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Example sentences for "disjoin"

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disinterestedness; disinterment; disinterred; disinterring; disjecta; disjoined; disjoint; disjointed; disjunct; disjunction
  1. I maintain, that in the 2d antist: you do disjoin Nature and the world, and contrary to your conduct in the 2d strophe.

  2. The production of these exceptions (primary exceptions) by a normal XX female must be due to an aberrant reduction division at which the two X chromosomes fail to disjoin from each other.

  3. If the two X chromosomes that fail to disjoin remain in the egg, and this egg is fertilized by a Y sperm, an XXY individual results.

  4. Nay, these you disjoin in your profession, which are really one, without which the name of Christianity is an empty, vain, and ridiculous appellation.

  5. On the 7th of April, the chancellor of the exchequer moved, in a committee of supply, to disjoin the presidency of the board of trade and the treasurership of the navy.

  6. Motion to disjoin the Presidency of the Board of Trade from the Treasurership of the Navy.

  7. He doth not live, that can disjoin my life And this firm bosom, but my fate; and fate, whose wings can fly?

  8. O be it far, That any hand on earth should dare untie The sacred knot, knit by God's majesty; I would not for my crown disjoin their hands, That are conjoined in holy nuptial bands.

  9. Howe'er their hands have made them man and wife, I will disjoin the match, or lose my life.

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