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Example sentences for "impolitic"

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imply; implying; impolicy; impolite; impoliteness; imponderable; import; importable; importance; important
  1. Besides, it is exceedingly unwise and impolitic in you, or any other persons in the English service, to promote or even encourage, or wink at the crime of forgery, in any case whatever.

  2. On the Jacobinism of the English at sea, was written when the English made their insolent and impolitic expedition to Denmark, and is also an auxiliary to the politic of No.

  3. It has never been the custom of France and England when at war, to make those havocs on each other, because the ease with which they could retaliate rendered it as impolitic as if each had destroyed his own.

  4. Thus much for your savage and impolitic threat.

  5. Imputations of this kind are as impolitic as they are unfair.

  6. Nor could it furnish matter of legislation, they added, whilst president Jackson remained in office, unless he should, by being elected for a second term, give his sanction to a principle which he had pronounced impolitic and dangerous.

  7. The people of property would be sure to be on the side of the plan, and it was impolitic to purchase their further attachment with the loss of the opposite class of Citizens.

  8. It was impolitic also to excite the opposition of all those who were friends to paper money.

  9. Your native generosity and greatness of mind endanger you: all your friends, by fighting against him with impolitic violence, fight for him.

  10. How impolitic in them all, to join two people in one interest, whom they wish for ever to keep asunder!

  11. Resolved, That this House receive with painful sensibility information that one of the Southern States, by a repeal of certain prohibitory laws, have permitted a traffic unjust in its nature, and highly impolitic in free Governments.

  12. Whereas, it appears to be highly impolitic to import negroes from Africa, or other places beyond seas," etc.

  13. Both laws were evident violations of natural liberty, and therefore unjust; and they were both, too, as impolitic as they were unjust.

  14. No wonder that Victor Emmanuel’s best friends condemned such an impolitic and ridiculous proceeding.

  15. Persecution is impolitic no less than it is cruel and immoral.

  16. Instead of permitting any such impolitic measures (as e.

  17. As Hamilton wisely and nobly urged, the breach was not only a despicable perfidy, but an impolitic act, since Loyalists might become good citizens and the state needed nothing more urgently than population.

  18. The whole course of the government he disapproved of he had been ready to cross the ocean to remonstrate for the Colony, against the impolitic treatment.

  19. After his release, the old feud with Ormond broke out anew--a most impolitic quarrel, as that Earl was not only personally a favourite with the Queen, but was also nearly connected with her in blood through the Boleyns.

  20. Nothing could be more natural than that the members of the same persecuted church should make common cause, but nothing could be more impolitic than some of the demands made in the English memorial.

  21. Did the impolitic expulsion of the Jews and Moors from her territory lead to it?

  22. Most certainly there was never any public recommendation of Kleon, as far as our information goes, so ruinously impolitic as this alliance with Sparta and surrender of the captives, wherein both Nikias and Alkibiadês concurred.

  23. If we look back, your only remedies for the disorders of Ireland have been an impolitic state prosecution, an unfair state trial, barracks and soldiers.

  24. This impolitic act of Stephen was attended by consequences which show the extraordinary power possessed by the clergy over the rude and licentious men of that age.

  25. The political enemies of Henry exerted themselves to turn this impolitic measure to their own advantage, by exciting the son to rebellion against the father, who was now called the elder king.

  26. Such were the miserable fruits of all the human blood and lives expended, and all the miseries inflicted in these unjust and impolitic wars of more than forty years' duration.

  27. They also designated the expedition as unnecessary and impolitic while affairs in Scotland remained in such a critical position.

  28. At this distance of time it seems equally impolitic and ungenerous in the Scots to make this attack.

  29. They evidently placed extreme confidence in us, and therefore it would have been as unjust as impolitic to attempt an examination of its contents, or to ascertain what had been done with the body.

  30. That these Indians should be received so coolly, may seem to have been impolitic on our side, when it is considered that our smaller vessels and boats might be met with, and their crews ill-treated by way of retaliation.

  31. This circumstance shows how miserably and peculiarly impolitic it has been in Ireland to tie down the body of the tenantry to short and unprofitable tenures.

  32. They were therefore in the practice, in conversation, of espousing sentiments of arbitrary power, which were equally impolitic and unbecoming.

  33. In addition to these impolitic acts of a short-lived power, proclamations were made by the Town Crier, levying the excise duties; and a demand of one hundred pounds was made upon the post-office.

  34. What I wrote about Gibraltar arrived after the subject, as I understand, was canvassed, and when it of course must have appeared impolitic eagerly and immediately to revive it.

  35. It is the opinion of the Department, that it will be impolitic to take these negroes West, and that they should be otherwise disposed of.

  36. To supply this defect, the resource of vexatious and impolitic jobbing at home, if anything, is rather increased than lessened.

  37. It was the impolitic abolition of their discipline, which exposed them to the wild opinions and conduct that have prevailed amongst the Huguenots.

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