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identified; identifiers; identifies; identify; identifying; identity; ideo; ideogram; ideograms; ideograph
  1. Among the phenomena of Celtic mythology are numerous identities with tales related by Homer.

  2. The identities between Welsh and Hebrew are so close and pressing that from time to time claims have been put forward that the old Welsh actually was Hebrew.

  3. Is it conceivable that these identities of tongue are due to chance, or that the terms in point permeated imperceptibly overland to the farthest outposts of the Hebrides?

  4. And this is notable, for these identities occur where neither Crawford nor the Letter is reporting the speeches on either side.

  5. It will be observed that Crawford's account of this interview of his with Mary presents some verbal identities with Letter II.

  6. The separate identities of Brittany and Provence were submerged within the French collective one and so was the identity of the Confederate South in the current USA.

  7. The USSR disintegrated peacefully because it disintegrated into ethnically homogenous entities (or entities with clear ethnic identities and majorities).

  8. The cultural school of co-existence envisaged multi-ethnic states with shared philosophies and value systems, which do not infringe upon the maintenance and preservation of the ethnic identities of their components.

  9. Such money passes through banking channels, changes ownership a few times, so that its track is covered and the identities of the owners of the money are concealed.

  10. Are you familiar at this time with the identities of Main, Houston, and Elm?

  11. Do you recollect the identities of those FBI agents?

  12. And do you recall the identities of those FBI agents?

  13. Do you recall the identities of those men?

  14. The diversities are superficial, the identities are deep as life.

  15. Religion has to do with the deep-seated identities and not with the superficial differences.

  16. Nor on the other hand can we deny the existence actually of a very great number of resemblances and identities which cannot be ignored, but must imply connexions of some kind.

  17. Of course it is possible to arrange works in different ways without illustrating any profound identities at all.

  18. Here Bach reveals to us identities in difference which we should otherwise never have suspected.

  19. Spencer gives a perfectly naturalistic account of the characteristic identities and differences between societies and animals, between sociological and biological organizations.

  20. René Worms has been particularly ingenious in discovering identities and carrying out the parallelism between the social and the biological organizations.

  21. An examination of the moral code of any given group, say the African Kaffirs, will disclose many identities with that of any other given group, say the Hebrews.

  22. The important thing, however, is not the identities but the distinctions.

  23. The chief use of identities is in implication.

  24. Identities are frequently used in common life by people who seem to imagine that they can draw important conclusions respecting conduct or matters of fact from them.

  25. Billie would almost rather not discover their identities in order to weave romances about them.

  26. All day they lingered in the quaint, charming town and, under the spell of traditions and memories, their own identities seemed to fade into insignificance.

  27. Writers and speakers on the Nationalist side deride the idea of "two nations" in Ireland, calling in evidence many obvious identities of interest, of sentiment, or of temperament between the inhabitants of the North and of the South.

  28. Facts of thought being the only facts, differences of thought become the only differences, and identities of thought the only identities there are.

  29. Persons would vanish abruptly and take up new names and identities in the obscure countries, others would draw out their heavy savings and take the first rocket out from Earth.

  30. Do you know the identities of the men who are riding in the front seat of the car?

  31. Mr. Mandella, did you at my request examine certain photographs of latent prints and compare them with photographs of inked or known prints to determine whether there were identities between the known and latent prints?

  32. Extreme care was, and still is, taken to conceal the identities of the ordinary members and especially the leaders.

  33. I notice, Mr. Belmont, in running through this file, a note here that symbols are used in instances where the identities of the sources must be concealed.

  34. In our communications between individuals working overseas and in Washington, we for security reasons have a method of hiding the identities of individuals in telegrams and dispatches by the use of pseudonyms and cryptonyms.

  35. From Roy Stone's brief description of the Don's family, he guessed at the identities of the two women.

  36. Mr. Temple was reluctant at first to have the boys reveal their identities inasmuch as so far they had escaped detection.

  37. He had believed their identities were unsuspected.

  38. Then, even if the boys escaped, their identities would have become known at rebel headquarters.

  39. The other senses corroborate themselves, but this is removed from any proof but its own, and foreruns the identities of the spiritual world.

  40. How many, their enemies could not say, for the Foanna had no separate identities known to the outer world.

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