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Example sentences for "drummer"

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  1. The drummer precipitated himself violently over the knees of the ladies into the road below, and held his hands high above him.

  2. The drummer reached eagerly for his waistcoat.

  3. An exclamation from Hunk Smith, opportunely uttered, saved the drummer from what was apparently instant annihilation.

  4. The voice of the drummer could instantly be heard calling loudly from the darkness of the stage: "Don't open those flaps.

  5. A number of soldiers and drummer boys were out hunting for him, contritely enough, when the situation was explained by the angry sergeant.

  6. Then a drummer boy was tied to a rope and let down to the ledge to fetch him up.

  7. He had been imprisoned by drummer boys and young recruits in the gymnasium, detained in the hospital, captured in the canteen.

  8. When the confusion had subsided, all that could be discovered of my band was the drum-major in front and the bass-drummer in the rear rank.

  9. We had "reported for duty," though, and the drummer and I stayed till the reception was over.

  10. God's Book the key unto his grave; They wrote upon a simple board these words, "This is a guide, To those who mourn the drummer boy who prayed before he died.

  11. For gathered 'round, a little group, each brave man knelt and cried-- They listened to the drummer boy who prayed before he died.

  12. Captain Erskine, in particular, was deeply pained, and would have given any thing to recall the harsh language he had used towards the supposed idle and inattentive drummer boy.

  13. A low murmur, expressive of the opinion generally entertained, passed gradually from rear to front, until it at length reached the ears of the delicate drummer boy who marched behind the coffin.

  14. Smith rode the mule with the beef strung across in front, and the drummer and I followed on with the liver and tongue.

  15. As it was, a piece hit a drummer boy, and he lies here on the ground apparently breathing his last.

  16. Giving the drummer the liver and tongue, we started, hoping the wagon would pick us up on its way back.

  17. We divided up into squads, Smith Darling, the drummer boy, and myself of Company B making one, and each hunting on our own hook.

  18. Expecting the colonel back any time, and wishing to show him what good housekeepers we are, we got the drummer boys at work to sweep out the quarters and slick up the whole camp.

  19. We had overestimated our capacity, and had enough left for the cooks and drummer boys.

  20. I for one was glad the drummer made a mistake and routed us out at five o'clock instead of six, as his orders were.

  21. The fifer and drummer pass along in front and back again when the colonel puts us through the manual of arms.

  22. Who has not heard the story of the drummer boy of Gettysburg?

  23. But one day when I was out in town I saw a drummer who had sold goods to the store on our plantation, for many years.

  24. I was there about four months and was beginning to lose my fear when one day I saw the same drummer again.

  25. And the drummer took his sticks and beat a tattoo, there by the edge of the reef; and the music of it was like a rolling chariot.

  26. So the trumpeter went down the line; and when he had finished, the drummer took it up, hailing the dead Marines in their order.

  27. Drummer John Christian, I'll have to get you a new pair of sticks.

  28. When no more came, the drummer stopped playing, and said, 'Call the roll.

  29. By the gate the drummer halted, and began his tattoo again, looking out toward the darkness over the sea.

  30. When all were hailed, the drummer stepped back to his mound, and called: "'It is well.

  31. But if you like, I'll shut down the lock again upon a holy word that no one but me shall know, and neither drummer nor trumpeter, dead or alive, shall frighten the secret out of me.

  32. The drummer stood upon a little knoll just inside the gate, and beside him the tall trumpeter, with hand on hip, watching them gather; and behind them both my father, clinging to the gate.

  33. And that was very well done, drummer of the Marines.

  34. Simpson shuddered, recalling the pock-marked drummer on the Arequipa.

  35. This most unaccountable preference we are certain must be matter of deep regret to all our readers of sensibility;--to the drummer it is matter of exultation.

  36. We are happy in noticing this line, and indeed the whole of the passage, on another account, as it establishes the orthodoxy of the drummer upon so firm a basis, that DR.

  37. The dying drummer then proceeds to describe the Marquis's well-known vision, which he prefaces by a compliment on his Lordship's extraordinary proficiency in the art of lace-making.

  38. Did the drummer give the show away on board?

  39. It has made the daughter of Ursula the chaste take up with the base-drummer of a wild-beast show.

  40. The drummer did not reflect long; he sprang into the midst of the flames, but they did not hurt him, and could not even singe a hair of his head.

  41. The drummer laid hold of the button, which was as large as a dish, held on by it, and looked merrily around.

  42. The giant lifted him up, and the drummer began to beat his drum up aloft to his heart's delight.

  43. Both put themselves into a trot; but hardly had they gone a couple of steps before the drummer swung himself on the saddle, wished himself on the glass-mountain, and before any one could turn round, he was there.

  44. In the twinkling of an eye they were there, but the drummer said, "I will just go to my parents and tell them the news, wait for me outside here, I shall soon be back.

  45. After a while, a second giant was standing in the road, who took the drummer from the first, and stuck him in his button-hole.

  46. And now the poor drummer was standing before the mountain, which was as high as if three mountains were piled on each other, and at the same time as smooth as a looking-glass, and did not know how to get up it.

  47. But it was all in vain, the drummer did not awake, and when morning dawned, the King's daughter was forced to go back again as she came.

  48. She would not stay any longer on the glass-mountain, so the drummer said to her, "Seat thyself by me on my saddle, and then we will fly down like birds.

  49. The drummer did not need to be told that twice.

  50. The Drummer A young drummer went out quite alone one evening into the country, and came to a lake on the shore of which he perceived three pieces of white linen lying.

  51. When the drummer awoke, he saw with amazement that all was done.

  52. By daybreak the drummer arose, buckled on his drum, and went without fear straight into the forest.

  53. The drummer demanded to be put on the summit of the glass-mountain, but the giant shook his head, growled something in his beard, and went back into the forest.

  54. When us had stoppéd up that leak A French ship us spied comin’, The Master orders all to fight And the drummer to be drummin’.

  55. Though not a skilled drummer, his performance greatly delighted the owner of the drum, and he rushed off to an acquaintance, a gentleman, to announce that among the English prisoners was the first drummer in the world.

  56. The more zealous the chorus is in its efforts to make an agreeable impression on their sovereign, and the louder the voice is raised for this object, the more that irritable old drummer seems anxious to defeat their sycophantic purposes.

  57. The aforesaid drummer is now giving the drum considerable ill usage, and then for the first time, you observe that he has two of them which he appears to beat alternately.

  58. The drummer partridge--the male of the species is very fussy and particular about his drumming log.

  59. Bige and I were wakened early every morning by the old drummer announcing with his tattoo that it was time to get up.

  60. I now recognized my old friend the ruffed grouse or drummer partridge on his drumming log.

  61. Defeat after defeat now began to tell upon the French, and from the great conqueror down to the drummer crept a secret feeling of distrust.

  62. It came on to rain in torrents, while the wind blew a perfect hurricane; and all, from the Commanders down to the Drummer Boys, had to stand and take it as it came.

  63. No doubt he was an insignificant drummer enough, but his music afforded us a prime and leisure hour, and we felt that we were in season wholly.

  64. Fear not, thou drummer of the night, we too will be there.

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