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Example sentences for "disjunct"

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disjecta; disjoin; disjoined; disjoint; disjointed; disjunction; disjunctive; disk; disked; diskiver
  1. Thus the complete scale may have consisted of the disjunct tetrachords a-d and e-a, with the tone g-a.

  2. LIST OF NOTES IN THE GREEK SCALE disjunct Aeolian.

  3. In the combination of two syllables or tetrachords the modern diatonic scales resemble the Greek so-called disjunct scale, but the Greeks knew nothing of our categorical distinctions of major and minor.

  4. How does a pronoun agree with disjunct antecedents?

  5. Of a Pronoun with disjunct antecedents, by Rule 13th; (7.

  6. Does our rule for the verb and disjunct nominatives derive confirmation from the Latin and Greek syntax?

  7. Advising and attempting, being disjunct nominatives to is, are nothing but nouns, whether the article be used or not; though they are rather less obviously such without it, and therefore the change is for the worse.

  8. Of a Verb with disjunct nominatives, by Rule 17th.

  9. A field completely covered with the small designs peculiar to Sehnas, or containing the disjunct forms of nomadic rugs, is never seen; and yet it is not improbable that many of the early Tabriz weavers were Kurds.

  10. Considerable debate has been waged relative to the value of subspecies and to the reasons for recognizing distinct disjunct populations as species versus subspecies.

  11. The specimens of the disjunct population of pallidus on the Tres Marias do not differ from the mainland population in Nayarit.

  12. Lacking evidence of genetic exchange, I prefer to retain disjunct populations that are distinctive as species.

  13. Until contrary evidence is forthcoming, I consider the disjunct populations heretofore held to be subspecies of modestus to be specifically distinct.

  14. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disjunct" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    aimless; alien; alienated; amorphous; apart; capricious; casual; desultory; detached; disarticulated; disconnected; discontinuous; discrete; disengaged; disjointed; disjunct; dislocated; disordered; dispersed; disproportionate; disunited; divided; divorced; erratic; estranged; exotic; extraneous; fitful; foreign; formless; frivolous; gratuitous; haphazard; inchoate; incommensurable; incomparable; independent; indiscriminate; insular; irregular; isolated; meaningless; misshapen; other; outlandish; planless; promiscuous; random; removed; scattered; segregate; segregated; senseless; separate; separated; sequestered; shapeless; spasmodic; sporadic; straggling; strange; unaffiliated; unallied; unassociated; unclassified; unconnected; undirected; ungraded; unmethodical; unordered; unorganized; unrelated; unsorted; unsymmetrical; unsystematic; vague; wandering