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Example sentences for "accelerators"

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accelerating; acceleration; accelerations; accelerative; accelerator; accent; accented; accenting; accents; accentual
  1. As most of the various accelerators are compounds of bromine, with either chlorine or fluorine combination, they partake somewhat of the nature of these latter, giving results which can be detected by the experienced operator.

  2. It is employed in accelerators on account of its fluorine.

  3. To use Bromine Water or other Accelerators in Hot Weather.

  4. It produced the most uniform results, giving the fine soft tone so characteristic in pictures produces from accelerators containing chlorine.

  5. It should be remembered that accelerators containing chlorine do not admit of a great change of color of coating on the plate.

  6. The operator will proportion the coating of iodine and bromine or accelerators according to the strength and composition of the latter.

  7. The addition of such accelerators might be obviated, if a suitable fast curing rubber were available, but it is essential that such rubber should be uniform.

  8. But for many purposes a fast curing rubber enables a larger output to be obtained, so that artificial organic accelerators are coming more and more into use.

  9. Other types of particle accelerators were also being developed at this time.

  10. As particle accelerators grew larger, more efficient, and more powerful, they became ever more useful in studying the structure of the nucleus and the nature of the subatomic particles themselves.

  11. Particle Accelerators Was there nothing that could be done to make nuclear bombardment more efficient and increase the chance of obtaining useful energy out of nuclear reactions?

  12. After we have landed at Los Angeles, I want you to go with me to see if we can't get the accelerators made up.

  13. But David side-stepped the Daughters, and dashed off to see how the accelerators were coming along under the eagle eye of Red Ryan.

  14. Well, commander, when we recovered the plans, Red and I decided to have a set of the accelerators constructed in Los Angeles, and try them out as we crossed the States.

  15. Physicists had to wait until they had succeeded in designing particle accelerators that would produce enough energy to allow the creation of proton-antiproton pairs.

  16. The oxides of alkaline metals or their alkaline salts are not the only accelerators susceptible of being used in pyro development.

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