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Example sentences for "disadvantageous"

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disabuse; disabused; disaccord; disadvantage; disadvantaged; disadvantageously; disadvantages; disaffected; disaffection; disaggregation
  1. Home felt himself more competent to inquire into the mechanism by which the common fly is enabled, with so much facility, to support itself in still more disadvantageous situations.

  2. Why these failures prove less disadvantageous than might be feared 27 35.

  3. Politically we should, I think, find it most disadvantageous to have even the appearance of being on bad terms with France.

  4. For instance, privileges which might be safely granted to the Italian merchant navy might, if granted to Great Britain, produce a competition between English and French shipping very disadvantageous to France.

  5. A little while ago you did me a favour, and it would be a satisfaction to me to testify my appreciation of your courtesy as soon as possible, but I think your projected alteration of the railway very disadvantageous for the country.

  6. Vendome arranged his army in order of battle in a tolerably open plain, but embarrassed by little knolls in several places; very disadvantageous for the cavalry.

  7. Vendome, on his side, wrote to the King, and tried to persuade him that the battle had not been disadvantageous to us.

  8. It was his established principle never to sign a disadvantageous peace.

  9. The officers complained more loudly than the soldiers, because the comparison was proportionately more disadvantageous to them.

  10. Among the restraints imposed by the Union of the Netherlands on its members, one is, that they shall not establish imposts disadvantageous to their neighbors, without the general permission.

  11. That is to say the peace was highly disadvantageous to Ferrara.

  12. Titus Flamininus and his friends attacked him, and prevailed upon the Senate to annul the contracts which he had made for the building of temples and the construction of public works, on the ground that they were disadvantageous to the state.

  13. He quietly and steadily changed his front, manœuvred his army out of its disadvantageous position, attacked the enemy, and completely routed them.

  14. But in such cases the prohibition was only too often due to the fact that some particular war was disadvantageous to the interests of the Church.

  15. At first the leading men of the society may have prohibited certain acts because they found them disadvantageous to themselves, or to those with whom they particularly sympathised.

  16. Of this double Monopoly one part is disadvantageous to the people at home, the other to forraigners.

  17. It is possible that even under these disadvantageous circumstances he might in fair fight have been victorious, for the Lydian cavalry were at this time excellent, and decidedly superior to the Persian.

  18. The longest interval I have known has been three-quarters of an hour, and then the poison was administered under most disadvantageous circumstances.

  19. In the case where poison was administered under disadvantageous circumstances it was kneaded up into a hard mass of bread.

  20. By fabricating reports disadvantageous to my welfare, and by using indirect influence in certain quarters, I have been made to suffer a considerable pecuniary loss; but I hope in exchange that I have gained better things.

  21. It is much less disadvantageous in times of great commotion, when all business is brought to a stand still, to extend the time in which bills of exchange etc.

  22. It flatters the consciousness of one's own powers, and affords, too, the ground-work of a comparison nowise disadvantageous to what one believes of his own capabilities.

  23. Madame Bertin having brought a wreath for the head and neck, composed of roses, the Queen feared that the brightness of the flowers might be disadvantageous to her complexion.

  24. Nothing could be more innocent than these parties; yet Paris, France, nay, all Europe, were soon canvassing them in a manner most disadvantageous to the reputation of Marie Antoinette.

  25. Charles did not wish to bring Spain into the war, but it was clear that an overwhelming defeat for France would be almost equally disadvantageous to Spain, who might expect to receive the next shock from the English arms.

  26. Disadvantageous Aggregate Result of the First Year of the War Thus the severe first year of the war came to an end, leaving behind it, both in a military and political point of view, sorrowful memories and dubious prospects.

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