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Example sentences for "defectiveness"

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defect; defected; defection; defections; defective; defectives; defects; defectu; defectus; defence
  1. Now me and better may be said to make good the defectiveness of I and good; and I and good may be said to replace the forms wanting in me and better.

  2. The distinction between irregularity and defectiveness has been foreshadowed.

  3. The distinction between defectiveness and irregularity, is the first instrument of criticism for coming to true views concerning the proportion of the regular and irregular verbs.

  4. The absence of gender, the peculiarity in their declension, and their defectiveness are marked characters wherein they agree with each other, but not with any other words.

  5. Impotence or incapacity for coitus belongs to pathology and consists usually in the absence or defectiveness of erections.

  6. This is the true reason of this impotent cry of vexation and anger against the malice of others and the defectiveness of social organization.

  7. But no power of compulsory segregation can be justified except in respect of individuals in which this personal defectiveness has been definitely ascertained and judicially certified.

  8. From this point of view the very defectiveness of the Roman poetry, which cannot be denied, may be explained and so may in some degree be justified.

  9. No one of unprejudiced mind, and who is not misled by the venerable rust of two thousand years, can be deceived as to the defectiveness of the Hellenistico-Roman literature.

  10. In this connection we may remark that the defects of a work of art are not to be considered simply as always due to the incapacity of the artist; defectiveness of form has also its root in defectiveness of content.

  11. In the romantic realm, the spiritual idea, to whose defectiveness was due the defective forms of symbolic art, now reveals itself in its perfection within mind and feeling.

  12. On the other hand, a large proportion of the chronic dependency also involves mental or physical defectiveness or moral delinquency which cannot be remedied by the mere giving of alms.

  13. And granting that our defectiveness forbids our having a full and complete discernment of the fact, why should we doubt that our discernment is right so far as it goes?

  14. Our own defectiveness makes us fancy that to be material which in truth is spirilual.

  15. Here is our author's great discovery-- It is man's defectiveness which makes him feel the world as thus defective.

  16. In his grief he turns round and abuses the defectiveness of the geological record, which he says he could never have suspected of being so defective but for this failure to meet his drafts.

  17. Nevertheless, since the discovery of Neptune, which is much too near Uranus, the defectiveness in the progression has become strikingly evident.

  18. In the sphere of the romantic, the Idea, whose defectiveness in the case of the symbol produced the defect of external shape, has to reveal itself in the medium of spirit and feelings as perfected in itself.

  19. Defectiveness of form arises from defectiveness of content.

  20. Defectiveness of the Monuments greater in Proportion to their Antiquity.

  21. The Attorney-General and also the Commissioners of the District of Columbia call attention to the defectiveness and inadequacy of the laws relating to crimes against chastity in the District of Columbia.

  22. The statistics of social pathology all point to mental defectiveness as the prolific cause of crime, immorality, vocational incompetency, illegitimacy, family failure, and marital tragedy.

  23. Doubtless we should all see it best to begin at the lower levels of defectiveness and abnormality for pressure upon society to socially protect in segregated institutions all the afflicted.

  24. Thus the systematic examination of a number of delinquent children in an Industrial School showed that in seventy-five per cent cases they were defective as compared to normal children, and that their defectiveness was probably inborn.

  25. Even when there is no abnormal fertility in the defective family we may still have to recognize that, as Davenport and Weeks argue, their defectiveness is intensified by heredity.

  26. The defectiveness of his means to feed his army until it should reach the abundant country below him, presented an impediment to his farther progress, not readily to be surmounted.

  27. Its defectiveness of numbers did not constitute its only weakness.

  28. I repeat it, the doctrine that the hereditary defectiveness of the masses can be corrected, both by culture and by education, is the true doctrine.

  29. The doctrine that the hereditary defectiveness of the masses can be corrected by education and hereditary culture is the true doctrine.

  30. And this defectiveness of nature is met by the truth, which, while we aspire, we know--that God will fulfil all noble desire in a life to come.

  31. Hence, the foundation of Browning's theory is a kind of Original Sin in us, a natural defectiveness deliberately imposed on us by God, which prevents us attaining any absolute success on earth.

  32. Roman list demonstrably coincides, not indeed in detail but yet on the whole, with the Roman calendar, and is thus chronologically certain, so far as the defectiveness of the calendar itself allows.

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