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Example sentences for "specific gravity"

  • It is a white powder of specific gravity 3.

  • It is a red infusible mass of specific gravity 5.

  • The metal has somewhat the appearance of iron, and has a specific gravity of 6.

  • It is a colourless, odourless gas of specific gravity 0.

  • The water is colourless and odourless, with a slightly acidulated and salt taste, and has a specific gravity of 1.

  • When perfectly pure, carbon bisulphide is a colourless, somewhat pleasant smelling, highly refractive liquid, of specific gravity 1.

  • Guaiodine is a dark brown, oily liquid with a specific gravity of 0.

  • Chlorinated eucalyptol-Abbott is a mobile, light yellow liquid, with a eucalyptus odor, having a specific gravity of 0.

  • No juice is passed unless it comes up to a certain standard in specific gravity, and percentage of citric acid, and any sample containing any other acid is at once rejected.

  • Now, if a solution of casein and milk-sugar, of specific gravity 1.

  • Thus-- Suppose a sample of wort to have a specific gravity of 1.

  • It forms a limpid, colorless fluid, of a specific gravity of 1.

  • At common temperatures it is a very volatile liquid, of a deep red color, and with a specific gravity of 3, being one of the heaviest fluids known.

  • Pure nitric acid is colorless, with a specific gravity of 1.

  • Table of Specific Gravity of Bodies at 32 deg.

  • Red lead or triplumbic tetroxide, Pb3O4, is a scarlet crystalline powder of specific gravity 8.

  • Oil of lavender is a mobile liquid having a specific gravity from 0.

  • Cassia bark yields a yellow volatile oil, called oil of cassia, the finer kind of which differs but little in its properties from that of cinnamon, for which it is generally substituted; it has a specific gravity of 1071.

  • Each pound of paste is triturated with four pounds of alcohol, specific gravity 8.

  • This supposition is corroborated by the fact that Europa, the smallest of these four, is also the densest, having a specific gravity of 2.

  • Considering that the surface shell of the earth has a specific gravity of 2.

  • The streak and its notably lower specific gravity distinguish it from certain forms of hematite which it outwardly resembles.

  • Rough tests of relative weight, or specific gravity, may be made by lifting fair-sized specimens in the hand.

  • It will be seen that since each substance always has, when pure, the same specific gravity, we have here a means of distinguishing precious stones.

  • The number which expresses the relation between the density of any substance and the density of water is called the specific gravity number of the substance.

  • In carrying out the following tests, on the drying of oils, a quantity of pure linseed oil of the following analysis was secured: Specific gravity at 15 deg.

  • Corroded white lead has a specific gravity of 6.

  • In the same manner as the stature, it represents a sum of parts differing from one another, the difference in this instance being that of specific gravity.

  • It is a shining white metal, of a colour between that of silver and platinum, very light (specific gravity, 2.

  • It is inflammable and mixes with water in all proportions and has a specific gravity 0.

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