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Example sentences for "impracticable"

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  1. Lastly, as to the tardiness of the administration of justice with us, it would be equally tedious and impracticable for me to give a precise account of it in every State.

  2. The Roads thro the Country are so blockd up by incessant & heavy Snows, that it has been impracticable for the Members to attend.

  3. The road looked down a declivity of some 200 feet, and was worn in places into a perfect staircase of boulders by successive torrents of tropical rain, and would be quite impracticable for any other species of vehicle than a Cape waggon.

  4. He passed a statute which, by allowing them to entail their estates, made it impracticable to diminish the property of the great families, and left them every means of increase and acquisition.

  5. Philip assented to this counsel; but the former precipitation of his march, and the impatience of the French nobility, made it impracticable for him to put it in execution.

  6. It is plainly impracticable to make any use of her in the next six months, except in harbor service, and we hardly need her for that," continued the commander.

  7. I believe the discomfort and exposure of the trip render it impracticable at the present time and at the present season.

  8. In my judgment it will be found impracticable in the present condition of the currency to make such a discrimination.

  9. It has been found difficult or impracticable to obtain this proof, from the want of guides to the proper sources of information.

  10. As to the second article, I think it would be impracticable to return to bondage the class of persons therein contemplated.

  11. Spite of some of the difficulties which would at once present themselves, we believe that there is little impracticable about it, and little that might not be surmounted.

  12. Hundreds of references are available and obviously it is impracticable to include such a list.

  13. That the last of the Stuarts had any other object in his impolitic manoeuvres, than an impracticable scheme to blend the two churches, there is now authority to disbelieve.

  14. And to put on a countenance of respectful candour while they are developing their exploded or their impracticable systems.

  15. Of course such a system of grading as I have described would have been impracticable applied to the small industrial concerns of your day, in some of which there were hardly enough employees to have left one apiece for the classes.

  16. Thus it came about that, thanks to the corporations themselves, when it was proposed that the nation should assume their functions, the suggestion implied nothing which seemed impracticable even to the timid.

  17. I determined to keep out from the river, along which it was nearly impracticable to travel with animals, until it should form a valley.

  18. An Indian was hired to conduct us through the ford, which proved impracticable for us, the water sweeping away the howitzer and nearly drowning the mules, which we were obliged to extricate by cutting them out of the harness.

  19. The road across the country, which would otherwise be very good, is rendered impracticable for wagons by these streams.

  20. The trail wound along the base of these precipices, against which the water dashed below, by a way nearly impracticable for the howitzer.

  21. The principal stream still running through an impracticable canon, we ascended a very steep hill, which proved afterwards the last and fatal obstacle to our little howitzer, which was finally abandoned at this place.

  22. The streams, which, in the upper part of their course, ran through grassy and open hollows, after a few miles all descended into deep and impracticable canons, through which they found their way to the Arkansas valley.

  23. Between the river and the distant Salmon river range, the plain is represented by Mr. Fitzpatrick as so entirely broken up and rent into chasms as to be impracticable for a man even on foot.

  24. Dunning belonged to a school that mingles a good deal of speculative and impracticable theory with a great deal of sound and just principles; but who render themselves useless because they will admit of no compromises.

  25. We are of opinion they can; and as much condemn him who vainly contends for a visionary and impracticable social equality, as we do him who would deny to men equal opportunities for advancement.

  26. Everything of the sort was cheap enough, to be sure, but absolute want of means rendered the smallest charge impracticable to persons in our situation.

  27. Besides, the passes of the Alps, which are difficult and laborious at any time, are utterly impracticable except in the months of July and August.

  28. We therefore did not experience so much inconvenience with regard to the supply of this necessary element as from the absence of sufficient grass, and the all but impracticable nature of the mud plains.

  29. The defenders, strongly intrenched and protected by powerful batteries, opposed the most formidable resistance, and, as the ground was broken and impracticable for cavalry, many of the attacking columns suffered severely.

  30. The country from this to Mayence was then nearly impracticable for large armies.

  31. For the working of the system in the occupied lands, Laffite the banker told Savary it was a grand idea, but impracticable (Savary, tome v.

  32. The Continental system was worthy only of the ages of ignorance and barbarism, and had it been admissible in theory, was impracticable in application.

  33. To obviate the difficulty of communication between Metz and Mayence a magnificent road was made, as if by magic, across impracticable marshes and vast forests.

  34. He had signed the preliminaries only because the Government had represented the co-operation of the armies of the Rhine as impracticable at that moment, and shortly afterwards he was informed that the co-operation was about to take place!

  35. He often expressed regret at not receiving news from France; for correspondence was rendered impracticable by the numerous English and Turkish cruisers.

  36. Ney and Macdonald vainly endeavoured to undeceive him respecting this impracticable design.

  37. The Spanish cavalry was brought at once to a stand; the ground proving impracticable for it, it was dismounted, and led to the charge by its officers on foot.

  38. After a little reflection, my two attendants did not seem to think my enterprise quite so impracticable as they had at first imagined it.

  39. When Grattan extorted from England's weakness the unworkable and impracticable constitution of 1782, the danger which had always been present became immensely increased.

  40. Therefore, the remedy which Mr. Childers thought impracticable in 1896 will become eminently practicable with a Tariff Reform Ministry in power.

  41. Such a course is impracticable if you wish to preserve peace.

  42. This I always opposed, because I considered it an impracticable means of maintaining peace.

  43. The party was prevented from visiting a Stone Indian encampment by a heavy fall of snow, which made it impracticable to go and return the same day.

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