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Example sentences for "helpmate"

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  1. Jealousy is often the helpmate of sweet love.

  2. To all my tearful prayers he answers me, "A shepherd lad is no fit helpmate for a Ward of Chancery.

  3. I am indeed getting on in years, and a helpmate would cheer my declining days.

  4. Lest the carpenter should be taxed with too much uxoriousness, it behoves us to ascertain whether the personal attractions of his helpmate would, in any degree, justify the devotion he displayed.

  5. And only a minute since you was singing that your happiness wouldn't be completed until that a helpmate you'd found.

  6. Old Adam, when he was creyated, Was lord of the Universe round; Yet his happiness was not complated Until that a helpmate he'd found.

  7. In the middle classes this duty is not unusually taken by the wife of a man whom business may often detain from his home; and a skilful and economical carver is no bad helpmate for a hard-working professional man.

  8. Too perfect to be the helpmate of his imperfection.

  9. Moreover he was perplexed as to his affair, unknowing what he should do in the matter of his helpmate and wherefore the Kazi had determined contrary to justice that he had ill-used his spouse.

  10. His vrow had always borne a close resemblance to the helpmate of Socrates, and it is not to be supposed that such doings on the part of her truant spouse added to her sweetness of temper.

  11. Some hinted that Jans Van Dorp might mean to put in execution the threat he had been so often heard to hurl at his irritating helpmate when her vexatious volubility exceeded all bounds of endurance--that he’d be off to some war.

  12. His bride was a woman of great personal beauty, and in every respect a fitting helpmate for such a man--than which no higher tribute could be paid her.

  13. She was a true helpmate to him, and long after he was a millionaire, he used to boast of her skill in judging furs and conducting business operations.

  14. Neither of us spoke again for a time, and I remember reflecting that whoever won Lucille Haldane would have a helpmate to be proud of in this world and perhaps, by virtue of what she could teach him, follow into the next.

  15. This suggested that Enkidu was a picture of primeval man, while the woman reminded one of Eve, who when she is brought to Adam becomes his helpmate and inseparable companion.

  16. Such a phrase as "there was no helpmate corresponding to him" becomes intelligible on the supposition of an existing tradition or belief, that man once lived and, indeed, cohabited with animals.

  17. He died in 1784, having survived his helpmate eighteen years.

  18. Webster celebrated his helpmate in a song, which, published in the Scots Magazine for November, 1747, became popular.

  19. I am fully sensible of my happiness in being married to so excellent a woman, so sensible a mistress of a family, so agreeable a companion, so affectionate and peculiarly proper helpmate for me.

  20. In these expressions of affection Boswell was sincere, but he would have better indicated regret for past inattention to his suffering helpmate if his conduct during her last illness had been more suited to her condition.

  21. Hence rank and birth are nearly always a determining factor, and where the wishes of the man's elders are in opposition to his own natural choice, he yields and is contented to take the helpmate chosen for him.

  22. Park, who was indeed a faithful companion and helpmate to him on life's journey.

  23. She combines the qualities necessary to the successful conduct of large business interests with the qualities of the home maker, for she has been a devoted mother and was in the fullest sense a true helpmate to her husband.

  24. I had wished Mary to have become the helpmate of one entirely devoted to the glorious service of our Lord and Master.

  25. Yet so incomprehensible is human nature that I often found myself speculating on what I should do after they--and Yamba--were gone; because by this time my faithful helpmate was growing ominously feeble.

  26. When Yamba returned with the water, I tried to make the prostrate man swallow some of it, and I even smeared him with the blood of an opossum which my thoughtful helpmate had brought back with her.

  27. Thereupon the father ordered his servants to deal tenderly with his son, and he appointed a laborer of his son's rank and education to employ the lad as a helpmate on the estate.

  28. She was said to be an active helpmate of old Count de Navarede, the president of a society of Catholic propaganda.

  29. Well, Nicolas, as you are aware, went to Senegal with Lisbeth, who was the very companion and helpmate he needed.

  30. It was here that I had occasion to perceive the most disagreeable contrast between my present helpmate and my former lord.

  31. Further, woman was made to be a helpmate to man in the work of generation.

  32. Had you been, like my nephew, a wrestler for bread with the wilderness, what helpmate would your Lilian have been to you?

  33. And who, think you, is the admirable helpmate my scape-grace has had the saving good luck to find?

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