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Example sentences for "drummed"

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drumikin; drumlie; drumlike; drumlins; drumly; drummer; drummers; drummes; drumming; drums
  1. The Prospector, who was the third player, looked up from his "hand" and drummed the table with the ends of his dirty fingers.

  2. His eyes were wild, his face was hot; he drained his glass at a draught, and drummed the table with his fingers.

  3. The Pilot was silent for some time, and drummed the table with his fingers.

  4. Father Edmund preaching at town cross against the wicked time and each remaining sin--and they had swept up her house and garden and drummed forth Ailsa and Tony, who were God knew where!

  5. They sacked her house, they drummed the old woman and the youth, her servants, out of town.

  6. The staccato of his voice drummed like a rude heel upon the Abbot’s now fevered desire.

  7. His thoughts as he stood behind the bank counter, or drummed his restless heels against the legs of his high stool, were far away in fallow and stubble, or where the trout, that he could tickle as to the manner born, lay under the caving bank.

  8. The Squire drummed for a moment with his fingers on the table.

  9. He looked before him and drummed upon the table with his fingers.

  10. He used to make foolish remarks, and sing loudly for hours together as he drummed on the table, and sometimes he insisted on dancing with Louisa and the children.

  11. He drummed on the door and shouted at the top of his voice.

  12. True, disputes with Tories sometimes led to blows, and mayhap some Albany watchman's Dutch noddle needed vinegar to soothe the flamms drummed upon it by a stout stick or ramrod resembling mine.

  13. As Mr. Slosson had failed to notice the competition of his drumming, he drummed still louder.

  14. And as Mr. Slosson continued to drum on the table and to look out of the window, Edward Henry also drummed on the table and looked out of the window.

  15. When Edward Henry had finished the old man drummed on an enormous table, and said: "Yes, yes.

  16. By way of reply the officer stooped and drummed a loud alarm on the sidewalk with his night-stick.

  17. His fat pink fingers drummed uneasily on the cloth for a few moments.

  18. To show his indifference he drummed with his knobby knuckles on the table and stared at the coffee-pot.

  19. Detective-Inspector Waverley sat down and drummed nervously on his knees with the fingers of his left hand.

  20. Sir Hilary Thornton drummed on his desk with his right hand.

  21. Gavrila looked at Kapiton, and drummed with his fingers on the window-frame.

  22. Maria Nikolaevna looked at him and drummed with her fingers on the table.

  23. Chambers drummed idly on the arm of his chair, thinking.

  24. Craven drummed his fingers idly on the arm of his chair.

  25. The heavy drops drummed red and slow, The drops ran down as slow as fate-- Do ye hear them still?

  26. He sucked in his cheeks and drummed on the edge of the shaft, where the water sounded all hollow.

  27. Well, anyhow, they always drummed on their chests, like Sir Richard's did, before they went for people.

  28. She turned from him and drummed angrily with her fingers upon the table.

  29. He went to a window and drummed with his fingers on the glass.

  30. In a deep dene behind me an eddy of sudden wind drummed through sheltered oaks, and spun aloft the first day sample of autumn leaves.

  31. Fortunately the storming-artists had drummed all day long for fun and ennui more vigorously than they did afterwards in earnest and for love.

  32. To eating, to sleeping and to waking, they were, like the pit of a village player, drummed together.

  33. He cast a quick glance at the father, went to the window and drummed with his fingers on the glass.

  34. The proprietor drummed with his fingers on the table.

  35. Margaret drummed with her foot on the fender, but made no reply.

  36. Frank knit his brows darkly and drummed on his knees.

  37. The count walked to the window, looked out into the dark night, and drummed on the pane in some embarrassment.

  38. Braesig, rubbing his eyes, and he went back to the window, and drummed the Dessauer, for he was the only one who was not surprised at this announcement.

  39. I did not understand, it is true, the words which he spoke, but as he constantly drummed while speaking, I knew what he meant.

  40. I not owe to the French drummer who was so long quartered in our house, who looked like a devil, and yet had the good heart of an angel, and withal drummed so divinely!

  41. For instance, if I knew not what the word liberté meant, he drummed the Marseillaise--and I understood him.

  42. Monsieur Le Grand drummed so that my own eardrum nearly burst.

  43. With a wild audacity I sat down in the very chair which it had occupied, and drummed my fingers on the writing-table.

  44. Miss Crabb dared not confess that she desired a sketch of the old man for the newspaper syndicate, so she merely drummed on her front teeth with her pencil.

  45. There was a silence during which Miss Crabb thoughtfully drummed on her projecting front teeth with the end of her pencil.

  46. The skins are then drummed or paddled in, or brushed with, dye-wood liquids which have been carefully strained.

  47. The leather is afterwards drummed in warm water and finely cleansed in an alkaline solution, potash, soda, or borax, chiefly the first named, being used for this purpose.

  48. After being dehaired, puered and drenched, the skins are drummed in a solution of formaldehyde and soda.

  49. The Minister drummed impatiently on his desk with his five fingers, and looked at Turner sideways beneath his brows.

  50. His fingers drummed on a stack of black $100 chips, twenty at least.

  51. A lot of people have never drummed before, and they always have a good time.

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