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Example sentences for "corrected"

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corralling; corrals; corre; correct; correcte; correcteth; correcting; correction; correctional; corrections
  1. In England, some of the worst abuses have been corrected by legislation.

  2. Was," corrected Sturton, who happened to overhear this edifying conversation.

  3. She knew to an hour the age of every one of the younger generations, and laboriously corrected lapses of memory on the part of relations or parents.

  4. You know he did," corrected Teresa gravely.

  5. Madam," corrected Grizel sweetly, and pursed her lips, as though in deliberation.

  6. By a surgical operation, and by struggling manfully, he had corrected the imperfection in his speech.

  7. Magee's my name," corrected the man gruffly, and led the way to the office.

  8. The First Folio edition of this play was obviously printed from a copy of the Quarto belonging to the library of the theatre, and corrected for the purposes of the stage.

  9. Given to Leonato in Q Ff, corrected by Theobald.

  10. When the performance was repeated on Good Friday, Wolfgang took his manuscript with him into the chapel, and holding it in his hat, corrected some passages where his memory had not been quite true.

  11. Variations from the normal, whether voluntary or involuntary, are all corrected by the same methods.

  12. Throughout the sheet in which this occurs the readings of Q₁ agree with the corrected copies of Q₂, and had it not been for the instance quoted, we might have supposed that the corrections in the latter were made from Q₁.

  13. The differences in various copies of Q₂ are accounted for by supposing that the corrections were made before the sheets were all worked off, and that the corrected and uncorrected sheets were bound up indiscriminately.

  14. Omitted by Capell, but corrected in Notes.

  15. I am quite ready for press--all the maps are engraved--and am most anxious to have the book set up and corrected for press before the end of July.

  16. They were sent out day by day with surveyors who had acquired a knowledge of field work, and were inspected regularly by experienced geologists, who corrected their errors and helped to solve their difficulties.

  17. The remainder was corrected by a woman who proved even more efficient than the lawyer, notwithstanding the fact that she was not as well trained.

  18. The soldier should be taught that, in judging the distance from the enemy, his estimate may be corrected by a careful observation of the clearness with which details of dress, the movements of limbs or of the files in a line may be seen.

  19. Having squeezed the trigger to this point, the aim is corrected and, when true, the additional pressure is applied and the discharge follows.

  20. These have been corrected in the following more extensive working out of it.

  21. But being judged, we are corrected by the Lord, that we might not be condemned with the world.

  22. For they indeed for a few days as seemed proper to themselves corrected us; but he for our own advantage, that we might be partakers of his holiness.

  23. Do say awfully," corrected Van, crowding up to get in.

  24. This quantity should be experimentally determined during the construction of the instrument, and its amount marked upon it by the maker, and is always to be added to the height of the mercurial column, previously corrected as before.

  25. However, one of thy articles was corrected and forwarded and thou hast it printed and circulated.

  26. But regarding the articles: These articles must be revised and corrected by those souls who know the history of the Cause.

  27. Before their being corrected here and before securing permission from here, their publication is by no means allowable.

  28. I there met with a copy of the work of Madame de Lamotte, which has been corrected by some one at Paris and sent back to the bookseller for a second edition.

  29. The spelling and punctuation were, however, corrected in the original, and some explanatory notes added.

  30. A New Edition, complete, corrected and enriched by Translations of the Classical Extracts.

  31. Revised and Corrected throughout by the Author.

  32. But the work shall not be lost, For it will (as he believed) appear once more In a new and more elegant edition, Revised and corrected by The Author.

  33. My husband's sister," Lydia corrected him, and presented the newcomer in one phrase.

  34. For the moment Peter was under the mistaken impression that he had trodden upon the sleeping form of Mrs. Shallop, but his fears on that score were corrected by the lady exclaiming: "We're sinking.

  35. Was," corrected the absentee Acting Chief Officer, proceeding to relieve himself of the encumbrance of his scanty garb of trailing seaweed and oyster-shells.

  36. Have escaped," corrected Olive as five heads, appeared above the surface.

  37. It needs then to be always tested and corrected by clear thinking.

  38. We know in our secret heart of hearts that the main thing that we have to give the world is our own new, fresh selves with their corrected and arresting understanding of the world.

  39. What we are most in need of today is a corrected perspective of our faith; without it we darken counsel as we talk in confusion.

  40. He is equally unwilling to submit to a power imposed from above and without, or to accept those restrictions of society, self-imposed by man's own codified and corrected observations of the natural world and his own impulses.

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