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  1. He not only saved them all, but they were in better condition than many in the corrals at the camps.

  2. Two herders occupied a camp, but the sheep were placed in separate corrals and, in order to give the various bands ample pasturage, the camps were placed miles apart.

  3. In the beautiful valley it stood, the white fences, corrals and outbuildings gleaming in the sun.

  4. Owen wanted to visit one of the sheep camps to examine the corrals before having the hay stacked there for winter use and he urged us to go with him.

  5. Miss Sampson, contrary to her usual custom of riding to the corrals or the porch, dismounted at a path leading in among the trees and flowers.

  6. The horses in the corrals were trooping up to the bars.

  7. All was green about it except where the fenced corrals and numerous barns or sheds showed gray and red.

  8. Before I reached the corrals Sally came running after me, quite flushed and excited.

  9. When we reached the corrals she dismounted and, turning her horse over to Dick, she went off toward the house without so much as a nod or good-by to me.

  10. Lodges are built and corrals made for the use of the performers and the convenience of their audience.

  11. Mythological charts of dry sand of divers colors are made on the earth within the corrals after the manner of the Navajo and Pueblo Indians.

  12. In the lower corrals the new milking-machines were working smoothly, only a few of the older cows refusing to have anything to do with them.

  13. Vaguely uneasy because of Charlie Miller's manner, Judith galloped down toward the four corrals where the cows were milked.

  14. Just as quick as I grab a shotgun an' go to shooting pigeons he moseys out to the corrals an' starts saddling his horse.

  15. Moore corrals Turkey Track an' his fellow revellers, an' tosses off a few fiats.

  16. Lights flashed, here and there, in the big ranch house; and from the bunk-house on the farther side of the corrals rose a volley of curses and yells of dismay.

  17. One of those rare rains of the mountain-desert had recently fallen and the corrals behind the barn were carpeted with a short, thick grass.

  18. She had been out walking one fall day, and had gone from the house down past the corrals where a number of cattle newly driven in from the range were penned.

  19. To-day I wandered about the great corrals and came to one which was bounded by a fence of extraordinary height.

  20. This latter settlement showed every sign of their growing prosperity, being quite the model village, with trim huts fronting on to large corrals filled with cattle and mules.

  21. Your Corrals and Limantours, your Marischals and Sierras are good enough as Cabinet Ministers, but they are not the men for the awful task which Porfirio Diaz set himself thirty years back and has brought to temporary perfection.

  22. He followed Sudden to the house and into the office room fronting the corrals and yards.

  23. In silk kimono and Indian moccasins, one of her pet incongruities, she forthwith explored the yard down by the corrals which the bunk house had hidden from her view.

  24. But in the meantime it is late, and now you must all go back to your corrals and cages.

  25. But now you must all go back to your cages and corrals to sleep.

  26. Then he hurried down to their cages and corrals saying, "Come, comrades; the King of the Jungle calls us.

  27. He replied, no more than that he had met him in one of the corrals of the city and had been offered free passage to the States if he would do their cooking.

  28. We were not long in finding a suitable camping spot a mile from the town and the same distance from the many corrals of the great Western freighters and pilgrims, as the immigrants were called.

  29. After a three days' rest I started out to make the rounds of the corrals in search of a driver's berth.

  30. Young Keith's snobbery wore off as he inspected the corrals and the stock with eager interest and the riders with a certain measure of awe, which he transferred to Sandy on learning that he had broken two colts that morning.

  31. The Keith chauffeur had wandered off to the corrals where Sam was showing Blake around.

  32. With an eye to business, they put up hay and built corrals for the accommodation of freighters and cattlemen.

  33. The government also built large corrals or cowpens where the cattle were issued to the Indians.

  34. The noise from the corrals behind the house reached them.

  35. There was a moment of silence while the two men gazed at the corrals and buildings set out before them.

  36. Then there were the corrals with their great ten-foot walls, all built of the finest pine logs cut from the mountain forests.

  37. The milch cows were slowly mouching from the corrals as he neared the sheds.

  38. There are the corrals to repair and to be put in order.

  39. The corrals and stables were in the background.

  40. Bill returned the empty pannikin and strolled down towards the corrals and sheds.

  41. Lablache noticed that the corrals were entirely empty.

  42. These corrals covered acres of ground and were capable of sheltering five thousand head of cattle without their capacity being taxed.

  43. The cattle corrals and sheds were grouped on one side of the road, and the family accommodations on the other.

  44. The Oregon emigrants immediately drew their wagons from the corrals and proceeded on their way.

  45. It was a sad prospect that met the Father's eyes, the first time he took a survey of the fields and corrals and vineyards of the mission.

  46. One of the corrals lay not far from the house on the Quemado Road.

  47. Among the constituents in the corrals there was often a tendency to fight, and occasionally a stubborn fellow had a clear idea that he wanted to be in a different corral from the one in which he found himself.

  48. Docking lambs in old corrals is dangerous, because it is unsanitary--many lambs are likely to die if left standing in old corrals after being cut at docking time.

  49. In this wise he made his way to the top of the ridge, where he could look down upon the cabin and stable and corrals and see also the creek trail for a good quarter of a mile.

  50. Them corrals down next the river I built.

  51. She had sat wide-eyed on her daddy's knees and heard him tell of losses in cattle and horses and of corrals found hidden away in strange places and of unknown riders who disappeared mysteriously into the hills.

  52. The dwellings and their different corrals were huddled together; the passageways between the lodges were narrow and tortuous.

  53. Everybody on the ranch was strictly enjoined to keep the gates between the corrals securely fastened, however, and there seemed no possibility of the two rivals meeting.

  54. The two corrals were separated by a double fence, so that, while the two horses could get within a few feet of each other, they could never get close enough to fight.

  55. There were two corrals of almost equal size, each covering several acres of ground, and a broad gate connected the two.

  56. Several dogs came rushing down with barks of welcome, and a couple of men lounging near one of the corrals removed the bars of a huge gate, from which the path led up to the largest of the buildings.

  57. He turned and gave a few directions to the men, together with strict injunctions to keep the two gates between the corrals closed.

  58. When Howard dismounted at the home corrals and began unsaddling, Carr rode on to the house.

  59. All day long he worked among his herds, gathering them, sorting them, cutting out and heading back towards the home corrals those under weight or in any way not in the pink of condition for the sale.

  60. From the corrals he went to the bank, placing his cheque for collection with his old friend, John Engle.

  61. Lefty and Alkali were working in the corrals when the girl led the horse into the courtyard.

  62. At the first sign of dawn she was down at the corrals helping rope horses.

  63. After the foreman had gone to the barn she stood by the corrals lost in thought.

  64. He went out to the corrals and talked for a time with Lefty and Alkali.

  65. Below she could see the corrals and the barn, and beyond, a long stretch of green meadow land.

  66. Then he turned his eyes towards the corrals and outbuildings which were dotted about amongst the trees, and finally they settled upon a little clearing on the side of Front Hill.

  67. He had built for himself a splendid house of hewn logs, and his outbuildings--many of them the restored houses of the early settlers--and corrals formed a ranch of very large dimensions.

  68. Beyond lay the corrals of peeled cottonwood, and a square house standing out stark and naked in the supreme ugliness of corrugated iron, yet still oddly homelike in a land where shelter was scarce.

  69. If we decide to use this place as a trap to drive into we'll throw up two blind corrals just inside that gateway out there.

  70. The corrals and barn and house were hidden in trees.

  71. After supper, however, there seemed to be a lessening of restraint, with the conversation turning to the corrals full of wild horses.

  72. No doubt they were back revelling in the corrals full of wild horses.

  73. Pasture, orchard, cornfield, ragged and uncut, a grove of low trees with thick foliage, barns and corrals he noted with appreciative enthusiasm.

  74. As they walked down toward the corrals Pan's father was silent, yet it was clear he labored with suppressed feeling.

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