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Example sentences for "amortisation"

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  1. Germany to raise at once an international loan, of which amount, rate of interest, and amortisation quota are to be agreed on.

  2. For this purpose the amortisation quota should be made variable.

  3. On the amount of her liability not covered by the international loan Germany is prepared to pay interest and amortisation quota in accordance with her economic capacity.

  4. For the use of hotel rooms, sixpence per week per room was sufficient to cover the amortisation of the capital and the expenses of management.

  5. When new fixed capital comes into existence, part of gross receipts are set aside in amortisation funds without any actual outlay being made on renewals.

  6. For equilibrium it is necessary for the age composition of the stock of capital to be such that current renewals just absorb current amortisation funds.

  7. Thus v represents at the same time the annual wages bill and the amount of capital locked up in the wages fund, while c represents both the annual amortisation of capital and the total stock of capital (other than the wages fund).

  8. What is the cost for amortisation in the long mortgages on property in the country?

  9. The amortisation is spread over the whole duration of the loan, so that the total of the interest paid and the capital reimbursed forms a constant yearly annuity.

  10. Do you employ your amortisation funds to buy new mortgages?

  11. It was enough for them that they should be paid in future; but they were told that even the arrears of interest and amortisation should be arranged by means of new stock, which was known as Deferred Bonds.

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