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Example sentences for "displease"

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display; displayed; displaying; displays; displeasant; displeased; displeases; displeaseth; displeasing; displeasure
  1. They may have a reverence for God, and a love for him, as that great Father who made them, and that kind friend who gives them everything that they have; and they may have a fear of doing anything that would displease him.

  2. I ask your pardon a thousand times if my sentiments are disagreeable to you; at least my actions shall never displease you.

  3. The qualities in a girl, which please or displease an old woman, are totally different from those which seem important to a man.

  4. Of course you must approve of the mother; I should never think of marrying her, if she had the misfortune to displease you!

  5. This woman, however, appeared so singular that she did not displease me.

  6. It would grieve me very much to displease you.

  7. Or, to be more exact, I displease you too much.

  8. It has been the only gleam of brightness," she said, so frankly that the very frankness of the words seemed not to displease him.

  9. My dear boy, it would not be prudent; and it would displease your sisters very much, and perhaps interfere with their plans and wishes.

  10. I felt that it would displease Dona Beatriz; thy truant disposition having made her uneasy lest thou shouldst get altogether into the habits of a rover, and into disfavor with the queen.

  11. This discovery did not displease me, for I felt that thus I should reach the Master better prepared.

  12. If ever I displease you in future, you have only to say, 'Lie down, sir!

  13. If I did not fear to displease you, I would, in my turn, address you a question," pursued the painter.

  14. Wearied of doing so, I gave up asking any farther about a subject which appeared to displease him so much.

  15. Yet the directness did not displease her; it seemed to rouse in her a novel combativeness, taking form in similar effrontery and cool assertion.

  16. There, let not that displease you which we used to think in our day, when we were young folks.

  17. I could have told you that, a great while agone; But I would not displease you.

  18. If ye displease God, ask mercy anon; Else Mischief will be ready to brace you in his bridle.

  19. And if for any scrupulosity, or grudge of conscience, men should superstitiously abstain from working upon those days, that then they should grievously offend and displease God.

  20. I don't think many of the settlers like me any better than they like the Don, but if they think they might displease you by killing your son's cattle they might spare the poor animals.

  21. Mercedes watched for an opportunity to say to him: "You look unhappy; have I done anything to displease you?

  22. I owe it to you if I cannot hereafter make that excuse for any words of mine that may displease you.

  23. Though I promised you no more than I offer," says the Don, "yet if this prospect displease you, we will cry quits and part here.

  24. Argue it out with your friend here, whose scruples do not displease me, and let me know your determination when the last word is said.

  25. No deed of mine shall e’er displease My darling as she lives at ease.

  26. Or, when some prudent course he sees Which, spoken, may his king displease He should by hints of dexterous art His counsel to his lord impart.

  27. She did not like to displease any one whom Mrs. Wickham loved.

  28. This arrangement did not, on the whole, displease Phoebe.

  29. She suffered him to lead her into breakfast less formally than is the ordinary fashion, and his hand on her trim waist did not displease the girl.

  30. Sometimes with my friends, a gay party, even if it waxes somewhat tumultuous, does not displease me.

  31. The superstitious prince, excited at the news of this supernatural intervention, eagerly acknowledged the authority of the pope, the vicar of an apostle who so mercilessly scourged those who had the misfortune to displease him.

  32. If I should do anything now to displease Charles, I am a lost man.

  33. Alphonse scolded Philip very severely, and forbade him ever to do any harm to Zizi, or anything which might displease Mademoiselle Raymond.

  34. She save sensible answers to all that was said to her, she remained quiet upon her chair, and already looked to Madame Sainte Therèse from time to time, for fear of saying or doing anything which might displease her.

  35. It was not too difficult to see from his face that your failure did not displease him all that much.

  36. Let this question, and the above tasks, divert, and not displease you, my dear.

  37. I hope, Madam, it will not displease you if I were.

  38. If they should displease you, you must recollect the many instances of my impertinence which you have forgiven, and then say, 'This is a mad girl: but yet I love her!

  39. It is not my intention to displease you in what I am going to write: and yet I must deal freely with you: the occasion calls for it.

  40. There is only Ruth, and we none of us want to displease Ruth.

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