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Example sentences for "accelerating"

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accedes; acceding; accelerate; accelerated; accelerates; acceleration; accelerations; accelerative; accelerator; accelerators
  1. Westward emigration was in its full tide, and population was pouring into the great State of Illinois with ever accelerating rapidity.

  2. The Star of Empire was moving westward at an accelerating speed.

  3. Enactment of this proposed legislation would establish the basis for accelerating the rebuilding of the U.

  4. As we have seen in Chapter III, this is the explanation of the accelerating effect of phosphates on fermentation by yeast-juice.

  5. In explanation of the remarkable accelerating action of arsenates and arsenites two obvious possibilities present themselves.

  6. There seems to be a constant force behind invention that imparts to it an acceleration, comparable to that of gravity in accelerating the descent of a falling stone.

  7. In the main, it probably shortened the war considerably, by accelerating the operations.

  8. For nearly half an hour he continued his monotonous walk, alternately slackening and accelerating his pace.

  9. Coburn heard the ensign saying in a flat voice: "If that wasn't accelerating at fifteen Gs, I never saw a ship.

  10. If it wasn't accelerating at fifteen Gs .

  11. A rapidly accelerating retreat, faster and faster, as the disc changed from the dull red of normal defense to the higher and bluer quanta of failing, less complete defense, the disc of interference retreated.

  12. No halt could be made, and we slid down slowly, but with accelerating motion, driving up waves of snow in front, with streams of the nasty stuff hissing all around.

  13. In doing so he slipped, lost hold of his axe, and fell with ever accelerating velocity down almost the whole of the north-east face.

  14. The magnetic attractions upon the ends of the armature, continuing at the initial rate, serve, therefore, as a check to offset any accelerating tendency which the striking of the gong may have upon the vibrating reed tongue.

  15. Accelerating rapidly, the engine drew forward the monoplane with a jerk; the pupil was thrown from his feet and fell prone, and the machine, without a guiding hand upon its levers, rushed across the ground and then rose into the air.

  16. This last is by some used in preparations for accelerating the operation of taking Daguerreotypes, but when used for this purpose it is in small quantities.

  17. I would call the attention of the operator to this point, as presenting something of interest, and which may direct in a way of accelerating the future operations.

  18. For the successful application of bromine as an accelerating agent, we are indebted to Mr. John Goddard of London, who at the time was associated with Mr. John Johnson, now a resident of this city.

  19. Remarks on the Accelerating substances Used in the Daguerreotype.

  20. This as an accelerating agent is by many considered superior {75} to the other Bromide combinations.

  21. Probably the best accelerating combination is the American compound formerly known as "Gurney's American compound," or some of the combinations of bromide of lime.

  22. The loans are altogether paper transactions; and it is the excess of them that brings on, with accelerating speed, that progressive depreciation of funded paper money that will dissolve the funding system.

  23. A check applied as a means of accelerating maturity, can only be regarded as an expedient, rendered necessary by previous defective treatment.

  24. For down the thousand mile incline of the Mississippibasin it was pouring with accelerating tempo, engulfing or driving everything before it.

  25. Now we know from all experience, and from all evolution which we can trace with certainty, that progress moves on in an accelerating ratio, and that the earlier processes take longer than the later ones.

  26. They had no bows or other appliances for accelerating the flight of missiles, no pottery, no permanent dwellings; nor is there any evidence of a previous knowledge of such products of higher culture.

  27. In operation~, when the fuse blows, the movable arm quickly moves to the position B´, thus attenuating the arc and accelerating its extinguishment.

  28. It is, therefore, important that the switch be kept in the starting position until the motor has finished accelerating to prevent any unnecessary rush of current when the switch is thrown to the running position.

  29. I am rather of opinion that they have a demoralizing tendency, as accelerating by concealment, the progress of licentiousness.

  30. In such a case, the indicated homeopathic remedy will not suppress the acute reaction, but it will help it along, thus accelerating and hastening the curative process.

  31. Indication that gear shifter controls are in need of adjustment is when transmission gears “jump” out of engagement when accelerating vehicle or when under heavy pull.

  32. The only expedient for accelerating the advance of a gallery, is to commence, at several points of the line to be pursued, portions of galleries which may be joined together on their completion.

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