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Example sentences for "advisedly"

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advisableness; advisably; advise; adviseable; advised; advisement; adviser; advisers; advises; adviseth
  1. I advisedly say anywhere, for France herself does not produce that objectionable genus to any appreciable extent.

  2. I say advisedly conversation, albeit that he did not understand a word of French, which was the only language I spoke, and that I could not catch a word of his.

  3. I am gravely doubtful of the possibility, in these days, of writing or painting on such subjects, advisedly and securely.

  4. They are wonderfully like, at all events, and the observation is advisedly included here, though it is not intended as a sneer at Sargent's masterwork.

  5. So the admonition is here advisedly given for "whom it may concern.

  6. One can say advisedly that this action was most indiscreet at a time when a wise administrator would have attempted to allay rather than stimulate public irritation on so serious a question.

  7. But as I have advisedly referred to Wordsworth as one of the representatives and powers of British philosophy in the age immediately past, so I advisedly named Tennyson as succeeding him in the same character.

  8. I put my own clerk with your cellarer as a witness, and in order that matters should be more advisedly managed; but there is neither clerk nor monk who dares to inform me of the real cause of debt.

  9. But the abbot hearing this uproar, said that he would after chapter hear what each had to say, and so proceed advisedly in the business, and upon the morrow would dispatch it as he thought fit.

  10. Therefore passing by other things, the abbot carefully and advisedly turned his mind towards the making of a cresting for the shrine.

  11. I advisedly abstained from troubling or consulting Sir E.

  12. I say advisedly that it "might" be true: whether or not it will be depends on our handling of quite young boys.

  13. We have advisedly cut off the means of retreat, and having done this, we hope that, as far as time is yet permitted, we have done our duty to the Crown and to the nation.

  14. The first consideration, therefore, may advisedly be that of their crystals, since their crystalline structure forms a ready means for the classification of stones, and indeed for that of a multitudinous variety of substances.

  15. They thought she was there advisedly to represent the realistic finishing of Mr. Bombs' piece.

  16. I speak advisedly for I perceive that he is already being caught in the net-work of at least two great business interests--those of Pyrotechnics and Antitoxin, to say nothing of the lesser interests of hospital nurses and doctors.

  17. In my opinion, differences of views stated, and if need be argued, and then advisedly surrendered with a view to a common conclusion are not "divisions in a cabinet.

  18. He was prepared to act advisedly and firmly.

  19. He was prepared to act advisedly and was resolved to resist unto blood the illegal advances of the designing and avaricious ministry.

  20. Where, in the face of every good influence and helping hand, a prisoner goes about it advisedly to stir up group manifestations against reformative processes, there is nothing for it but to meet him with power beyond his own.

  21. Where the plant is supervised by a technical man, a meter may advisedly be included in the equipment.

  22. The vanitie of tales is wonderful, yet if we advisedly looke into them they wil seme and prove wise.

  23. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "advisedly" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    consciously; deliberately; intentionally; knowingly; pointedly; purposely; voluntarily; wittingly