddy Gedney affair.

  15. When she stopped accentuating it, it faded out and the last of her mystery with it.

  16. Trifling incidents crowded one upon the other, accentuating the reality of the vision, until she suffered as keenly, throbbed with as great a joy, as she had in living those days.

  17. When one enters, he is surprised and astonished at the wonderful mixture of ruins and trees, the ruins accentuating the freshness of the trees, while the latter in turn, render more poignant the melancholy of the ruins.

  18. Thence we crossed over and continued on down Fifth Avenue, between blank houses and unnatural lights, the occasional clack of hoofs and hollow growl of wheels accentuating the unwonted stillness.

  19. How the frowning krantzes shut it in on each side, their stark forms accentuating the soft slopes that billowed away from their bases.

  20. She seemed more intent on arranging the folds of her morning-gown accentuating the graceful outlines of her well-rounded figure.

  21. I don't know no WOMAN," he answered slowly, accentuating the last word.

  22. In the absence of this device the walls seem to crowd together above us, thus accentuating the unpleasant narrowness of the nave.

  23. She performed scenes from ballets or operas, pushing back the train of her dress with a tragic sweep of her foot, and accentuating strongly the commonplace exclamations of Italian lyricism: "Oh, Ciel!

  24. Monsieur de Breuilly, with a laugh that was anything but joyful, and accentuating each word in his peculiar style, "why represent me to this gentleman as a Norman Othello?

  25. In his desire to refine, he had restrained and almost sterilized his enjoyment, ever accentuating the irremediable conflict existing between his ideas and those of the world in which he had happened to be born.

  26. Sergei across the raft, accentuating his exclamation with a loud and cynical curse.

  27. A great sadness, and a timid questioning is heard in that faint sound--the only voice of the night--accentuating still more the silence.

  28. The sharp definition of its various parts gives it abundance of means for accentuating particular points, aided by their constant recurrence in different positions and different lights.

  29. Figure 195 suggests a method of relieving the monotony by accentuating every other repeat, thus supplying variety and creating an analogy to march-time music.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "accentuating" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.