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Example sentences for "detested"

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detest; detestable; detestably; detestation; deteste; detesting; detests; deth; dethe; dethrone
  1. Here, again, the providence of God watching over His Church was manifested in a striking manner.

  2. Naples effaced the memory of the benefits he had conferred, and he died detested by the people.

  3. Saxony, too, which was devoted to Lutheranism and detested the Calvinist tendencies of Frederick, fearing that a victory for him might mean a victory for Calvinism, ranged itself under the banner of the Emperor.

  4. He assured them that ‘General Bonaparte detested luxury and splendour, the miserable ambition of vulgar souls, and he loved the poems of Ossian particularly, because they detach us from the earth.

  5. He detested and scorned these royal personages, who so blandly patronized him, or were sometimes so rough in their condescending familiarity.

  6. Thiers, throughout his whole career, devoted his brilliant gifts to the promotion of that spirit of narrow national vainglory which of late years has made France dreaded and detested in Germany.

  7. Gifts such as these have won her the almost unrivalled place which she holds in living literature, and she has conquered at last even the public opinion which once detested and proscribed her.

  8. I do not mind roughing it in the roughest way possible, but I have always detested pretentious efforts at civilization of an inferior kind.

  9. A bitter enemy of all foreigners, especially Englishmen, the Governor was detested by everybody, and was at open war with the Commandante of the Federal troops in the town.

  10. From time to time the prelate cast an uneasy glance at Chram, because, though he sufficiently detested Chram, he was well aware that Chram detested him still more.

  11. It may be, of course, that I lay undue stress upon the painful or unpleasant features of our life at the Orphanage, because I was unhappy there, and detested the place.

  12. Before, I had loathed and detested the slums of London, and the vicious, ugly squalor of the lives of many of their inhabitants; hated them with the bitterness of one who has been made to feel their poison in his own veins.

  13. As companions, co-equals, fellow-humans, I believe this curious man absolutely detested women.

  14. And with it all, having said that I detested the place and was unhappy during all my time there, how is it I cannot leave the matter at that?

  15. It was ill-bred and stupid; and of all things in the world, the novelist from Alabama detested ill-breeding and stupidity most.

  16. He detested her just in proportion as he had liked her half an hour ago.

  17. Jordan detested Mrs. William, but she was a power to be reckoned with, all the same.

  18. He detested Emmeline Strong, and always did.

  19. How I would have detested it if he had given me something sensible and useful and ugly--as Aunt Emilia would have done.

  20. And so the purple dress was passed on to Pin, who detested it with equal heartiness, but, living under Mother's eye, had not the spirit to fight against it.

  21. As enthusiastic political economists, they were equally detested by sentimental Radicals, Socialists, and by all who desired a strong government, whether for the suppression of social evils or the maintenance of social abuses.

  22. How different are you in this detested court of finesse, from the free-hearted, independent De Montemar, who won my soul on his unbondaged native mountains!

  23. Routemberg detested Ripperda; and gave such efficient credence to every representation, that he beset the Emperor night and day, till he brought him to accord with all his new views.

  24. The French Puritans, in fact, extremely detested the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

  25. To Knox the mass is the symbol of all that he justly detested in the degraded Church as she then was in Scotland, "that horrible harlot with her filthiness.

  26. He was an agent of the English administration, then engaged in forcing a detested religion on the majority of the English people.

  27. They had no chance if they openly rose in arms; their only hope was in the death of Mary Tudor and the succession of Elizabeth--itself a poor hope in the eyes of Knox, who detested the idea of a female monarch.

  28. Had he known them, he could not have so denied and detested them.

  29. He implores them not to be led into heresy by love of popularity or of wealth; neither of which advantages the preachers enjoyed, for they were detested by loose livers, and were nearly starved.

  30. Sir Walter had never been pitied in his life, and detested the experience.

  31. But he despaired of the detective from that moment, and proposed to himself a future assault on such detested modern opinions when opportunity occurred.

  32. But here was a man of family and fortune, a judge on the bench, high in the counsels of the Episcopal Church, who set forth the detested doctrines with judicial moderation and unanswerable logic.

  33. Had she not known Danby she would have detested those eyes as holding what a bad man might reciprocate and a good woman resent; discovering to the one too much knowledge, to the other the nearness of evil.

  34. He detested palaver, and Danby could only be there to say something personal.

  35. If there were one kind of weather that Scilla detested more than another it was fog.

  36. Berenger could not bear to leave his wife near the Duke of Anjou and Narcisse, and he offered himself to the King as an actor in the masque, much as he detested all he heard of its subject.

  37. On his way he again passed the detested Maywood.

  38. It seemed to him as if her eyes were turned in the direction of the handsome young recruit--that detested Maywood.

  39. Once or twice, when he had been drinking, he had made overtures to her, and she detested him.

  40. I come, said she, into thy detested presence, because I cannot help it.

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