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Example sentences for "butchers"

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butantes; butcher; butchered; butcheries; butchering; butchery; buterne; buti; butiful; butler
  1. The butchers at Poitiers had to undergo a physical and moral examination to make sure that they were neither scrofulous, nor scurfy, nor foul of breath, and that they were not under excommunication.

  2. From the sixteenth century, the butchers in Paris, Poitiers, and other places quite frankly decreed that mastership was to be hereditary among them.

  3. At Angers the head of the guild only created new master butchers every seven years, and even then it was necessary to obtain the consent of the other masters.

  4. A stick crooked like a horse's hind leg; -- used by butchers in suspending slaughtered animals.

  5. The butchers answered that they must see the woman first, and they all returned together.

  6. The daughter-in-law asked no more questions, but left the house, and went in haste to some butchers in the next street.

  7. Then the butchers took the woman and told her they must kill her.

  8. Oh, your mother complained one day that her head was aching, so I got in two butchers and they agreed to take her.

  9. When other butchers did open their meat, Bold Robin got gold and fee, For he sold more meat for one penny Than others did sell for three.

  10. Which made the butchers of Nottingham To study as they did stand, Saying, "Surely he is some prodigal That has sold his father's land.

  11. It is considered by butchers the finest steak, which they frequently reserve for themselves.

  12. The benefit of this guarantee was claimed by the butchers of New Orleans, in contending against a monopoly in respect of the slaughter of cattle granted by the state of Louisiana to a single corporation.

  13. Butchers have palmed off upon their customers imported fresh meat as home-grown, and secured a dishonest profit by charging for it the prices of the latter, which are considerably in excess of those of the imported product.

  14. Butchers will be compelled to reform their ways, and cease to wag their chops about the steaks being so dear on account of the cattle disease.

  15. And butchers selling meat that has died of the scarlatina, will be compelled to live upon bullocks’ liver and sawdust for the space of three months.

  16. The butchers now are gone to pot, Crying, oh!

  17. Subsequently, under the reign of Nero, which seemed at the beginning to promise the most brilliant prospect, the principal market for butchers became an edifice equal in magnificence to the Baths, the Circus, and Amphitheatres.

  18. Nothing among the Greeks indicates that they had butchers in the heroic ages.

  19. XV-65] The Roman butchers sold both fresh and salt meat, like our own of the present day.

  20. The numerous regulations concerning the butchers in France during the 14th century rendered it difficult to carry on the trade:-- Prohibition to buy cattle except in the markets.

  21. Toward noon there was a rest and these butchers fed us upon biscuit and preserved fruits, giving each a draught of eau de vie.

  22. The story got abroad that German butchers had been enlisted for the Union army, and, as usual, it was magnified with each repetition until it seemed that every man who wore the national uniform was a professional spiller of blood.

  23. General Lyon's butchers were as well behaved as the most fastidious commander could desire; they were good soldiers, obedient to their commander, and would not harm a fly except in the performance of their legitimate duty.

  24. But since the rise of the cattle-slaughtering industry the cultivator has put his religious scruples in his pocket, and sells his old and worn-out animals to the butchers for a respectable sum.

  25. Similarly, the Kasais or Muhammadan butchers are proverbially strong and lusty.

  26. It was against women and babes that this army of butchers chiefly directed their fury.

  27. Now a band of butchers joined it, each bearing a pike, on which was stuck the bleeding heart of a calf, with the words, Coeur d'aristocrate.

  28. Barbaroux, impetuous as he was, did not justify the butchers of Avignon; but detested the victims.

  29. We are not butchers as ye would have been.

  30. There are four butchers in the town, noble lady, who deliver all the messages for three or four leagues round.

  31. They may be butchers and murderers, but they aren't anybody's fools.

  32. And--and there were the aerial butchers waiting for the Wellington the instant it came prop-clawing out into clear air.

  33. There is a sort of elder which has hardly any pith; this makes exceeding stout fences, and the timber very useful for cogs of mills, butchers skewers, and such tough employments.

  34. Down with your marrow-bones and cleavers all, And on your marrow-bones ye butchers fall!

  35. They deplored the tyranny, but they bought the cut-rate meat--the old butchers fought to a finish, and the housekeepers are now paying higher prices for poorer meat and railing at the impotency of man in breaking up the Beef Trust!

  36. The war on the old-time butchers of the village was open.

  37. A group of butchers and half-drunken mechanics, headed by a tall carpenter, stood nearest the altar, and frequently interrupted the monk with scoffs and threats.

  38. East Street, towards the quarter where all the butchers of the place had their dwellings, and where some murmurs against the treaty had also been heard.

  39. The piece of wood or iron used by butchers for extending or hanging a carcase (A.

  40. The butchers doe make skewers of it,--because it doth not taint the meate as other wood will doe: from whence it hath the name of prick-timber.

  41. Further, in the time of Edmund, the butchers of the same town used to give nothing to any man for exercising their trade, but in the time of Thomas they were compelled to give 10s.

  42. Further, they present that John Hindercle, William Pourche, are butchers and forestallers of victuals, against the Statute.

  43. The gild of butchers whereof William Lafeite is alderman owes 1 mark.

  44. Harlots in dirty silk gowns join the contingent from studios, garrets, and robbers' dens, and gangs of ragpickers unite with butchers from the slaughter-houses.

  45. The Regiments in Germany who kept their Butchers in Winter, and made Stoppages of the Mens Pay, and obliged them to take a certain Quantity of Meat daily, were much more healthy than those who used no Precaution of this Kind.

  46. Chapter 17 The Fight in the Cave of the Moon Butchers I do not know how far we clambered before we came to the grating.

  47. But these butchers up the cavern had been surprised, they were probably scared, and they had no special weapons, only those little hatchets of theirs.

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