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Example sentences for "disjoint"

Lexicographically close words:
disinterred; disinterring; disjecta; disjoin; disjoined; disjointed; disjunct; disjunction; disjunctive; disk
  1. Disjoint the wing where it is attached to the body, as in Fig.

  2. Disjoint the bone at the other joint, and remove the skin and meat from the bone by turning them inside out, as in Fig.

  3. Disjoint the bone here and remove it up to this place, as Fig.

  4. Instead of a stable center and limited choice, a distributed and variable configuration of centers and wide choice connect and disconnect areas of common or disjoint interest.

  5. From its incipient phase, it also related disjoint worlds, but at a level other than that achieved in Sumerian cuneiform notation.

  6. In skinning, disjoint the leg bones at the carpal joint,[10] which leaves only the bones of the foot attached to the skin.

  7. Disjoint each there, and cut through the muscles until each leg is severed from the body.

  8. The next operation is to hold the left-hand wing with the left hand, and with the fingers of the right hand break or disjoint the bone of the wing as close to the body as possible, i.

  9. The best way to learn about carving poultry and game is to cut them up for a stew or fricassee, provided care be taken not to chop them, but to disjoint them skilfully.

  10. The butcher should split the whirl-bone, disjoint the backbone, and split the ribs in the flank.

  11. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disjoint" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    alienate; alienated; delete; depart; detached; disarrange; disarticulated; disband; disconnect; disconnected; disengage; disengaged; disjoin; disjoint; disjointed; disjunct; dislocate; dislocated; disorder; dispersed; displace; dissect; dissociate; distemper; disunite; disunited; divide; divided; divorce; divorced; eject; estranged; expel; isolate; isolated; leave; part; removed; scattered; segregate; segregated; separate; separated; sequester; sequestered; sever; split; subtract; sunder; uncouple; unhinge; unseat; withdraw