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Example sentences for "defects"

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defection; defections; defective; defectiveness; defectives; defectu; defectus; defence; defenced; defenceless
  1. This is the justification of Whigs and Tories at the present day; to supply, as Aristotle says on another subject, the defects of the law.

  2. Oxford, too, was not quite what it had been to him; the freshness of his admiration for it was over; he now saw defects where at first all was excellent and good; the romance of places and persons had passed away.

  3. The Romans were a primitive people without the defects peculiar to a primitive people," he sets up a needless mystification.

  4. The Survey is disappointing as emphasising rather than making good the defects of the previous treatises.

  5. They had the defects of their own culture stage, which was far beyond that of "primitives" in the general sense of the term.

  6. Miss Pardoe, who has edited an English impression of the book, has supplied its most obvious defects induced by this consideration.

  7. The style of Mrs. George is in the main very good; but occasional defects in diction and in the structure of sentences, are matters of course in a woman who writes in a foreign language.

  8. The defects of these savages were cultural, not mental proper, and culture was enough speedily to supply them.

  9. They inherit defects more conspicuously than virtues from both races from which they spring" (Pop.

  10. There are several radical defects in water-closets, which are so widespread and which have become so familiar to the world at large as to attract less attention than they deserve.

  11. The lips and finger-nails present a livid appearance; epithelial defects are observed in the cornea, but these had their origin there before the death of the patient.

  12. The physician will surely not go wrong if he treats all obvious defects of drainage as positive evils, and insists upon their complete reformation.

  13. After his marriage he became wholly unjust to her, and allowed her defects to veil the whole of her character.

  14. They were fools and blind, but not through defects which would have condemned them in Greece and Rome at that day, but through failings of which Greece and Rome took small account.

  15. Nevertheless, they displayed remarkable tact in reconciling parents with the defects and peculiarities of their children.

  16. Notwithstanding the defects of Shakespear, he is justly elevated above all other dramatic writers.

  17. These are the most obvious defects in the fable of the Fairy Queen.

  18. Our work is to clear the future of defects in accord with the earnest dictates of conscience.

  19. Some of the defects pointed out bore fruit in the years that followed.

  20. But at every acute crisis popular discontent has been due to maladministration and not to defects of organization.

  21. It is frequently under investigation; it is constantly being reformed; its defects are felt in many other departments; and its heads are always changing as one after another breaks down or fails to achieve impossible results.

  22. What are the defects in his collection of ballads?

  23. Whatever the defects of Carlyle and his work, in his heart he was always planning a house or temple to the God of truth and justice.

  24. They are short and thick, and to remedy these defects as much as possible, she seldom wears any other than green stockings.

  25. Lord Orford speaks of him as a man "whom the muses were fond to inspire, and ashamed to avow; and who practised, without the least reserve, that secret which can make verses more read for their defects than for their merits.

  26. He gave one the impression of a retired pirate—convinced of the defects of the profession, but regretful of its pleasing episodes.

  27. Thus the comparative defects of Italian Gothic were directly helpful in promoting those very arts for which the people had a genius unrivalled among modern nations.

  28. His frescoes and allegories illustrate the defects that have been pointed out in those of Raphael's and Buonarroti's imitators.

  29. Other notable defects there are too in this building, proceeding chiefly from the Italian misconception of Gothic style.

  30. The beauties as well as the defects of such compositions make us regret that Fra Filippo never found a more congenial sphere for his imagination.

  31. The Renaissance, like a man of genius, had the defects of its qualities.

  32. The most intelligent Esperantists have realized the weakness and defects of their language (in some measure due to the inevitable Slavonic prepossessions of its inventor) and demand radical reforms, which the conservative party resist.

  33. Their most serious defects are due to the impracticable laws and regulations made by inexperienced legislators.

  34. To overcome these defects the social sciences within recent years have been cultivated with great seriousness.

  35. It is not so often realized that these defects are fostered by the impossible nature of the tasks which are imposed on the American police.

  36. The virtues and defects of Spanish, which has found many enthusiastic supporters, are of an opposite character.

  37. The radical defects in the Austrian dispositions left them utterly unable to withstand the blows which he now showered upon them.

  38. Defects in the Austrian position and the opportune arrival of French reinforcements served to turn an Austrian success into a complete rout.

  39. The unionist majority at Berne soon proceeded to modify his proposals, which they condemned as full of defects and contradictions; while the federals strove to keep matters as they were.

  40. What all sections of such a population can do is to fight, for defects that unfit them to be voters do not unfit them to be soldiers.

  41. The many defects of our temperament, should not hinder our labors in behalf of others.

  42. When the soul has ceased from its own selfish operations, and the man of sin is exterminated, its defects become more apparent, because God wishes it to comprehend what it is by itself, and what it would be without him.

  43. The Indians, who believe in the hereditary transmission of virtues and defects in character, suffered him to depart in silence.

  44. Popular reverence for the Constitution was deep and strong, and it was the habit of the American people to impute practical defects not to the governmental system itself but to the character of those acting in it.

  45. That such a situation could actually exist in the face of public disapproval is a demonstration of the defects of Congress as an organ of national representation.

  46. On the 11th of February, President Cleveland sent in his veto, accompanied by a message pointing out in the language of the act defects and ambiguities which he believed would "but put a further premium on dishonesty and mendacity.

  47. It follows, therefore, that few troubles can be rightfully attributed to defects in the road, since what are commonly called defects are conditions quite normal to the country.

  48. Accidents on the road are due to Defects in the road, Defects in the machine, or Defects in the driver.

  49. The defects of the Romans were therefore hardness, sometimes amounting to cruelty both in action and in judgement; lack of imagination; a blindness to the things in life that cannot be seen or measured.

  50. Here the defects of his character came into play.

  51. Especially on leaving the water are the defects revealed, although water is a powerful aid to flabby skin.

  52. From time to time she dipped out some water and slowly washed her dishes, stopping occasionally to look at the two streaks of light which the sun threw across the long table through the window, and which showed the defects in the glass.

  53. Indeed their merits and defects make a balance.

  54. I name what strikes me as the two most obvious defects of the two nations.

  55. And by travel, each race can cure much of its defects and acquire much of the others' virtues.

  56. It is strange that such mean defects should be so hard to eradicate, after a century of separation, and so great an admixture of other blood.

  57. Correction of mechanical defects and injuries by means of massage, chiropractic or osteopathy, surgery and other mechanical methods of treatment.

  58. Such organic defects require systematic treatment by all the methods, active and passive, which the best Nature Cure sanitariums can furnish.

  59. Persistent practice of the above will correct protruding abdomen and other defects due to faulty position and carriage of the body.

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