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identic; identical; identically; identifiable; identification; identified; identifiers; identifies; identify; identifying
  1. The finger-print system of identification was adopted by the police in this country in July, 1901, and the numbers of identifications made since then by the police at Scotland Yard are very remarkable.

  2. Whatever doubt, however, attaches to his identifications of the rivers, he seems certainly to be right with regard to the Biblical Eden, and this is a decided gain, for it locates the position of that district beyond a doubt.

  3. Should these identifications be found correct, they will have, as Sachau remarks, considerable value in ascertaining the principle upon which names in Persian were given.

  4. These identifications must be to a large extent due to the fact that all the tribes or nationalities referred to were mountaineers, and, as we have seen (p.

  5. This fact somewhat weakens the various identifications that have been proposed for the cities of Bashan enumerated by name.

  6. The true site can be determined, if at all; by excavation only; identifications based on mere outward similarity of names have always been fruitful sources of error.

  7. The other identifications that have commanded most acceptance are as follows:--Ashteroth Karnaim, also called Ashtaroth and (Josh.

  8. But the strongest of all the supposed identifications of the two races, stronger even than the religious phases of the subject, is the peculiar Mosaic tendency of the ancient Norseman's laws.

  9. If the body at the Morgue were really that of Mr. Quadrant, as seemed probable from the identifications by the family and the doctor, I was sure that it had been taken from the coffin to make room for the corpse of another.

  10. But then, as you must have found in your long experience, all identifications of the dead should be accepted with a little doubt.

  11. Most of the identifications made by Menagio in his edition, Paris, 1650, have generally been accepted since, except by Fontanini, who would identify Pigna with Mopso.

  12. Still more unnecessary are certain other identifications between characters in the play and persons at court which have been propounded.

  13. Every one of these identifications is the result of a long and chequered history, in which fancied resemblances and confusion of meaning play a very large part.

  14. An ancient Egyptian writer has put on record further identifications of weapons.

  15. It is the direct outcome of these identifications of the sun and moon with a boat animated by the respective deities.

  16. If these identifications are correct the barbels of fishes must be phylogenetically derived from the papillae of a suctorial disc adjoining the mouth.

  17. Before describing the development of the Muellerian duct in other Amniotic types it will be well to say a few words as to the identifications above adopted.

  18. Crass identifications of the vital principle with breath, as one with ether, which is twice emphasized as one of the two immortal things, were provisionally accepted.

  19. The passage opposed to this, and to other identifications of Vishnu with many gods, is one of the most flagrant interpolations in the epic.

  20. In that general connection, Mr. Latona, do you commonly make your fingerprint identifications on the basis of the object on which the latent print appears, or on the basis of a photograph of that object?

  21. Were there any identifications of fingerprints as being Lee Harvey Oswald's in addition to the ones which you have given us?

  22. In the cases of these identifications that you have made?

  23. For purposes of identification, I feel that the identifications effected are just as absolute as are those of fingerprints.

  24. There were a number of identifications effected with latent prints developed on personal effects.

  25. Some--we have many more characteristics in some of these identifications here today.

  26. Positive identifications are effected by the expert himself; 12 points are not necessary.

  27. Mr. Cole, did you have any information concerning any identifications or nonidentifications of handwriting made by any other Federal agency in this matter?

  28. Could you venture a guess as to how many identifications you have been called upon to make in the course of your work?

  29. Prior to that time do you know whether or not any positive ballistic identifications were made of Exhibit 573 with regard to the rifle from which it might have been fired?

  30. This is a suggestion of the absolute accuracy of identifications on commercial paper.

  31. Titles and estates have hung in the balance of incomplete identifications of persons who are claimants in the United States.

  32. Aside from the fact that many of this country's criminals are foreign born, it remains that civil identifications of such people are matters of great moment.

  33. Footnote 205: I am indebted for these identifications to Mr Eyton's work.

  34. Footnote 203: I am indebted for these identifications to Mr Eyton's work.

  35. Such identifications sprang from attempts to unify and amalgamate the many local cults of Egypt.

  36. Far from helping to follow up the trail, these identifications only cross and confuse it.

  37. Apart from these general considerations, Mr. Margoliouth's identifications rest upon a palpable misinterpretation.

  38. But, besides occasional false identifications of innocent persons, the old system, now happily superseded, was admittedly very ineffective in detecting old offenders passing under different disguises and with false names.

  39. Report: “The true test of the efficiency of a system of identification is not the number of identifications made, but the number of mis-identifications, or of failure to identify.

  40. If, therefore, our identifications of the larval parts of the brain are correct, there can hardly be a question as to our identifications of the parts in the adult.

  41. The identifications in the earlier period of Babylonian astronomy appear to have been Ninurta-Mars and Nergal-Saturn.

  42. The mystic identifications do not always agree, but the term of comparison can generally be found if the origin and character of the deities are known and the nature of the symbol determined.

  43. Their identifications are certainly a Graeco-Roman heritage which in turn repose upon Babylonian tradition.

  44. This assumes, of course, that these astral identifications obtained in the Cassite period.

  45. This volume also embodies, and gives the references to, the original identifications of Professor Sidney Colvin, and the suggested identifications of Mr. C.

  46. I should like to purchase them for my collection, and do not care for single specimens of every species, but would prefer whole suites that I may revise my former identifications in the light of a larger insight.

  47. However, it should be emphasized that these identifications are based on fragments, and are tentative.

  48. The generic identification of this material is possible in many instances, and such identifications give new and important geological and distributional records for genera in existence today.

  49. Along with these identifications of the gods with animals we may mention the animal emblems with which they are generally represented.

  50. I am glad to find that Mr Palmer, in the new edition of his Ancient Tenures of Land in the Marches of Wales, confirms the identifications which I have made of these two last castles, pp.

  51. It must be admitted that in the most recent and most learned edition of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle the topographical identifications are quite on a level with O'Donovan's.

  52. The list has now the advantage of being corrected from Mr Orpen's papers, and of being enlarged by identifications which he has been able to make.

  53. It is not until one begins to look into this matter that one finds out what giddy guesswork most of these identifications of Irish place-names really are.

  54. This, it need hardly be observed, is one of the erroneous identifications of Scriptural names which have so frequently arisen from a false importance given to their similarity of sound.

  55. Probably some portions of the ancient building were worked up into the Mohammedan mosque; but Sæwulf's description will show us how cautious we ought to be in receiving these traditionary identifications of the localities of Scripture history.

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