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Example sentences for "assisting"

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assistant; assistants; assiste; assisted; assister; assists; assize; assizes; associat; associate
  1. After assisting Forrester to sit up in bed, and arranging the pillows at his back, she placed the tray in his lap.

  2. Grant is now assisting in the adjutant-general's office, as requested by Governor Yates.

  3. But when I begged to be allowed to try my hand in assisting her, she brought me one of her large, checked aprons, which she advised me to put on.

  4. Uncle Daniel, this Colonel was a demon to strike down a youth while assisting a wounded comrade.

  5. Day and my son Jackson said to the General: 'Perhaps he is with Rosenfelt, assisting him in reorganizing the army in Chatteraugus.

  6. Redingson, a man of reputation, born of Christian parents, assisting in spreading disease amongst poor soldiers, who are merely obeying the orders of their Government?

  7. Jackson was here tested and found not only sound in this, the most interesting of all questions to them, but it was thought he might be made very useful in assisting them in perfecting and executing their plans.

  8. He did not know that I had them at my house, and all were assisting one another to keep up courage.

  9. We talked over the war, and praised the old man for the part he had played in assisting us in discovering the plots of the conspirators.

  10. The Romans objected to the conduct of Philip king of Macedon, charging him with a double violation of treaties, both by injuring the allies of the Roman people, and assisting the enemy with supplies of men and money.

  11. Thus, as Aristotle says, there is no actual injustice, though it may be illiberal to refuse assisting another with money.

  12. He will incur the same guilt, as a person would do by assisting a debtor to escape from prison, and thereby to defraud his creditor.

  13. Claude realized that he was assisting at a prelude.

  14. He was now assisting to make an opera; with every day his fondness for the work increased.

  15. Assisting Franz, Roger and Bob got back to the barn, and there they took off their comrade's shoe.

  16. Franz and Iggy were sent to another part of the line, and Jimmy was on duty in the dugout, assisting the telephone operator.

  17. They say: "Two kinds of sorcery, each assisting the other!

  18. The noble earl (Radnor) says that I am an advocate for a monopoly; and he talks about my not assisting the landlords, not assisting the farmers, and not assisting the labourers.

  19. In assisting the wounded under constant heavy fire, Private Morath exhibited a heroism beyond praise.

  20. In assisting the wounded under constant heavy fire, Private Hitchcock exhibited a heroism beyond praise.

  21. After two ammunition-carriers had been wounded, he rendered invaluable service in assisting to carry up and distribute ammunition under a heavy shell and rifle fire.

  22. She felt herself a grown-up being assisting at some childish game in which preposterous ideas were bandied to and fro like answers in the game of consequences.

  23. He offered to accompany this in any capacity; and, so long as he had the chance of assisting in a righteous war, agreed to serve under any leader they chose.

  24. But what has been the progress of those who remained behind, in the vain hope of rising to an equality with the whites, and of assisting in abolishing American slavery?

  25. Alrina was in the kitchen assisting Alice Ann on the morning after the wreck, her aunt having gone into the village on some domestic errand, and for a quiet gossip with some of her numerous friends.

  26. The boy gave his evidence clearly enough, but the servant's mind had not yet recovered the shock inflicted on it--he was plainly incapable of assisting the objects of the inquiry, and he was desired to stand down.

  27. Examine her privately, or examine her publicly, she is utterly incapable of assisting the assertion of her own case.

  28. Complying with her request, I begged her to preserve her health by using as little of the spirit as possible, as it often had the opposite effect to that of assisting the health.

  29. A fire broke out in the suburbs and three Chinese, in assisting to extinguish it, had their limbs fractured and were otherwise dreadfully wounded by the falling of a wall.

  30. I have frequently seen women assisting to drag a sort of light plough, and the harrow.

  31. The existence of such a prophecy may be more dangerous to the Tartar government than the arms of the rebels, by assisting to bring about its own accomplishment.

  32. Assisting him as instructors were his daughter Judith and Mrs. Harris, a widow, who the year before had taken the place of Mrs. McDonald.

  33. He was not long in finding one, and then assisting Edgar off with his coat he bandaged up his arm.

  34. Edgar had been fully occupied during those days assisting the negro slave who had remained with the party left behind in looking after the camels, drawing water, and fetching wood for the fire.

  35. The square now moved off from the rocky knoll upon which they were crowded, and the work of seeing who had fallen and of assisting the wounded began.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "assisting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    accessory; adjuvant; ancillary; auxiliary; conducive; favoring; handy; helpful; helping; instrumental; intermediary; mediating; ministerial; ministering; promotion; serviceable; serving; subservient; subsidiary; useful