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Example sentences for "disenchantment"

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disembowelled; disembowelling; disenchant; disenchanted; disenchanting; disencumber; disencumbered; disendowment; disenfranchised; disenfranchisement
  1. It is admitted that the presence of people who refuse to enter in the great handicap race for sixpenny pieces, is at once an insult and a disenchantment for those who do.

  2. Some of them turned upon the disenchantment of Dulcinea, others upon the life he was about to lead in his enforced retirement.

  3. When we were young girls he pitied us because we were so unarmed against the disenchantment which inevitably had to come to us.

  4. Will the disenchantment of Dulcinea be brought about?

  5. The disenchantment of Dulcinea will attain its due consummation.

  6. We have been in the cave of Montesinos, and the sage Merlin has laid hold of me for the disenchantment of Dulcinea del Toboso, her that is called Aldonza Lorenzo over there.

  7. The duchess asked Sancho the next day if he had made a beginning with his penance task which he had to perform for the disenchantment of Dulcinea.

  8. It was the final trial of his life, the supremely bitter drop in his chalice, to assist at the disenchantment which followed so closely upon the blissful intoxication of his gentle neophyte's first initiation.

  9. I could not control a sad smile at the thought of the disenchantment that awaited me on the morrow.

  10. Monbert, as she had done of Edgar; to excuse herself she related a story of disenchantment which you already know, madame.

  11. And then comes the general disenchantment and awakening of the drowned multitude to life and happiness.

  12. This very day, however, there was pronounced a decree of rude disenchantment for him.

  13. Was the moment of disenchantment upon her now?

  14. There is much disenchantment in my admiration, and a good deal of reserve in my enthusiasm.

  15. From regret to disenchantment I floated on to Buddhism, to universal weariness.

  16. Faith she had had in her cradle--faith in life, faith in love, faith in herself; and it was faith that had brought her to this bleak disenchantment of spirit.

  17. Was there nothing but disenchantment ahead of her?

  18. And that poor lad Gibson is to be soured for ever in order that Ruddington may go through life with a millstone of disenchantment round his neck.

  19. To watch his face--its lightning-flash of passionate eagerness, its following gloom of disenchantment and chagrin?

  20. Unless there is mutual disenchantment (in which event Susan will send him off at once) I will see him to-morrow, after lunch.

  21. But why should it not have been a philosopher who dreaded the disenchantment which a woman would experience at the sight of a man asleep?

  22. The Disenchantment of the Forest, and the Taking of Jerusalem, &c.

  23. During this period of debt and disenchantment came news of a slight inflicted by the Latin sister of the North.

  24. It is significant that Gervinus, writing in 1853, spoke of that epoch as showing signs of disenchantment and exhaustion in the political sphere.

  25. What about the disenchantment and embarrassment, dear little Imma?

  26. Disenchantment and disgust showed themselves in her features, and, while something like hate towards Klaus Heinrich flamed up in her tired grey eyes, she blushed in the strangest of ways, for one half of her face turned red, the other white.

  27. But he met only disenchantment from the first.

  28. Fortunately, the sereno receives a second missive from the anonymous correspondent, containing the assurance that there is still hope for immediate and radical disenchantment if Mateo will only follow the writer's advice.

  29. With the words he remembered the bitter misery of Connie who had lived for joy alone--the utter disenchantment of Arnold Kemper, who had made gratified impulse the fulfilling of his law of life.

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