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  1. The assizes of the court of burgesses became the basis of a treatise at an earlier date than the assizes of the high court.

  2. The assizes of Antioch have been discovered and published.

  3. Under the head of laws come the assizes of the Kingdom, edited by Beugnot in the Recueil des historiens des croisades; and the assizes of Antioch, printed at Venice in 1876.

  4. The assizes of the high court are preserved for us in works by legists--John of Ibelin, Philip of Novara and Geoffrey of Tort--composed in the 13th century.

  5. The assizes of the kingdom itself are twofold--the assizes of the high court and the assizes of the court of burgesses.

  6. By the assizes of the high court, the widow, on the death of her husband, took half of the estate for herself, and half in guardianship for her children.

  7. The law which is expounded in these assizes is a mixture of Frankish law with the Graeco-Roman law of the Eastern empire which prevailed among the native population of Syria.

  8. As was noticed above, there were apparently separate assizes for the three principalities, in addition to the assizes of the kingdom.

  9. These assizes do not, of course, appear in Ibelin, who was only concerned with the feudal law of the high court.

  10. We likewise beg to call your attention to the fact, that seven colored persons are committed to stand trial at the present assizes on the charge of sheep stealing, and that a warrant is out against the eighth, all from the Town of Anderdon.

  11. The assizes came round, "the charge was prepared, the judge was arrayed--a most terrible show.

  12. We will, therefore, have time, before the assizes come on, to let him know how far Winny's fancy map was perfected.

  13. Two justices or more had the authority to arrest the rioters and send a record of it to the assizes and to the Privy Council.

  14. Defendants no longer request assizes but are automatically put to them.

  15. No employments could be filled up, no writs for election of members issued, no commissions for holding the assizes completed without the indispensable formality of affixing the great seal.

  16. This originated in an order made at the Somerset assizes by Chief Justice Richardson, at the request of the justices of peace, for suppressing these feasts, which had led to much disorder and profaneness.

  17. That thou wouldst be deeply indebted to any one who,' &c.

  18. At the Winter Assizes 86 persons were tried for unlawful assembly, riot and conspiracy in connection with cattle-driving.

  19. I may add that Arkins was committed for trial, convicted at the Assizes and sentenced to seven years penal servitude; and was released by Mr. Birrell a few weeks afterwards.

  20. Several of the aggressors were tried at the Winter Assizes and sentenced to three months' imprisonment.

  21. And as to Galway, we may gather the state of affairs from the report of a case tried at the Winter Assizes of 1912.

  22. He gave notice of his intention to apply at the next assizes for compensation for malicious injury.

  23. Assizes are just over so that he can't come up for trial till August or September; pity--great pity!

  24. Derek did not wait for this, but on the day before the assizes repacked his bag and went off to the Royal Charles Hostel at Worcester.

  25. Dorsetshire is in the western circuit, and assizes are held at Dorchester.

  26. The assizes are held at Downpatrick, and quarter-sessions at the same town and at Banbridge, Newry and Newtownards.

  27. Flood was tried at the County Assizes and condemned to be hanged, bus the capital sentence was ultimately commuted to penal servitude for life.

  28. Apropos of game-works: I asked who was the Judge at the Somersetshire Assizes the other day.

  29. The Lent Assizes for this county concluded on Saturday morning.

  30. In the summer assizes and at the Old Bailey Sessions for July there were 149 capital convictions.

  31. In the spring assizes the returns are given for ten towns.

  32. In the autumnal assizes of 1813, twenty-six cases were tried in the Limerick Record Court.

  33. His professional career was equally triumphant and extraordinary in the autumn assizes of Ennis; while in Cork and his native province, Kerry, it was that year, if possible, exceeded.

  34. The case, in various shapes, has been before the law courts for some time, and was sent to these Kent assizes to ascertain whether Queenborough was either a manor or a reputed manor.

  35. The assizes being held in the town during that time, it was afterwards recollected that they were both at the Court-house, and attended the whole of a trial of a shoemaker who was convicted of the murder of his wife.

  36. He was brought to trial at the ensuing assizes and convicted of the fact.

  37. While the assizes were distant, the prisoners gave themselves up, so far as their position permitted, to the habits and ways of their ordinary lives.

  38. Sit down there, and write these lines to him: 'My grandfather is to be tried this assizes on a charge of wilful murder.

  39. The end was, that Jenkins was committed for trial at the assizes within two months.

  40. Jenkins was sentenced at the assizes to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour.

  41. I have noticed," said the junior, "that the claret bottles are growing smaller and smaller at each Assizes since your cousin became our wine merchant.

  42. At Derry Assizes a man said he had brought his "wetness" with him to corroborate his evidence.

  43. At the Durham Assizes an action was tried which turned out to have been brought by one neighbour against another for a trifling matter.

  44. His trial at the Assizes was a mere formality.

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