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Example sentences for "fumbled"

Lexicographically close words:
fulva; fulvous; fumaric; fumaroles; fumble; fumbles; fumbling; fume; fumed; fumes
  1. The man's eyes were wet, and he convulsively fumbled at the corduroy coat, which he had doubtless worn long before he ever sought the portals of the Land of Liberty.

  2. Burke walked across the street and fumbled with his feet, feeling the broken glass which had showered down near the base of the pole.

  3. Clemm fumbled with his handcuffs, looking down in a sheepish way to avoid the malevolent looks of Trubus.

  4. Half a dozen policemen had surrounded the saloon by this time, and Burke fumbled around until he found the electric light switch near the cash register.

  5. She fumbled as she divested herself of her clothes; she could not even collect enough energy to wash.

  6. Molly was still looking towards the light; one of her feet tapped the deck nervously; she fumbled for her handkerchief.

  7. He fumbled with it as he picked it up and it fell to the floor.

  8. As he fumbled the lock, a gust of wind came along, wrenched the door from his hand and swung it open.

  9. The boy got up, tottered over to the crock, fumbled the clasp, and let his arms fall.

  10. The other fumbled for the meaning behind these words.

  11. Miss Boyle fumbled among her voluminous skirts for her reticule, and pulled it open.

  12. Ivor sat down and fumbled blindly in the lining of his cap for his pipe.

  13. It would not work and he fumbled with it, angry.

  14. Then she went very quickly to the candlestick on the dressing table and fumbled with it to blow it out, and it fell on the ground and broke and the room was black.

  15. Muggs bent behind the prisoner's chair and fumbled with the cord, and when he arose his eyes met those of Verbeck again, and Verbeck knew that Muggs had obeyed orders.

  16. Verbeck fumbled around the end of the table for several minutes before he found the spring which released the drawer and caused it to open.

  17. Duke Radford fumbled with the head of a flour barrel, and for a moment did not answer.

  18. Mr. Higgins fumbled in his pockets, and produced three crumpled newspapers which, after much difficulty, he straightened out upon the table, a corner of his eye on Dick all the time he was thus employed.

  19. They reached the office, and he fumbled about for the matches.

  20. He paused hesitant at a couple of yards, smiled tentatively, and the remnant of an old glove fumbled the brim of a rumpled, semi-bald object that in its distant youth had probably been a silk hat.

  21. He fumbled the white wall of his lofty collar with an embarrassed hand.

  22. Hannah, her mind fumbling over recipes and ingredients, as her hands fumbled over dishes and oven doors and dampers.

  23. He bent and fumbled with some contrivance on the floor of the aeroplane.

  24. He fumbled with the buckle with one hand while he trod water.

  25. She fumbled there a moment and straightened triumphantly, grasping a flat, buckskin bag.

  26. If there were fire close, then every second counted; and as he raced over the uneven prairie he fumbled with the saddle string that held a sodden sack tied fast to the saddle, that he might lose no time.

  27. He went back into the sitting room and fumbled in a heap of waste paper on the floor, picked out of it a stiff sheet torn once through, and attached it with the gold pin to the bit of writing.

  28. Caroline fumbled at the interior of the nightgown and produced a somewhat defaced brown wafer.

  29. The man leaned over and fumbled for the picture on the floor, found it and straightened himself.

  30. Lift him out," said the little man, and as the woman fumbled at the strap, he picked the baby out neatly, and held him down by the girl on the ground.

  31. She held out the plate, and, as he took it, fumbled in her pocket for the fork.

  32. She fumbled with her toes for her leather barefoot sandals and slipped her feet under the ankle straps.

  33. Ebenezer fumbled for a moment at his beaver hat, and took it off.

  34. To-night, as she heard them coming, Mary fumbled in her purse.

  35. He saw that his mother was noticeably less able than she had been the week before; her hands fumbled at her knitting, shook holding the glass.

  36. He fumbled with his glass, directed it at Mariana.

  37. He fumbled for his glass, fixed it in his eye, and then dropped it out, clearing his throat sharply.

  38. He was confused in the dimness empty except for himself, and fumbled with, his gloves.

  39. He fumbled in the cupboard under the stairs, found the jug--a large one and heavy--and hastened out into the night with it in his hands.

  40. The latter fumbled with a key, his companion heard it rattling against the keyhole plate.

  41. And after that long time was past, he fumbled with his hands outstretched before him like a blind man feeling his way, and flung himself down upon the couch.

  42. The Kid's hand seemed to tremble eagerly, as he fumbled with his gold eagles.

  43. Raymond's hands fumbled with the halter, as he untied the horse.

  44. He stood still, and she came slowly across to him and fumbled for his hands and took them.

  45. He sat down at his desk, passed his tongue over his teeth in distaste, groaned, fumbled in a drawer for the aspirin bottle.

  46. I stumbled up from the bed, staggered to the window and fumbled around for a blind or curtain.

  47. Simon shrugged and fumbled again with the aspirin bottle.

  48. He fumbled with trembling fingers at his belt; Stobell brushing his hand aside drew a sailor's knife from its sheath, and started to run back in the direction of the tent.

  49. She fumbled in her bodice for the document, and walked towards them.

  50. She ran to a bureau and fumbled frantically for pen and paper.

  51. He fumbles in his pocket and produces thumbed papers, just as he fumbled and produced vegules at an earlier day.

  52. Ima hesitated and then went swiftly after him as he fumbled with the latch.

  53. Scattergood fumbled automatically for his shoe fastenings, but, recalling in time that he was seated in a lady's parlor, restrained his impulse to free his feet from restraint in order that he might clear his thoughts by wriggling his toes.

  54. More mealtimes than meals," he said, and fumbled in his pocket.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fumbled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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