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  1. Dominating all was an enormous American cruiser with its peculiar upper basket works.

  2. A torpedo sent the British auxiliary cruiser Hilary to the bottom of the North Sea with the loss of four men, while a collision was the cause of the loss of a British torpedo boat.

  3. The flight of the Rowanmore appeared to deprive her of the consideration due to an unresisting vessel under cruiser warfare.

  4. During February, 1917, the Russian cruiser Rurik was damaged by a mine in the Gulf of Finland.

  5. The cruiser heeled a little, and the smoke dots swung from abeam to nearly ahead as she turned, and he lost sight of them behind the shield of the next gun.

  6. As he wondered, the enemy cruiser flashed like a red helio, and he gasped in admiration at the simultaneous firing of her battery.

  7. Five miles off-shore the British cruiser "Pique" was awaiting them, and handing the prize over to the care of the latter, Captain Restronguet ordered full speed ahead.

  8. The cruiser rocked violently two or three times, then seemed to settle on an even keel, while her quick-firers blazed away in a frantic, aimless manner, for several of the projectiles could be observed striking the water a mile apart.

  9. The British cruiser had passed within two cables' length of where the modern buccaneer was running beneath the surface; but the risks to himself by ramming a large armoured vessel travelling at thirty knots were far too great.

  10. The water's warm and I have not seen any sharks about, and the cruiser will bear down and pick us up.

  11. He realized that he was to be the spectator of a duel to the death between a cruiser and a submarine--the first engagement of such a character that had ever taken place in naval history.

  12. At the same time, although anxious to set off in pursuit, he was loth to leave the cruiser until every man was saved.

  13. Telescopes and binoculars were brought to bear upon the cruiser that now looked like a phantom castle in the moonlight.

  14. Yes; in a moment of weakness I promised the captain of yonder cruiser to give him a free hand for one hour from the time the 'Vorwartz' gets within four miles of her.

  15. To the watchers on the "Aphrodite" it seemed as if the bows of the cruiser were lifted clear of the water.

  16. Boat after boat received its full complement, and pushed off to a safe distance lest the cruiser in her final plunge should swamp them.

  17. The British cruiser made a fine picture in the dazzling moonlight in spite of her ugly lines and the absence of masts and funnels.

  18. After visiting the Peruvian consul, who had been notified of my mission by his government, I learned that a Chilean cruiser was watching the torpedo boat and it was decided to await a dark night when we could escape from Panama harbor.

  19. The Chilean cruiser launched her boat, eight sailors to each side of rowlocks, an ensign and a party of marines.

  20. That was sent to the Peruvian government by other means and our only defense against the Chilean cruiser was a clean pair of heels.

  21. We dropped the cruiser in the night, and our cargo landed we, And ashore we went, with our pockets full of dollars, on the spree.

  22. Fortunately, the battle-cruiser Australia had been kept in Australian waters, and while she remained afloat, the German ships would not venture in her vicinity.

  23. In battle array the cruiser won the admiration of all.

  24. As the cruiser passed, there flew to the truck of her after-mast the national ensign, with another at her peak, half-way down the mast.

  25. That a cruiser with such light guns was able to open and engage a cruiser carrying 6-in.

  26. With what feelings the gunners must have seen their cruiser literally blown to pieces under their eyes can but be imagined.

  27. There was the cruiser Sydney, little the worse for wear, and also several British cruisers.

  28. More than one person during those grey days felt a thrill of satisfaction and comfort in the knowledge that of that Fleet unit the battle-cruiser Australia was greater and more powerful than any enemy vessel in Pacific waters.

  29. The German cruiser was an absolute wreck on the southern shores of the island, and the surf beat so furiously that it would have been dangerous for boats to have approached in the dusk.

  30. The coming of the cruiser to the island at sunset had not excited the suspicions of the people on shore, for her colour was not distinguishable, and she had apparently four funnels similar to the Newcastle.

  31. But before I saw the fighting flags stowed away on the Japanese cruiser there was yet another instance of the fine spirit which animated our Ally.

  32. It was not long before the lookout on the cruiser saw lights ahead from the island and the tops of palm-trees, and almost at the same moment the top of the masts of the "strange warship.

  33. All the holes had been filled with cement till the cruiser could get to Malta to refit.

  34. He had realized that to remain on the cruiser meant arrest and ultimate death as a dangerous spy.

  35. Then a groan of disappointment rose from the men as the cruiser ported helm.

  36. It was then found that, in company with the Guildford and the Launceston, the cruiser had to proceed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to escort a contingent of Canadian troops to Liverpool.

  37. Quickly the shape resolved itself into a large four-funnelled cruiser pelting down-Channel at full speed.

  38. Without delay the Capella's boats were cut adrift, and the cruiser proceeded on her way.

  39. In half an hour the cruiser was sufficiently near to see clearly the distressed vessel.

  40. The Spanish cruiser Teresa was the first to succumb to the heavy attack, and soon she turned in to shore to save her crew from drowning.

  41. We never saw the cruiser which fired at us, as she was inshore, and although several more shots were fired, each succeeding one flew wider from the mark.

  42. The second shovel-full had scarcely been tossed into the furnace when a slight puff of smoke passed out of our smoke-stack, and at the same instant, the cruiser ahead wore round, and commenced a pursuit.

  43. As the snowy cloud of canvas was rolled up like magic, and the tall tapering spars were seen in its place, I supposed the cruiser was about to retire from the contest; but she still followed with the tenacity of a bloodhound.

  44. The breeze was still blowing as fresh as in the morning, but we were now running directly away from it, and the cruiser was going literally as fast as the wind, causing the sails to be rather a hindrance than a help.

  45. A pirate would hardly have dared to lay the course he steered in these latitudes, where an English or French cruiser was very likely to cross his track.

  46. In 1909, at the Imperial Conference, Mr. Joseph Ward sprung a surprise by offering a battle-cruiser to the Government without consulting his constituents at home.

  47. When the cruiser visited New Zealand, in 1913, the excitement knew no bounds.

  48. The stern of the cruiser rose high in the air, and she dived with sickening suddenness into the grey vortex of waters.

  49. The battle-cruiser to which he belonged had been ordered to join the Mediterranean Fleet.

  50. Across the channel leading to the inner harbor lay the Russian cruiser Jemtchug.

  51. Meantime, boats of all descriptions had started toward the place where the Russian cruiser had last been seen.

  52. The Italian marines and the Rumanian volunteers cheered, and the cruiser Libia saluted the Prince with the regular number of salvos.

  53. The Russian cruiser was taken completely by surprise and was badly crippled before she realized what was happening.

  54. Soon after the German cruiser arrived at Honolulu a Japanese cruiser appeared off the port, and the commander of the Geier chose to intern the vessel rather than to depart from the harbor.

  55. In addition to the above, our fleet has sunk in Odessa a Russian cruiser and damaged severely another.

  56. In the semi-darkness of the early morning the Russian took her for the British cruiser Yarmouth, which had been in and out two or three times during the previous week and did not even "query" her.

  57. Right before us, at the entrance to the inner harbor, lay the Russian cruiser Jemtchug.

  58. The Italian marines re-embarked on the cruiser Libia, and the International Commission took charge of the Government.

  59. Japanese cruisers are hunting the German converted cruiser Prince Eitel Friedrich off the coast of Peru.

  60. The German cruiser Emden called here yesterday and departed, leaving death and destruction behind her.

  61. Steaming toward her at full speed came the German cruiser Emden, her bow guns belching forth vast clouds of smoke, through which the flash of the guns could just be distinguished.

  62. They noted, too, that a similar process was being enacted by the cruiser in the lead.

  63. At the same time the cruiser of the fleet began maneuvering herself between where the periscope showed the submarine to be and the transport itself.

  64. The cruiser had headed straight for the U-boat, while the destroyer was coming up behind it with even greater speed.

  65. She is blinking her identity to the fleet, and the cruiser out there is signaling recognition.

  66. The convoy was reduced to a cruiser and destroyer, and thus they laid a southeasterly course to what your old-time sailor would have described as "a piping breeze.

  67. Almost simultaneously the U-boat came to the surface and one of the big guns on the cruiser belched forth a shell that apparently fell a short distance the other side of the submarine.

  68. Ned was staring anxiously back at the Yankee cruiser at the moment when his shoulder was gripped hard, and Señor Zuroaga almost whirled him around, exclaiming: "Look!

  69. She was also, however, well within the prescribed distance line which a hostile cruiser may not pass without being regarded as making the attack herself.

  70. An American cruiser would not fire a shot at that flag half so quick as it would at your own.

  71. If a shot from that cruiser were to strike us amidships, we'd all be blown into the air.

  72. I am afraid that poor Bully will find his voyage unprofitable, especially if the cruiser should catch him.

  73. As soon as Harding told him that the British cruiser Cameleon was at anchor in Apia, the officer hurried back mighty quick to the Leonie, which at once wore, and went scurrying away under the lee of Savaii.

  74. Were you not aboard a Yankee cruiser some months back?

  75. There was a scurry for cover; the little band lay low and watched while a Spanish cruiser stole past not more than a mile outside the line of froth.

  76. Von Muller of the German cruiser Emden is contained in a letter received by a Glasgow woman from her son, a member of the crew of the steamship Kabinga.

  77. An excellent idea of the vicious attack by the Australian cruiser Sydney that ended the career of the German cruiser Emden is gained in a letter from an officer of the Indian army in Ceylon, where the Emden's wounded were taken.

  78. That cruiser did not think, apparently, of surrender.

  79. The British ships on which the brunt of the fighting fell were the battle-cruiser fleet and some cruisers and light cruisers, supported by four fast battleships.

  80. On September 20 the German protected cruiser Koenigsberg attacked the British light cruiser Pegasus in the harbor of Zanzibar and disabled her.

  81. We gazed at whence they came and again five or six stabs of fire pierced the fog, and we made out a four-funneled German cruiser of the Breslau class.

  82. Before the whaler got back, an enemy's cruiser came up and chased the Defender, which thus had to abandon its small boat.

  83. About the same time the German cruiser Hela was sunk in the North Sea by the British submarine E-9.

  84. This attempt was most manifestly absurd, as in the harbor was a squadron, consisting of the monitor Amphitrite, the protected cruiser Cincinnati and the Leyden.

  85. One exploded against her bow and the other amidships, and the cruiser went down almost immediately, drowning many of her crew.

  86. He saw the cruiser heaved into the air by the shock of the bursting war-head, then watched her settle and go down.

  87. One of these joined the Russian squadron defending the Gulf of Riga against a German fleet and decided the fight by disabling the great battle-cruiser Moltke.

  88. The Imperial government declared that the Lusitania had not been an unarmed merchantman but an auxiliary cruiser of the British navy.

  89. Another trawler, flying the Dutch flag, was stopped in the North Sea by a British cruiser and searched by a boarding-party.

  90. A small mine so dropped by a German light cruiser returning from an attempted raid on the English coast, early in the war, was struck by the pursuing British submarine D-5 and sent her to the bottom.

  91. We were picked up by the French cruiser Pluton about midnight.

  92. The cruiser was then driven away by a more powerful German ship, and the crew of the whaleboat found themselves left in the enemy’s waters without arms, food, or navigating instruments.

  93. Six big cylindrical-shaped pontoons were then built at San Francisco and brought out to Honolulu on the cruiser Maryland.

  94. A beautifully aimed shot from the cruiser Birmingham smashed the periscope.

  95. During the mêlée, an English cruiser lowered a whaleboat that picked up several survivors of a sunken German vessel.

  96. The trawler’s crew were removed to the cruiser and a strong detachment of bluejackets left in their place.

  97. Much time was spent there in fitting up the vessel as an auxiliary cruiser and until the work was well advanced the crew was lodged and fed in hotels and later in the navy yard barracks.

  98. Some ammunition brought from Guantanamo for the cruiser New Orleans was transferred to her in boats.

  99. On the monitor Lehigh and the auxiliary cruiser Prairie there was work and hard work too in plenty but on the whole the rations and the quarters were better than those enjoyed by the infantry contingent.

  100. It was the crew of the Clampherdown Stood out to sweep the sea, On a cruiser won from an ancient foe, As it was in the days of long ago, And as it still shall be.

  101. It was our war-ship Clampherdown, Fell in with a cruiser light That carried the dainty Hotchkiss gun And a pair o' heels wherewith to run From the grip of a close-fought fight.

  102. They cleared the cruiser end to end, From conning-tower to hold.

  103. The straits of Bonifacio are but ten miles wide; it is impossible therefore for a cruiser to prevent boats passing.

  104. After her came the "Belleisle," also a recent arrival off Cadiz, but an old Mediterranean cruiser which had accompanied Nelson in the recent chase to the West Indies.

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