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Example sentences for "identifying"

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identifications; identified; identifiers; identifies; identify; identities; identity; ideo; ideogram; ideograms
  1. Perhaps Evans had made a mistake in identifying Hill as the man who had been carried into his bar after being knocked down.

  2. If a man were to lean outside the library window now there would not be much difficulty in identifying him, but when the murder took place it would have been impossible to see him from any part of the garden or grounds.

  3. Shortly afterwards accounts arrived, identifying the hour of Sir Tristram's decease with that in which his apparition had appeared to his widow; and she was a second time married to Capt.

  4. He succeeded unfortunately in identifying it with the unpopular and aristocratic party, opposed to the extension of popular government and the diffusion of cheap education among all classes of people.

  5. But we have not shaped a rigidly complete, prescriptive plan identifying exact measures for the cure of all present and future ills of the Potomac Basin.

  6. Furthermore, we have sought to maintain an ample view in identifying long-term difficulties and indicating what should be aimed for when it is essential to act against them.

  7. True, that in such a case it would be necessary to recognize in the mind a faculty productive of the representative species, from which, however, we should not escape by identifying ideas with perceptions.

  8. It is very easy to reconcile the difficulty in the analysis of the principle, with its clearness when applied to ordinary purposes, or to those of science.

  9. The actual corporeal universe, and all possible universes, are included in the idea of space; and all finite beings, corporeal or incorporeal, are included in that of time.

  10. They had shared a bed for twenty-six years, Basine pere and Basine mere, achieving an utter disregard of each other which both took pride in identifying as domestic happiness.

  11. Lost in a difficult admiration of this heaven, the people struggled in the double task of keeping the idealization of themselves from becoming too preposterous and of persuasively identifying themselves with their image.

  12. I could see nothing but the Devonshire that was all I knew, and think of nothing but identifying as much of it as possible.

  13. I may remark that it was Aristotle who first fell into the error of identifying the copula with the verb to be, by which it happens to be expressed in Greek.

  14. Rutty and Sims describe, during a certain period, the symptoms of the low, putrid fever, sometimes with miliary eruptions, identifying it both by name and in character with the fever then prevalent in England.

  15. Some likeness to enteric fever may be found in it, but there is no warrant for identifying it with that fever.

  16. This power which dreams have of fusing incompatibles together, of uniting what is exclusive, of identifying yes and no, is what is most wonderful and most symbolical in them.

  17. Whether this thought be free or necessary, happiness lies in identifying one's self with it.

  18. It is no longer we, although it may belong to us; it is nothing more than the vessel in which we make the passage of life, a vessel of which we study the weak points and the structure without identifying it with our own individuality.

  19. The mistake must not be made of identifying our conventional interjections (our oh!

  20. Are we, after all, justified in identifying it with a radical element?

  21. Cock and hen alike have a small spur,--a characteristic, it may be said, identifying rather with Francolinus vulgaris than with Pterocles arenarius.

  22. You would probably have given the police a hint and they would almost certainly have taken action, as they would have had the means of identifying the parties.

  23. Mr. Carro, I have initialed Exhibit 1 on your deposition for purposes of identification, and I ask you if you would also initial it near my initials so that we won't have any difficulty in identifying it.

  24. We'll pull the usual gag about identifying the picture with a signature or a symbol," Cron muttered.

  25. They had been shown the original stolen Rembrandt, but when invited to place an identifying mark on the back of the canvas to insure that they received the same picture, actually signed the fake copy.

  26. Penny and Susan lingered after many had gone, hoping to be of assistance in identifying the attendant who was under suspicion.

  27. But these had been identifying themselves with Russian thought, with Russian ideals.

  28. There are no patent dates or identifying names or numbers on the machine illustrated.

  29. In addition to the early style Monitor sewing machine sold by Shaw & Clark without a name or any identifying marks, the company continued to manufacture machines after a lawsuit with the "Combination" forced them to take out a license.

  30. He was particularly fond, for instance, of identifying his father with Hebrews, or Chinese; his mother with Romans, Italians or Spaniards.

  31. By means of identifying himself with Christ he dramatized both his subjugation and defiance.

  32. There is no reason for identifying this Gaius with one of the persons of the same name who are mentioned as living in Corinth, Macedonia, and Derbe respectively, all of whom may have been dead at the late period when this letter was written.

  33. Man has failed to correspond to the suggestions of conscience, he has failed to fulfil the requirements of the written Law, but now he may come into a right relation with God by identifying himself with Jesus Christ.

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