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buta; butan; butante; butantes; butcher; butcheries; butchering; butchers; butchery; buterne
  1. Butchered to make a Roman holyday" has grown monotonous to me.

  2. For I have written about the Coliseum, and the gladiators, the martyrs, and the lions, and yet have never once used the phrase "butchered to make a Roman holiday.

  3. Butchered to make a Roman holiday sounds well for the first seventeen or eighteen hundred thousand times one sees it in print, but after that it begins to grow tiresome.

  4. She was carried under the arms to where a pile of bodies had accumulated, and, in a moment made ready, was butchered in the technical sense of the term.

  5. He proceeded to the Hotel de Ville,--and was butchered on the stairs by a band of insurgents.

  6. He also was butchered for the new faith, of which I do not yet rightly understand whether it is the genuine worship of God, or a hellish sacrifice.

  7. It was you who captured the hyaena who butchered my children for me,' cried the bishop with horrible joy.

  8. King; there are the murderers who have butchered our countrymen!

  9. While Gourgues was sailing towards Florida, Menendez was in Spain, high in favor at court, where he told to approving ears how he had butchered the heretics.

  10. With respect to the stock, his excellency directed, that no hogs under three months old should be killed, nor were any to be butchered without information being first given at headquarters.

  11. When some of Yaghi-Sian's spies were taken, Bohemond had them butchered and cooked, to spread the tale in Antioch that the Christians ate their captives, and that those who came after be discouraged.

  12. Maledicte, I perish--I die a martyr, butchered by paynims!

  13. But after that ride from Aleppo he would sooner have butchered Herbert.

  14. It is estimated that more than two hundred persons were butchered outright, and one hundred and twenty were carried off as prisoners and reserved for a fate worse than death.

  15. This act of treachery the savage monster quickly followed up with a lightning raid into Natal, during which over 600 Boers, men, women and children, were butchered with fiendish barbarity.

  16. Thus the town was utterly destroyed, and citizen and soldier alike were butchered in the streets.

  17. This camp of friendly Indians was surprised at daybreak, and men, women, and children were butchered in cold blood.

  18. That under general Lincoln, after having been duped and butchered at Savannah, was at last completely trapped at Charleston.

  19. For how could we, who had seen one fine army butchered at Savannah, and another captured at Charleston, have borne up under the dreadful prospect of having this gallant armament also destroyed in a few days!

  20. As soon as one was named he rose and took the head of some animal that had been butchered for the feast.

  21. The Gauls, who had taken little or no part in the strife of the day, were then surrounded, and butchered almost without resistance.

  22. The monasteries were destroyed, the monks butchered or dispersed, their libraries burnt; and thus the only seats of erudition in those ages were totally subverted.

  23. She knew that the then Earl of Desmond had escaped almost by miracle from the island with his younger brother John, when the rest of the noble stock had been butchered at Tyburn.

  24. And if you will, you may claim your rights against me and butcher me as you butchered him.

  25. Many a frightful scene was witnessed by the terrified Wallachian peasant, as fugitive after fugitive was overtaken, struck down and butchered by the dread pursuers.

  26. He butchered and peddled meat and had a shop too.

  27. Successful Negroes in Little Rock "They had three Negro aldermen in this city: one of them was Green Thompson; but the Negroes butchered him.

  28. His wife became insane at the sight of her butchered and dying husband, thrown into the door by these brutal wretches, and was, in that condition, taken to her brother in Michigan.

  29. Brave as he might be, he saw no good in allowing himself to be butchered by those infuriated men, and resolved to keep out of their way.

  30. The nation was involved in it, and could not recede without exposing many innocent persons to be butchered by the enemy.

  31. Mother, father, sister--you have butchered all; and now you are going to condemn my brothers.

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