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  1. An early model of the linear accelerator also gave a beam of heavy positive ions at high energies.

  2. It is called a linear accelerator because it accelerates particles in a straight line.

  3. Do not under any circumstances work the accelerator pedal rapidly when starting as the accelerator pump may flood the carburetor.

  4. Miscellaneous =Throttle Control Rod=--Oil or grease all accelerator connections.

  5. In most instances the engine will start immediately without the use of the choke if the accelerator pedal is held in a slightly depressed position while the starter is used.

  6. This the principal accelerator used in the American practice, and is the best of all dry combinations at present employed.

  7. For operating under ordinary circumstances, especially with an inferior light, probably no accelerator is more quick and sure than Wolcott's.

  8. MacHeath's verbal discussion of the testing of the nuclei accelerator was just such a cover.

  9. This morning, the primary exciter on the new ultracosmotron went haywire, and the beam of sodium nuclei burned through part of the accelerator tube wall.

  10. Nordred actually knew less about the engineering details of the big accelerator than anyone else on the project; he was primarily a philosopher-mathematician, and only secondarily a physicist.

  11. Your accelerator is just exactly that--an accelerator.

  12. They wanted to be sure that they could take over before the boat struck the rock, just in case Danley should freeze to the accelerator a little too long.

  13. Tom jammed the accelerator down to the floorboard and the jet car fairly leaped ahead.

  14. He pressed down on the accelerator and started moving along the line of cars.

  15. Again in the laboratory, I entered the metabolic accelerator and withdrew the intravenous needles from my first volplas.

  16. I closed the accelerator and walked across to the laboratory door.

  17. The accelerator had forced them almost to adulthood in less than a month.

  18. I used the metabolic accelerator to cut the volplas' gestation down to one week.

  19. The caretakers had anesthetized all the experimental mutants, and the metabolic accelerator and other lab equipment was being dismantled.

  20. Perhaps I am a little optimistic about the Retarder, which has indeed still to be discovered, but about the Accelerator there is no possible sort of doubt whatever.

  21. The effect of the New Accelerator passed like the drawing of a curtain, vanished in the movement of a hand.

  22. Morse shoved the accelerator in and they were thrown back in their seats.

  23. He set the accelerator for all the G's he could take, lay down on the floor and said, "Tell me more.

  24. Accelerator pressed down, the car plunges along the rutted road, tips, and a wheel sinks in the new shell-hole.

  25. Well, I put my foot on the accelerator and hit one of them so hard with the mudguard he fell into the lantern and put it out.

  26. Tom, as he shoved over the accelerator lever, sending his airship forward on an upward slant, right at the stern of the smugglers' biplane.

  27. With one hand Ned reached for the accelerator lever on the wall near him, and pulled it to the last notch.

  28. Seeing Quest almost upon him, he slammed down the accelerator and twisted the wheel hard.

  29. Trella had opened the door of the car, but it was wrenched from her hand as Blessing stepped on the accelerator and it leaped into the driveway with spinning wheels.

  30. His foot pressed the accelerator pedal, and with a snort, the auto of the motor boys shot ahead through a narrow opening.

  31. Cut out the muffler, and use the accelerator pedal more.

  32. Ellingwood[15] claims that cactus is a cardiac tonic, acting on the accelerator nerves and heart ganglia, increasing muscular force and arterial tension.

  33. He thinks it one of a class of remedies which act on the accelerator nerves and sympathetic ganglia, shortening the diastole and stimulating the spinal vasomotor nerve centers.

  34. Phospho-Vanadiol, a combination of Vanadiol with an easily assimilable organic phosphorus, is an active accelerator of general nutrition with a special action on the nervous system.

  35. Jam your foot on the accelerator and shut your eyes.

  36. He had not sufficient experience to be able to keep his foot steady upon the accelerator when a high speed and a rude surface conspired to dislodge it--a shortcoming which caused us all three much discomfort and lost a lot of mileage.

  37. In spasm of the neck of the bladder the male animal may stand with the tail slightly raised and making rhythmical contractions of the muscle beneath the anus (accelerator urinæ) (see Pl.

  38. The tail may at times be gently raised and contractions of the muscle (accelerator urinæ) beneath the anus (Pl.

  39. Nalintar siya maung gasulinadur hinúuy íyang gisikáran, He panicked, so he stepped on the accelerator instead.

  40. Nag-apù ang gasulinadur ug kusug ang dágan, The accelerator was all the way down and it went fast.

  41. It is this branch from the lower cervical ganglion which possesses accelerator properties, hence the course of the accelerator fibre is indicated in the figure by the arrows.

  42. Only the magnetic-tape transports required the use of the 910 CPU during servicing, and the presence of two transports has usually meant that the second one could carry the load until the weekly accelerator maintenance period.

  43. In 1967, with the completion of the new accelerator scheduled within a year, it was decided that the best way to acquire the desired power and flexibility in computing support was through a coupled system of the kind under discussion.

  44. The vast majority of service calls have been occasioned by the peripherals and have competed with data analysis but not with accelerator utilization.

  45. This system is powerful enough to satisfy most data-acquisition needs at a typical low-energy accelerator laboratory.

  46. In the case encountered in setting up an accelerator laboratory where a wide variety of experiments is to be performed, conditions are much more complex.

  47. For the same nine examples we find that the average of the ratios of total computer system costs to bare accelerator costs is 0.

  48. For example, one can say that experience has shown that the total investment in the computer system will be in reasonable balance with the capital investment in the bare accelerator if the ratio of costs is about one to five.

  49. But when Professor Dandrik saw what was happening, he became almost hysterical, and ordered the accelerator shut down as though he were afraid it would blow up in his face.

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