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Example sentences for "auxiliary"

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  1. The usual rubber was supplemented by thin, reinforced sheets of steel, and this feature, together with an auxiliary air pressure, kept the wearer safe.

  2. We'll have to turn on one of the auxiliary air tanks," he said.

  3. If I had known that the auxiliary tank was empty I wouldn't have ordered the compressed air motor used.

  4. Some gave to aid the school as an auxiliary to the colonization effort, who would not have given, had not that view been presented.

  5. Provision was made for the usual officers and for the formation of auxiliary societies to this parent organization.

  6. As an auxiliary the verb do has no participle.

  7. But in the Vedanta-texts there are enjoined meditations on the Udgîtha and the like which are matters auxiliary to works; and such meditations are not possible for him who is not acquainted with those works!

  8. There is injunction of other auxiliary means for him who is such, as in the case of injunction and so on; (the term mauna denoting) according to an alternative meaning a third something.

  9. As it thus appears that those who know Brahman give up works, knowledge cannot be a mere auxiliary to works.

  10. The entire text thus evidently means to enjoin on any one standing within any âsrama learning, a childlike state, and mauna as auxiliary means of knowledge, in addition to sacrifices and the other special duties of the âsramas.

  11. Or else Nârada's words refer to the fact that from the Veda and its auxiliary disciplines he had not obtained the knowledge of the highest Reality.

  12. The altars of mind, and so on, therefore are auxiliary members of the sacrificial performance which they help to accomplish, and hence themselves of the nature of action.

  13. They are not, the Pûrvapakshin holds, for that things auxiliary to knowledge should stand in subordinate relation to a certain state of life would imply the contradiction of permanent and non-permanent obligation.

  14. In the case of sacrificial works the conception of the true nature of the Self forms an auxiliary factor.

  15. The means again towards this kind of knowledge is such knowledge as is gained from sacred tradition, assisted by abstention and the other six auxiliary means (sec above, p.

  16. This Auxiliary was broken into parts, and Kensington had a leading place amongst them.

  17. It had a comprehensive Auxiliary in the West End from the commencement of the society’s operations, and annual meetings were held in the Haymarket, under the presidency of royal dukes.

  18. But when in 1864 the pope nominated him bishop of Hebron in partibus and auxiliary bishop of Geneva, it made a protest.

  19. In a third class the arrangement is more complicated, as it involves the use of storage batteries as an auxiliary to the power provided directly by the petrol engine.

  20. Electric power from storage batteries has been used as an auxiliary in the propulsion and manoeuvring of submarines.

  21. Then take up the auxiliary stitches and knit the instep.

  22. Cast on as many stitches as you want in this manner and then pick up the picots thus formed, with an auxiliary needle, and knit them off like ordinary stitches.

  23. This berry is made over the 8 threads that come from the chains, with a long auxiliary thread, knotted as shown in fig.

  24. There should be more inducements to young and competent graduates who have the knack of imparting their own knowledge to large or small classes to take up this work as a career, not as an occasional auxiliary to other occupations.

  25. The auxiliary arm is now set; therefore the secondary arm is set automatically in azimuth by virtue of its always remaining parallel to the auxiliary arm.

  26. Secondary and auxiliary arms should be parallel.

  27. It may be necessary that barbarians should be used as auxiliary forces in contests with barbarians, but it is now held that such forces should be officered and controlled by the civilized state.

  28. Voluntary and Auxiliary Navy The relations of private vessels to the state in time of war, which had been settled by the Declaration of Paris in 1856, was again made an issue by the act of Prussia in the Franco-German War.

  29. Sculpture developed into a vigorous art, though still employed mainly as auxiliary to architecture or in religious statuary.

  30. The use of spies as an auxiliary to ambassadorial work was general.

  31. Many other students of history or of the sciences auxiliary to history are deserving of recognition, and at least one of them demands mention, Nicolás Antonio, the greatest bibliographer of his time.

  32. On the other hand this period marked the beginning of a mail service as an auxiliary of economic life; it was due to the state only in that the government granted a monopoly of the privilege to a private individual.

  33. Many auxiliary vessels--transports and smaller fighting ships, such as brigs and sloops of war--were used.

  34. Because of the inferiority of their weapons the troops with firearms were regarded as a mere auxiliary to the pikemen.

  35. The establishment of an auxiliary Bible Society in this city, was an object into which he now entered with youthful ardour.

  36. A meeting was held in St. Andrew’s Hall, when an auxiliary association to the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews was established.

  37. To overcome this unsatisfactory state of things, small auxiliary planes are used to counteract the effect of varying air currents.

  38. The auxiliary rail carried the electric current, which was taken off by a brush connected to the electric motor on the car, from which it went to the rails that acted as the "return.

  39. It was about three hundred and fifty yards in length, and laid upon wooden sleepers; an auxiliary rail being fixed midway between the two main rails.

  40. From the throat-lash of the bridle hung a long tassel, as an artificial auxiliary to the barb's tail in the task of keeping the flies off, further assisted by a tuft of white horse-hair attached to the butt of her whip.

  41. Ascension Island is the site of a US Air Force auxiliary airfield; Gough Island has a meteorological station.

  42. The voice repeated, several times, the wavelength, and somebody got an auxiliary screen tuned in.

  43. This olive branch had been a suggestion that the National Association should consider itself a local society and become auxiliary to the American.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "auxiliary" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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