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Example sentences for "disaggregation"

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  1. Control over individual material molecules; resulting in abrogation of ordinary thermal laws, and in aggregation and disaggregation of matter.

  2. The discovery of the radioactive bodies has, in some sort, rendered popular the speculations of physicists on the phenomena of the disaggregation of matter.

  3. We here doubtless meet with the phenomena of disaggregation undergone by metals at a red heat.

  4. The essential point of spiritism is indeed, we believe, the disaggregation of psychological phenomena, and the formation beyond the personal perception of a second series of thoughts detached from the first.

  5. But can we consider the case as one of veritable disaggregation where the hand, withdrawn from normal consciousness, appears to dispose of a greater mass of souvenirs than the normal consciousness does?

  6. It is in unconscious or involuntary frauds, that the psychological disaggregation of the medium which Janet has studied, is best observed.

  7. Janet's disaggregation is but the weakening of the sentiment of the conscious and voluntary personal activity, of what I called the sentiment of the personal participation in intercurrent psychological phenomena.

  8. But when the explosion does take place its power of disaggregation is such--I repeat--that it may be regarded as unlimited.

  9. The pickaxes hardly made any impression on the rock, but its disaggregation was effected with really remarkable facility by means of the fulgurator.

  10. This progressive disaggregation finally descended to the people, but was not commenced by the people.

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