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Example sentences for "deprecation"

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deprecate; deprecated; deprecates; deprecating; deprecatingly; deprecatory; depreciate; depreciated; depreciates; depreciating
  1. Squeers, as if in mild deprecation of this outbreak.

  2. The words had no note of irony, but Lady Grace, in her great seriousness, glanced with deprecation at the possibility.

  3. The force of her deprecation of such language was qualified by tact.

  4. Some counselled a public deprecation of his wrath, addressed to The Masque.

  5. Is not this deprecation of home railways, this vague praise of foreign lines, sometimes an example of a common artifice of controversy?

  6. Very different from this loose, unverified deprecation is the opinion of those foreign observers who have carefully examined the question.

  7. The prayer of the psalm goes deeper than any mere deprecation of earthly removal, and is but prosaically understood, if thought to refer to exile or the like.

  8. The close verbal resemblance of the introductory deprecation of chastisement in anger to Psalm vi.

  9. Her look of sorrowful deprecation was touching.

  10. The evening of our introduction, I imparted to you the information of Lelia Arnold's engagement; and your deprecation of her trifling seemed only the detestation of a pure and upright soul.

  11. The cult of the body which has become so much the occupation of the present generation, which refuses to make the necessary effort of mind to secure intellectual pleasures, has always been the special deprecation of the Church.

  12. Without uttering a word, Bartholo advanced towards the Count, and cast himself at his feet with a look of imploring deprecation that D'Aubin did not understand.

  13. Mrs. Primer, with a mingling, superhuman, but for her of ironical deprecation and derision.

  14. He addressed these exculpations to March's grave face, and to the pitying deprecation in the eyes of Conrad Dryfoos, whom Lindau's roaring wrath had summoned to the door.

  15. Ducie was watching his handsome face as he spoke, and feeling keenly the eager deprecation of pain to herself, mingling with the natural curiosity about his own identity, which the cloud upon his early years warranted.

  16. The act was a deprecation of anger which it would have been unmannerly to deny.

  17. No one, as yet, dared to touch it, without some preliminary ceremonies of deprecation of her wrath.

  18. Louise had no reply for that except a little gesture of deprecation that quite failed to convince.

  19. The arms are spread in a suppliant posture, and the voice of deprecation is uttered with sighs, groans, timidity, hesitation and trembling.

  20. Reverdy went over the facts again, beginning with deprecation for the Squire but gathering respect for them in the interest they seemed to have for Mrs. Braile.

  21. Here, again, was a deprecation on the part of Germany of any other ambition than to secure protection for life and property of German subjects.

  22. Integrity and deprecation of his policy and methods were dominated by the orthodox business sense which forced subconscious recognition of his title as king of their business world.

  23. Shrugging deprecation of Hart's admiring comments on his skill with the riata, he returned a reminiscence of his cowpunching days to Smythe's chidings, asserting that the stallion was not a circumstance to a long-horn steer on an open prairie.

  24. He was given to smiling in a deprecatory way, and when he talked, he was either absent or excited; he made vague blunders, and then smiled in deprecation of offence, or his words blocked their own path in their rush.

  25. Goro turned his fat cheek and glassy eye on the frank speaker with a look of deprecation rather than of resentment.

  26. Tito assumed the tone which was just then the easiest to him, conjecturing that in Romola's present mood persuasive deprecation would be lost upon her.

  27. With sparkling eyes, Nickey followed Donald out of the room; as they disappeared Hepsey slowly shook her head in grateful deprecation at Betty.

  28. She realized that the parson had cleverly side-tracked her original subject of conversation, and as she glanced down at him she shook her head with droll deprecation of his guile.

  29. He defended himself with a serene countenance and the most cogent arguments, but would not stoop to deprecation and intreaty.

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