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Example sentences for "accenting"

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accelerative; accelerator; accelerators; accent; accented; accents; accentual; accentuate; accentuated; accentuates
  1. This may be accomplished by dwelling slightly on the leading-note (in this case B), or by accenting the tonic of the upper octave.

  2. We are equally justified in accenting these drawers or doors with panel decoration or other forms of surface enrichment provided that harmony is maintained.

  3. While accenting based upon the center lines is acceptable, this means of concentration does not seem so successfully to relate the accented part to the structural outlines as that of concentration based upon the diagonals.

  4. Sidenote: Accentuation of Functional Parts in Clay] The new element of enrichment consists of accenting by adding to the design a modeled rim and a base or foot, as it is technically known.

  5. What is the value of accenting the functional parts in clay design?

  6. Rather, it looked strange because still familiar, and therefore incongruous with the new atmosphere that surrounded it--discordant with the echo of their last meeting, and painfully accenting the change.

  7. And everywhere were cornfields, accenting with squares of deeper green, this limitless expanse of grassy land.

  8. And so the occasional sneezing of the resting mules, and the champing of the bits, grate harshly on the grim stillness, not dissipating the spell but accenting it and making one feel more lonesome and forsaken than before.

  9. Notwithstanding the authority of Sheridan, I presume few people will contend for the privilege of accenting acceptable on the first syllable.

  10. Setting aside custom, every reason for accenting these words on the first syllable, will apply with equal force to adviseable, inclineable, requireable, and a hundred others.

  11. Joel swept past a moment later, accenting the situation, and as Sargent left the corral, he caught sight of the pursuing Indians, and showed splendid action in reaching the dug-out.

  12. It was from Don Lovell, urgently accenting anew his previous invitation to come to Dodge and look over the market.

  13. The least objectionable and often permitted form is that where a large section is put out of its value with the intent of accenting the light of a contiguous part.

  14. I hear you say Buonaparte, accenting the u like the Royalists.

  15. He brings into prominence now this part, now that, accenting here, slightly exaggerating there, in order to make the picture more vivid to the listener.

  16. Paderewski advises studying scales and arpeggios with accents, for instance, accenting every third note, thus enabling each finger in turn to make the accent impulse: this will secure evenness of touch.

  17. The same principles govern the accenting of single words in a very large degree, and must be taken into account in reading prose aloud.

  18. The voice would be incapable of accenting easily the unimportant prefix in such a word as ac-cuseā€², for instance.

  19. The stray lock of golden hair had fallen across her cheek, accenting the skin's pallor through the veil.

  20. The choleric brows went up like twin stress marks accenting unspoken skepticism.

  21. In the accenting of the words was no trace of rebellion or even of self-pity, but merely there was the dead weight and numbness of a hopeless resignation to make the words sound flat and listless.

  22. Her brows tilted perplexedly, accenting the nuance of diablerie, delicate and fascinating, that they cast upon the flower face.

  23. I was speaking to YOU," he said, with his eyes on Mosby, and slightly accenting the pronoun with a tap of his revolver butt on the bar.

  24. What better is this, than to apply the term emphasis to the accenting of syllables in poetry, or to all the stress in question, as is virtually done in the following citation?

  25. Fifty thousand jewels are used on the Tower alone, accenting in the main its architectural feature.

  26. This coloring is a means of strongly accenting this fine architectural feature.

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