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disjoin; disjoined; disjoint; disjointed; disjunct; disjunctive; disk; disked; diskiver; diskivered
  1. Here the disjunction is real; king or queen being different names for different objects.

  2. Here the disjunction is nominal; sovereign and supreme governor being different names for the same object.

  3. In this manner two streams could be obtained, both of which could be stopped simultaneously, because the disjunction could be broken at G or F by removing a single wire.

  4. Disjunction of the secreting apparatus from the copulating apparatus: spiders, dragon-flies.

  5. Disjunction of the secreting apparatus from the copulating apparatus.

  6. Hence we add the epithet human, without tautology: and speak of the human understanding, in disjunction from that of beings higher or lower than man.

  7. But no complete skeleton has as yet been discovered, even among the smaller species of mammiferous animals, the disjunction of which is generally less complete.

  8. It is by no means a matter of indifference on which side the connexion or disjunction lies.

  9. That disjunction was but the metaphysical expression of the one which constitutes the real foundation of epistemology--the disjunction, namely, between the act of knowing and other acts.

  10. As already remarked, the metaphysical disjunction is merely a schematism of the more fundamental, logical disjunction.

  11. And the movement of disjunction as truly has a place in the scientific specification of a concept in all its differences as the linking of lower to higher in syllogism.

  12. The process is to take as far as possible the form of a continuous disjunction of contraries.

  13. He alone is capable of truth in the due conjunction or disjunction of names in propositions.

  14. Synthesis as the work of thought always supplies, beside the mere conjunction or disjunction of ideas, a ground of their coherence or non-coherence.

  15. The dialectical doctrine of judgment as the declaration of one member of a disjunction by contradiction, which is later so important, is struggling with one of its initial difficulties,[36] viz.

  16. When a dominant and a recessive character are associated in a hybrid, the two must undergo in some sense a disjunction or separation in the formation of the germ-cells of the hybrid.

  17. Third generation: disjunction of the hybrid groups takes place and new permanent groups are formed.

  18. The true combination or disjunction is a variety of Ens; the false combination or disjunction is a variety of Non-Ens.

  19. The conjunction of the predicate with the subject constitutes the variety of proposition called Affirmation; the disjunction of the same two is Negation or Denial.

  20. If, then, we would guard against fallacy, we must always make sure before assenting to a disjunctive proposition that there is really a complete disjunction or mutual incompatibility between the alternatives.

  21. He states further that the cardueline finches arise without disjunction from the tanagers.

  22. He begins with the assumption that in the conjunction and disjunction of correctly formed judgments the conjunction or disjunction of reality is mirrored.

  23. A question might be defined as a disjunctive judgment in which one member of the disjunction is expressed and the others implied.

  24. The disjunction disappears and the judgment emerges: "This is a case of cortical aphasia.

  25. I am base enough to think the main point of a sonnet is the disjunction of thought coinciding with the end of the octave: and when a lesser disjunction makes the quatrains and sestets I call it an ideal sonnet; even if it were rhymed anyhow.

  26. Whereas, intelligence or intellect is explicitly distinguished by him from instinct primarily in the disjunction of subject and object.

  27. We might also call it the disjunction "abstract-concrete.

  28. In the rhetorical use of the Dilemma, it may be observed that the disjunction in the minor premise ought to be obvious, or (at any rate) easily acceptable to the audience.

  29. Is not that disjunction the ultimate word of Logic in the matter, and can any disjunction, as such, resolve itself?

  30. Non-disjunction of the sex-chromosomes of Drosophila.

  31. Direct proof through non-disjunction that the sex-linked gens of Drosophila are borne by the X chromosome.

  32. The peculiarity of non-disjunction is that sometimes a female produces a daughter like herself or a son like the father, although the rest of the offspring are perfectly regular.

  33. Non-disjunction as proof of the chromosome theory of heredity.

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