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Example sentences for "delete"

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delegated; delegates; delegating; delegation; delegations; deleted; deleterious; deleting; deletion; deletions
  1. Would you rather I just delete what I said and just pretend that nothing is going on?

  2. Would it be possible to delete it from the Commission's report?

  3. Still, if you feel it would be wasting flashes of genius to destroy it, and it would be any comfort to you to hoard it--do so; the main thing is to delete it from the MS.

  4. Wellhausen and Nowack delete Israel and Jerusalem; the latter does not occur in Codd.

  5. Wellhausen proposes to delete and do thou go .

  6. But to reduce the redundancies of the Visions is to delete the most characteristic feature of their style.

  7. I write that for sport if you like, but I will pray in earnest, O Lord, if you cannot convert, kindly delete him!

  8. I will delete some of those condemned, but not all.

  9. But just might I delete two words in your testimonial?

  10. If they represent the truth, if there are any errors in any of those exhibits, if there are any omissions, do you wish to add anything, delete anything or modify anything?

  11. Anything you would like to delete as not being the truth, or add because it has been omitted?

  12. Is there anything that you would like to add or delete or modify with respect to Exhibit 5311?

  13. Closer acquaintance with related books leads me to delete the words "Chaghatai Mughul" from Haidar Dughlat's tribal designations (p.

  14. It is not so obvious why such concerns in abstracting or quoting papers of this kind should delete those parts that are unfavorable to the products dealt with rather than those that are favorable.

  15. If you cannot satisfy yourselves that this preparation is a scientific product, ethically advertised, and a desirable advance in therapeutics, you can only delete it from your next issue of New and Nonofficial Remedies.

  16. We feel that it is perfectly all right for this motion to have been adopted as it has been, if there will be no attempt made to delete that section which now refers to affiliation.

  17. The passage within brackets is scored through as delete by Bishop Forbes.

  18. The passage in brackets is scored through as delete [ED.

  19. I delete the stop at the end of the 100th sloka.

  20. I think we ought to delete the h in Sangramah.

  21. It was curtailed, but delete it as one would, it was still too long.

  22. He hastened to delete this, admitting thus by implication that English society, which it was his mission to protect, was compact of these three heinous characteristics.

  23. We must delete quene; it is only an explanatory gloss.

  24. I delete alas after him, which makes the line a whole foot too long, and is not required.

  25. Prophet did not damage or delete anything in the system.

  26. Prophet and Knight Lightning decided to edit the E911 Document so as to delete most of its identifying traits.

  27. When you delete a file, you're just removing a hard link from a directory.

  28. This also means that if you own a directory you can always delete files from it, even if those files belong to root.

  29. You can't delete a file from a read-only directory even if you're allowed to make changes to the file.

  30. You can delete pipes just like any other file.

  31. Directory write permission determines whether you can delete files in a directory.

  32. Permission to delete a file comes from the directory permissions, and you have write permission in the directory.

  33. When you upgrade, you want to delete obsolete files and add new ones, without breaking any part of the system.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "delete" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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